Black Widow Slot Review — Make a Killing with This Reel Machine

Got a fear of spiders? Don’t worry, you’ll still be able to enjoy the Black Widow slot, as there’s more to it than meets the eye. This IGT reel machine is full of surprises — from its cheeky theme to electrifying features that you’ll struggle to find anywhere else.

If you’re curious to find out more, make sure to carefully read our review. We’ll uncover all of the game’s secrets and show you how to play it.

Black Widow Slot is a game produced by the famous IGT

The Black Widow Slot’s Theme Is Murderlicious

As we mentioned earlier, this slot doesn’t revolve around poisonous arachnids or the Marvel Comics character. Instead, IGT has used clever wording to describe a femme fatale. This unscrupulous she-devil aims to get rich fast by marrying affluent men, murdering them, and claiming their inheritance.

The plot doesn’t go much deeper than that, so you’ll have to use your imagination. Still, our Black Widow slot review experts find this theme quite original, especially when compared to your average Ancient Egypt or fruit machine offering.

Enjoy Captivating Features

On the surface, this machine doesn’t look all that special with its typical 5×3 layout. It features 11 kinds of symbols, including the Black Widow logo (wild), a poison vial (scatter), the murderous woman and her three victims husbands, and five playing cards (10 to Ace).


Symbols 5 Symbols 4 Symbols 3 Symbols 2 Symbols
Black Widow Symbol 1 x1000 x250 x50 x10
Black Widow Symbol 2 x50 x20 x10 x4
Black Widow Symbol 3 x25 x15 x7
Black Widow Symbol 4 x25 x15 x7
Black Widow Symbol 5 x25 x15 x7
Black Widow Symbol 6 x15 x10 x5
Black Widow Symbol 7 x14 x9 x4
Black Widow Symbol 8 x13 x8 x3
Black Widow Symbol 9 x12 x7 x2
Black Widow Symbol 10 x11 x6 x1

However, once you start spinning, you’ll notice something interesting. Each round, one of these 11 symbols will be randomly picked and multiplied in stacks of three. This gives players a much larger chance of getting multiple payouts on a single spin.

The other intriguing features are connected to the free spins bonus of the Black Widow slot machine. Entering this stage can prove to be tricky. The scatter needs to become stacked and entirely occupy the three reels in the middle.

Although unlikely, the bonus is well worth the wait. Initially, you’ll receive 7 gratis spins that can be extended to 98 if additional scatters land during the level. Also, every hubby will receive a random bounty (between x2 and x1,000 your bet) on their head, and the central position on the middle reel will become framed.

If one of the men lands on this frame, you’ll simultaneously win and increase his corresponding bounty. If the femme fatale appears on the frame, you’ll win the rewards for all three men whilst boosting them. This bounty boost can be triggered up to 13 times per husband while the stage lasts.

The Black Widow Slot Machine Has Two Jackpots

During its normal mode, the Black Widow slot game has a top reward of x1,000 your bet. This could pertain to a line wager or your total stake. A single wild 5-of-a-kind will multiply the former while filling the reels entirely with wilds grants you the latter. This won’t be easy, but the stacked symbol feature certainly helps out.

As for the free spins mode, you can crank up the bounties of the three husbands to x1,000 each, so you could win up to x3,000 if the Black Widow appears in the middle. This title accepts bets up to £200, meaning that its maximum winning potential is £600,000.

Learn More about the RTP and Volatility Levels

IGT casino software isn’t known for being the most generous, and fans of the company’s work often have to contend with a higher house edge. However, the Black Widow slot game is different. Its RTP rate stands at 96%, which is the most common value for online video slots.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that your return for £100 wagered will always be £96. The title’s low/medium volatility is capable of producing decent winning sessions. Furthermore, if you set goals and properly manage your bankroll, the risk of ruin will be lower compared to high-variance machines.

Before we move on, it’s also worth discussing the pay lines. This title has 40 of them, and the version we tested doesn’t allow players to alter them. However, there’s also a variant that will allow you to choose fewer winning ways, which can reduce the minimum wager from £0.40 to £0.01. However, keep in mind that the RTP can also tank down to 92% if you deactivate bet lines.


Black Widow Slot pay lines

Black Widow Slot Game – Graphics & Mobile Compatibility

IGT released the Black Widow slot in 2014, so any expectations of cutting-edge visual effects will lead to disappointment. Still, the game has aged rather well and is pleasant to look at. Its brownish background is a wallpaper decorated with flowers, skulls, and spider webs are spread at each of the top ends. The reels are encased in a golden frame to give the impression that you’re looking at a painting.

Each of the symbols is properly stylized to fit the theme. Even the low-paying playing card ranks have murder weapons next to them. The reel-spinning animations are quite zippy, but we found that staring at some of the stacked symbols might leave you dizzy.

Mobile users can also enjoy the Black Widow slot machine on their phones and tablets. The game works with iOS/Android-compatible apps and web browsers, and its simplified interface should make it easy to bet and spin. We didn’t find an “auto-play” option on any platform, which can certainly be annoying if you prefer a more hands-off approach.

A Quick How-to-Play Guide

  1. Aside from the reels, there are four areas that you’ll need to keep an eye on. The widget at the bottom displays your bankroll, the value of your current wager, and any winnings you receive.
  2. To adjust your bet, press the green arrow on the left side and use the “-/+” icons that surround the “line bet.” With the Black Widow slot, it would be great if you can afford 150-200+ spins per session. Don’t shy away from playing with lower stakes; the multipliers are large enough for wins to feel satisfying at every level.
  3. When ready, use the yellow circle on the right to start spinning. If you need to view the paytable or get reminders on some of the features, you can access these menus from the top-right button.

Ready to Slay Some Wins?

We’ll conclude our Black Widow slot review by saying that this is one of developer’s top products. We were quite impressed by its theme and features, while the payouts & RTP are not too shabby, either.

The only weak point that our team noticed is the omission of an “auto-play” option. On the bright side, playing manually is beneficial for assessing your bankroll and determining when to stop playing.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Black Widow Slot Special Features?

This game produces different stacks of symbols on each spin, which increases the probability of wins and makes them more rewarding. Its free spins level has three multiplier jackpots that are boosted each time you win them.

How to Enter the Bonus Stage of the Black Widow Slot Game?

The scatter will need to be selected with the stacked feature, and the three reels in the middle have to be filled entirely with scatters.

What Are the RTP and Volatility of the Black Widow Slot Machine?

IGT has combined a Return to Player rate of 96% with low/medium volatility for Black Widow. This is a good compromise between winning potential and payout frequency.