Aladdin’s Wishes Slot Review – A Retro Title with Rare Gameplay Features

There are a lot of speculations on the year in which the Aladdin’s Wishes slot game was made; however, out of all possible time periods, we found out that it appeared for the first time in the iGaming world in 2006. Released by the company RealTime Gaming (more popularly known as RTG), this fairy-tale-themed game continues to exist! While having a few shortcomings, this RTG title does offer a number of balanced bonus features, which is why even the top-rated casino sites in the UK have decided to feature it. In today’s Aladdin’s Wishes slot review, we will revisit this classic and provide you with the full information about the game!

Alladins Wishes is a slot game produced by RTG

The Aladdin’s Wishes Slot Game Is Based on a Popular Legend

Although the legend about Aladdin comes from an “orphan tale” that has been told for more than 200 years, people from modern times started knowing about this fictional story from the popular animation movie that was released in 1991. Although the Aladdin’s Wishes slot machine does not copy or directly reference the popular Disney franchise, players with a keen eye will notice that the clothes, background settings and some particular design elements closely resemble the ones found in the film of the more famous brand.

Explanation about the Outdated Art Style

Players that are new to the retro slot genre, will notice that the artwork in the Aladdin’s Wishes slot game is a bit sub-par. The art style seems mediocre at best, but this is understandable; after all, creating artful masterpieces for online slots in 2006 wasn’t exactly a priority, which is why nearly all developers at that time didn’t see it important to hire high-end animators, which is why the slot looks kind of “wonky”.

The Principal and Bonus Features of the Aladdin’s Wishes Slot Machine

As a classic, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Aladdin’s Wishes incorporates a standard 5×3 reel layout. What made an instant impression on us, was the number of symbols used by the game – which are 14! They are classified as high paying (Taneka, Genie, Monkey), mid-paying (Palace, Magic Rug, Knives), low-paying (Jewels, Gold Coins Sack, Vase, Fruit Bowl), and special ones (Aladdin, Magic Lamp). If you want to see how the game plays and feels, you can do so for real money or in demo mode by visiting some of the following online casinos: Exclusive Casino, Magic Red Casino, Bovada Casino, Sloto Cash, Red Dog Casino.

The Substitution Symbol Does So Much More

If the game lands an Aladdin symbol, it will substitute all others (except for the Magic Lamp). Because of this mechanic, this symbol is classified as “wild” and will appear only on the second, third, and fourth reels. In addition to its substitution abilities, the wild symbol will also double the rewards provided by a specific combination of symbols. The only condition is that the wild symbol must be a part of that combination.

The Scatter Symbol Enables the Game’s Main Bonus Feature

The symbol that players should hope to receive more is the fabled Magic Lamp. As a scatter, the lamp will deliver a payout regardless of its positioning on the reels. When it comes to the best functionality of the lamp, we have to say that it is the fact that it can enable the game’s bonus feature. Landing two lamps on the reels will give a monetary prize; however, landing three or more will initiate the lamp picking mini-game.

Alladins Wishes Substitution and Scatter symbols

When the feature enables, the screen will display a window that shows a treasure trove with five lamps buried among the mountain of gold coins. The player will be given three or four picks; by clicking on a lamp, they can receive instant cash prizes that come in the form of current bet multipliers. If you’ve made a really good pick, however, you will receive 25 free spins (FS)!

The Free Spins Provide More than Meets the Eye

The free spins mode will activate all pay lines (if they haven’t been activated by the player). Bonus rounds will also apply an x2 winning multiplier to any successful combinations that will occur during FS mode! Last but not least, is the fact that the FS can be retriggered. If you’re lucky enough, you can do so indefinitely!

The Aladdin’s Wishes Slot Offers a Progressive Jackpot

While the game has its own payout limits, the progressive jackpot feature may provide one lucky player with some life-changing rewards. In the event where someone has already won the jackpot, the game will usually restart it with a minimum sum of a few thousand pounds. The Aladdin’s Wishes slot game jackpot is often described to be among the best types in the iGaming world, as it is triggered completely at random! There are no special requirements to fulfill, and if you’re lucky enough, the game might “bless” you right after you’ve concluded a spin.

Useful Basic Specifications

The game is often described as “easy but complex” to play, and it has to do something with its 20 adjustable pay lines. While you do need to decide how much money you would like to bet per spin (BPS), you will still need to know how to properly modify your bet values. When researching the game further, we discovered that the Aladdin’s Wishes slot machine RTP is 93%! By iGaming industry standards, this is considered to be “quite low”, especially when today’s average RTP rate is accepted to be 95%. Although winning symbol combos will be formed somewhat regularly due to the game’s medium volatility factor, players will need to rely on the bonus feature for the biggest rewards.

When talking about single wins, the smallest one you can attain in the Aladdin’s Wishes slot game will be made up of three Fruit symbols. It will grant only an x3 reward! Things will be turned up a notch if you’re lucky enough to land five Taneka princess symbols, you will get a payout of x10,000 for the winning line (with an Aladdin wild present as a substitute).

Adjusting Your Bet and Understanding Payouts

In order to successfully form your BPS, you will need to adjust the “bet per line” value, and the number of pay lines you want to activate. The smallest amount you can assign per line is 0.01 credits, while the biggest – 0.25 credits. You can choose how many pay lines are activated during your gaming session, which will form your total bet. For example, If you’re playing the slot with only one activated payline at a value of 0.01 credits, your BPS will be 0.01. if you want to play only 12 paylines at the cost of 0.07 credits, then the total BPS will be 0.84 credits.

The Paytable Is Displayed in Multiplication Values

You will notice that regardless of how you adjust your bet, the payout values depicted in the paytable won’t change. This is because the numbers shown there, are multiplier values. For example, if you land a successful combination of three Fruit symbols, they will have a payout multiplier value of x5, which will be applied to the value of a pay line’s cost. If that value is 0.07 credits, then the total reward for the player will be 0.35 credits. With that being said, the maximum symbol payout (five Taneka symbols) will result in a total reward of 2,500 credits!

Alladins Wishes Paytable

Probably the Most Complex Autoplay Function in the iGaming World

The autoplay feature of the Aladdin’s Wishes slot machine is indeed quite impressive, and it can be used in two ways. If you’re a beginner who just wants to make the slot go through a number of rounds, all you have to do is click on the autoplay button on the lower right corner of the screen, and choose a number between 5 and 100. You can also set the game to just keep spinning until a gameplay feature is enabled. On the other hand, if you’re an experienced slot player who wants to modify the conditions under which autoplay will disable itself, then you will have a variety of options to choose from. You can select and modify some of the following disable conditions:

Alladins Wishes Autoplay Function

Optimized for Gaming on All Mobile Platforms – Development History

When the game was initially created and released in 2006, it relied on the software framework of the platform Flash. Throughout the years, however, it became apparent that HTML5 was the superior platform to use when it came to compatibility with various mobile devices. Ten years after its creation, the Aladdin’s Wishes online slot was remade with a lot more improvements than its predecessor.

Today, you can play Aladdin’s Wishes on any mobile device that runs on Android or iOS. We should mention that a lot of players actually prefer the slot’s mobile version, as it features an even simpler controls interface, while retaining all of its functions and features. Players will even be able to switch the direction of the view’s controls, if they are left-handed as well.

Aladdin’s Wishes – A Classic That Won’t Go Away

The Aladdin’s Wishes slot machine is one of RTG’s first produced slots, which is why it received a much-needed technical update after the iGaming world transitioned to HTML5-based software. With that being said, it’s no surprise that they didn’t update the art style of the game that much, although the developer did what they could to polish the visual and sound quality, while still retaining the original “feel” of the slot. If you’re a fan of retro slot games with a moderate amount of gameplay features and balanced specs, then you might want to give Aladdin’s Wishes a try!


How to Increase My Aladdin’s Wishes Slot Jackpot Chances?

Due to the random nature of the jackpot feature, there isn’t anything that can be done to affect your chances of winning the jackpot. Given the fact that this is a progressive monetary prize, this means that a huge number of players across different platforms will try to win it – which is why, it is made to be activated on a completely random basis.

What Is the Max Reward for a Spin in the Aladdin’s Wishes Slot Game?

The game lists that to be x50,000 times a player’s bet per line. By applying this multiplier to the highest bet settings, we’ve determined that the amount of money you can expect is going to be approximately 12,500 credits. Bear in mind that this amount can be applied to any major currency (such as GBP and EUR).

How Much of My Bet Is Contributed to the Aladdin’s Wishes Slot Machine Jackpot?

The slot states that the contribution to the game’s progressive jackpot will be no more than 1.5% of the total RTP. What this means, is that the size of the jackpot will grow every time a bet has been made on the game! The more people play the game, the larger that amount will be.