Ladbrokes Mobile Casino At Last Something Worthy Of The Name

Not that long ago if you logged into Ladbrokes mobile casino you would have had a shocking experience. To be brutally honest the whole site was pretty bad. A major overhaul was needed and thankfully it happen. The Playtech software that powers Ladbrokes online casino is finally showing its true potential. The site is now coded using HTML5 which allows the games to be presented on any size screen to maximum affect. It is still not without glitches but Ladbrokes do seem to be making an effect to fix them. There are a lot of people out there that have moaned about Ladbrokes switching to Playtech. We are not some of them. The old site was bad the mobile was even worse. The Playtech hub for mobile is a million times better. Ladbrokes has been with us forever. The online part of their empire since 2000 has had its fair share of ups and downs. There are some that say the only reason that they are still around is their huge presence on the high street. That may be the reason that they have survived some stormy weather. They are huge for sure but they do change with the times and this new mobile version will hopefully win back some support.


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Download The App Or Use The Browser?

If you have the space on your device download every time is the answer to that. Despite the use of trick coding on the browser the download is better. It will be the case until Ladbrokes make all of the game available on the browser version. It is so disappointing that only some of the games are available. The new DC games for example it doesn’t make sense that the newest games are not compatible. But to be honest there are enough to keep you entertained for sure. But the download is faster has better graphics and the updates do keep it fresh. The new games will be on the app before the browser version you can be sure of that. You just scan the bar code on the mobile page and the download takes a couple of minutes. Android users have to get the download this way as Google Play don’t allow real money apps still. For iOS users you can go to the App-store and get it easy enough.

You Can Still Win Massive Jackpots On Ladbrokes Mobile

Slots are made for mobile devices there is no question about it. Playtech has a great range of games and a good selection of them are available with the mobile app. The web based and the download have all of your favorite Playtech jackpots. Progressive jackpots are the main benefit of being part of the same software network. Ladbrokes have gone the route of a single provider this does narrow the choice a bit but thankfully Playtech have some great titles in their stable. The Jackpot Giant slot game is just that a giant regularly toping £4m. While the latest DC games are not available for mobile all of the old Marvel games are. These will be getting replaced as the DC franchise gets underway for sure. Table games don’t play as well on a mobile device. With that in mind there are only a couple of blackjack versions on offer for mobile. One of them is the live dealer version however. This takes a lot of getting used to the interface is a bit awkward. In all honesty the live dealer blackjack is not for mobile really but some may like it. The same goes for roulette try playing on your phone and you will get frustrated. On a tablet however it works much better so it has a place.

Ladbrokes Could Do Better So They Did

2 phonesThe very fact that it took so long for Ladbrokes to bring out a mobile version that was any good is a shame. There is a lot of chat that Ladbrokes has been sitting on its laurels for far too long. Many think that they have long ago lost their place at the top. This may be true but they are not too far away. They have to keep innovating and upgrading. The move to Playtech was a couple of years ago now and the new mobile version was long overdue. They had some serious teething to with many devices just not working when the where supposed to. Upgrades have happened and things seem to be getting back on track. Personal taste comes into play a lot when it comes to casino games. Restricting themselves to one developer is very polarizing. There is no doubt that Ladbrokes lost some custom by switching. But on the opposite side of things they will of gain some new also.