A Fruit Machine That Stands Out from the Crowd — Star Joker Slot Review

Slots have evolved dramatically over a very short period. The themes and features of modern reel games are so varied, they bear almost no resemblance to the one-armed bandits that started it all. So, what to do if you feel like playing something with a vintage vibe that isn’t from the 80s? Try Play’n GO’s Star Joker slot, it might be the perfect candidate.

This 2018 release has the soul of a classic fruit machine and the body of a contemporary video slot. It’s packed with interesting features that will satisfy newcomers and veterans alike. Discover its bells and whistles in our extensive review.

Star Joker is a 5x3 reel layout slot game by Play’n GO

Star Joker Slot Machine Features & the Unique Tutorial

When we started this game for the first time, we noticed something unusual. The title comes with an interactive how-to-play guide that does an excellent job of explaining most of its mechanics. For this reason, we’ve made a list that outlines the Star Joker slot features.

It also includes bits of information that the tutorial hasn’t covered, so take a look before your start playing the game.

Sights and Sounds of the Star Joker Online Slot

The Star Joker online casino slot machine takes inspiration from its predecessors in a variety of ways. On the reels, you’ll see symbols in the shape of sevens, bells, cherries, plums, and other juicy produce that’s typical for old-school fruit machines. The only missing bit is the “Bar”, but pretty much every other blast from the past is present. Of course, their design has been brought up to date, but not to the point where it feels too modern.

Gold is the primary color for the frames and betting area, while several shades of purple dominate the background. Waves of slowly flickering dots make the backdrop appear less static. Animations in the Star Joker slot run smoothly and are a pleasure to witness. The musical arrangement can be best described as a blend of Daft Punk and the intro theme of a talk show.

Star Joker Slot RTP, Jackpot, and Volatility

On its official website, Play’n GO states that Star Joker is “low-volatility”. This term translates to “boring and safe” as such products don’t have huge winning potential but award small payouts regularly. However, we’re not sure if we agree with the developer’s classification.

Sure, the game’s hit rate is above average, as you only need to align two high-paying symbols to get a payout. Still, the €500,000 (x5,000 your bet) jackpot trumps the top prizes of some high-variance slots we’ve reviewed. Furthermore, one can also increase the volatility on every winning spin through the Gamble feature.

The Star Joker slot RTP stands at 96.25%, but don’t expect to lose 3.75% of your invested funds every time. The return rate averages out after millions of game rounds, so what happens in between is anyone’s guess.

Here’s a list of the symbols and their payouts:

Symbols 5 Symbols 4 Symbols 3 Symbols 2 Symbols
Star Joker Wild Symbol x500 x100 x10 x1
Star Joker Wild Slot Symbol x500 x100 x10 x1
Star Joker Seven Symbol x100 x20 x5 x0.50
Star Joker Diamond Symbol x50 x10 x2.50 x0.50
Star Joker Wild Bell Symbol x25 x7.50 x1.50 x0.50
Star Joker Watermelon Symbol x15 x4 x1 N/A
Star Joker Orange Symbol x15 x4 x1 N/A
Star Joker Plum Symbol x15 x4 x1 N/A
Star Joker Strawberry Symbol x10 x2 x0.50 N/A
Star Joker Cherry Symbol x10 x2 x0.50 N/A

Strategy Tips for a Fruitful Playing Session

The house edge of this title is unavoidable in the long run. A stroke of good luck is the only thing that can send you into the profit zone. Since we can’t control this factor, some argue that there’s no point in devising a playing strategy. Still, we highly recommend that you learn how to manage your bankroll sensibly. It will reduce your losses and keep you in the game for longer, which automatically increases the probability of success.

Make sure to get in between 70-100 spins each time you play the Star Joker slot by dividing your budget accordingly. Also, be careful with the “Gamble” mechanic. Use it mostly on lower payouts or when you’re comfortably ahead. If the joker’s jests don’t do it for you, remember that there are tons of other quality offerings you can try.

Mobile Version of Star Joker Slot

How Does the Star Joker Slot Play on Mobile?

Modern Play’n GO products like the Star Joker slot machine are all crafted on HMTL5. This software framework assures compatibility across all popular web browsers and casino apps for both Android and iOS. To make touch interactions easier, most of the options have been relocated to a hamburger menu. Only two other buttons are visible on-screen – the exit and spin icons.

The Final Verdict

Star Joker has a lot going for it. It pays tribute to the classics but also looks modern thanks to its shiny visuals and sleek animations. Winning spins occur frequently, and you always have the option of increasing your payout through the “Gamble” functionality.

The Star Joker slot jackpot is incredible, especially for a low-volatility game. On top of that, there’s a tutorial that new players will find both engaging and educational. Test the game’s goodies at any time via the demo mode, and don’t forget to claim an awesome casino bonus if you decide to play with real money.