Lost Vegas Slot Review – Choose a Side in the “Men vs Zombies” Battle

In October of 2016, slot players everywhere marvelled at the newest game released by Microgaming – Lost Vegas, the zombie slot! The developer decided to “flip the script” after they successfully released Jungle Jim El Dorado a few months before the release of this slot and decided to ride the “then-popular” zombie fad. This allowed the developer to come up with a slot game that not only looked great but also offered an incredible variety of features. Today, this game continues to be played among many fans of both the zombie and slot genre worldwide – learn why this is so from our Lost Vegas slot review!

The Visual Story of the Lost Vegas Online Slot

The original 3D visual style of the game manages to immerse a player within a story about the undead-infested “Sin City”. A story about survival, perseverance, and the triumph of life over death, Lost Vegas reminds us of a very popular gaming franchise from a few years back, called “Left for Dead”.

On the other hand, where would you see zombie versions of an Elvis impersonator, a show dancer, or a stereotypical tourist? The art is original, the graphics are clean and crisp, and the visual style can be a bit terrifying at times! What is unique here is when a player loads up the game, they can choose which side they would like to play on – the side of the zombies, or the side of the survivors!


Lost Vegas slot by Microgaming has a 5x3 reel layout

Players Can Expect a Lot of Lost Vegas Slot Extras

Starting with the reel layout, this zombie slot banks on the standard 5×3 reel pattern. The reels turn with a classic “rolling mechanism”, but this is also chalked up to the list of “standard slot” features and mechanics of titles made by Microgaming. The first thing that should be mentioned is the mode at which every player starts their game. When the slot is loaded, players will be given a chance to choose a side of the zombies or the survivors; however, this is not a mere “game cosmetic” choice. As such, the game features two separate dozens of symbols, every one of which has five low paying, five high paying, and two special symbols (scatter and wild).


Microgaming's slot Lost Vegas features two separate dozens of symbols

Survivor Side – “Stash Feature” Bonus”

When a player has successfully landed enough “biohazard” scatter symbols, they will receive a number of free spins. The special trait of the “survivor side” is called a “stash feature”, which removes all card symbols from 10 to A, and adds them to a prize pool which is awarded at the end of the free spins themselves. The survivor bonus not only grants additional wins at the end, but the free spins will not stop until all of the card symbols have been successfully stashed!

Survivor Side and Zombie Side in the Lost Vegas slot by Microgaming

Zombie Side – “Infection Wilds” Feature

When a full zombie stack symbol appears, it can “infect” a single wild symbol, that will turn into a “stacked wild”. In addition to bringing in a spectacular amount of winning opportunities, the free spins will continue playing out until all of the reels are “infected”. When compared to the survivor feature, this one does have a limit – no more than 50 free spins can be played. On the other hand, if a player reaches up to 50 free spins, they will receive a bonus prize at the end.

The Zombie Fist of Cash and the Blackout Bonus Features

During “base” game or free spins mode, a giant zombie hand may randomly burst out from beneath the ground clinching a number of dollar bills! These can be a few complimentary credits or a prize of a few hundred dollars. The best thing is that the zombie fist of cash will appear in non-winning spins!

Another bonus feature that makes this Microgaming title stand out is the “blackout bonus” which shows the reels in “thermo-vision” and singles out the high paying symbols. Those are then turned into cash, and given to the player. Just like the previous feature, this one can also occur in both game modes, but here is the kicker – if a single scatter symbol is present during the blackout, it will give free spins!

Lost Vegas - Zombie Fist of Cash and Blackout Bonus

Things to Know before You Play the Lost Vegas Online Slot

Although the slot has an incredible number of features, playing it is pretty straightforward. The game has 243 winning ways, and the only thing players need to select is their desired bet amount (per spin). The betting limit here goes from 0.30 to 45. This makes the Lost Vegas online slot machine to be incredibly desired by beginner players who are especially concerned about not “over-betting”. The game is said to have an RTP rate of 96%, which makes it a “step above” the industry average; however, the volatility factor can vary. Because the incredible payout potential of both the “survivor and zombie” free spins features, the volatility is considered to be “mid-to-high”.

The Overall Quality of the Game’s Elements

The game feels “high end” from the moment it is loaded up for the first time. Microgaming wanted this title to be developed in HTML5, which is why the game looks incredible on all sorts of devices. The art direction that is taken to bringing both the survivor and zombie sides “to life” is original, making Lost Vegas look like the beginning of a long franchise.

The audio effects are also done with spectacular attention to detail – any expert reviewer with a good ear can tell you that the sound effects are original and developed “in-house”. This perhaps is one of the things that surprised us the most – because the slot doesn’t seem to have a general background soundtrack; however, this isn’t considered to be such a big deal.

The Lost Vegas Slot Game Will Survive!

Microgaming “hit paydirt” by releasing the Lost Vegas online slot. The number of additional gaming features is not only impressive, but it is also a somewhat “first” for the developer as well. It is no secret that Microgaming prefers a more “simpler” design of both its slots and the additional extras they offer; however, with this zombie game, they have started changing their software development approach, and in our opinion, it is for the better. We definitely recommend to everyone to play the Lost Vegas slot for free and see what we are talking about. Give this zombie game a chance, and you will most certainly find it exciting!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Way to Tell If a Random Feature Will Be Activated Soon?

Unfortunately, there isn’t; however, this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. The charm in both the blackout bonus and the zombie fist of cash feature is in its inherent unpredictability. A constant feeling of expecting a sudden reward is much more exciting rather than knowing when to expect anything at all.

Does the Lost Vegas Online Slot Have Any Cons?

A minor drawback affects mainly those who wish to try the Lost Vegas slot for free – and it is the “auto-spin” function. Depending on the free version of the game, Lost Vegas might or might not provide its players with an “auto-spin” mechanic; however, this depends entirely on the operator that offers the title.

Why Should I Play Lost Vegas for Real Money?

The relatively low betting ranges in the Lost Vegas slot allow players to make a lot of spins, without having to “tank their budget”. The numerous bonus opportunities not only give a chance to players to turn small wagers into significant rewards but will also keep the gameplay versatile and interesting. If a promise of many benefits isn’t enough, spending a few bucks is worth it at least to experience the game with its full “bells and whistles”.