Baccarat Side Bets – Available Varieties and How to Play Them

Baccarat side bets

Baccarat is a card game that appeared for the first time in the 19th century and since then, it has been incorporated in almost every land-based and online casino worldwide. The game is incredibly simple in its gameplay, and its operational mechanics draw some similarities from blackjack; however, in the most standard version of the game, no additional actions from the player will be required besides placing a bet. Usually, the wagering possibilities are three. On the other hand, with different versions of baccarat, you will learn about the many additional betting possibilities and how to benefit from them.

A Short Recap on How to Play the Game

In the most classic version of the card game, the first thing that will be done is that the player will make a bet. The wagering possibilities are called Player, Banker, and Tie. After the bet has been made, the dealer will commence the gaming round by dealing two cards for the banker’s side and the player’s side. The game’s goal is for one of the hands to be as close as possible to the number 9.

The uniqueness of this game also comes from the value of the playing cards. All high cards (Jack, Queen, King, Ace) will have zero value (including a ten numbered card), while all other cards will use the value depicted on them. If a dealt hand has produced a result of more than ten, the tenth part of the sum is taken away, and only the single digit is regarded as the result. For example, the added sum of a five and an eight will produce 13 – the first digit is dropped the hand will be counted as a three in baccarat gaming terms.

Classic Baccarat Bets and Their Potential Payouts

Although some baccarat game versions will have non-standard payout odds, the classic ones go like this Player bets payout 1:1, Banker bets 0.95:1 and Tie bets approximately 9:1. If you wonder why the Banker bets aren’t paid the same as the Player ones, it is because the casino gains its house edge from the commission that is charged on every bet won for the banker’s side.

Presence of Side Bets That Depends on the Baccarat Version

Depending on which baccarat game you’re playing, you will have the opportunity to place different bets. On the other hand, in some game versions, the regular bets will have slightly different payouts even for the standard available wagering opportunities. Below, we have explored some of the most popular side bets along with their winning conditions, payout odds, and the version of baccarat they are offered in.

Tiger Baccarat with Some Nice Payouts

The majority of side bets in any baccarat title are designed after the most improbable events that happen during the deal of the cards. For example, the winning condition for most of these special wagers is a resulting pair for the Banker, Player or Tie side. It is the type of pair that will determine the amount of the winnings. Check this out.

  • Twin Tiger Pair – happens when both the banker and player side have been dealt pairs of the same suit (ex, pair of kings) and pays 100 to 1.
  • Big Tiger – occurs when a banker wins the round with three cards with a total score of six and pays 55 to 1.
  • Tiger Tie – if a tie is achieved with a total result of six, the game will pay 45 to 1.
  • Small Tiger – happens when a banker wins with a total result of six with two cards, pays 22 to 1.

The Popular and Loved Baccarat Pairs Variant

Although there are many pair variations that are made into side bets, the ones featured in “baccarat pairs” are often said to be the ones that have a larger player following from all other side bets. The winning condition of this type of side bet is pretty self-explanatory (to bet on the side that gets dealt pairs), but it is the kind of pairs that will determine the end payout. It is worth mentioning that wagering on pairs is a side bet that sometimes doesn’t require a winning hand – for example, if you’ve bet on Player Pairs, but the banker wins, you will still receive the payout from the side bet.

  • Any Pair – a resulting opening hand made of cards of the same rank; will usually pay 5 to 1.
  • Player or Banker – an opening hand dealt to the Player or Banker pays 11 to 1.
  • Perfect Pairs – an opening hand that is made of two cards of the same suit (for example, two sevens of hearts) has payout odds of 25 to 1.

Dragon Tiger – a Unique Version of Baccarat

Also called “Asian baccarat”, Dragon Tiger features regular main bets like its predecessor, but its side bets are designed to be more oriented towards card combinations that majorly rely on suits and ranks. Another interesting thing about Dragon Tiger, is that there are some variants that will pay based on the colour of the cards as well.

  • Two Red or Two Black – if the dealt hand is a winning one and is of the same colour, it will pay 3 to 1.
  • Odds and Evens – betting on the odd or even result of a winning hand will have a payout of 3 to 1.
  • Suited Tie – a winning bet on a tie made up for cards that are equal in both rank and suit will pay 50 to 1.

Why Do Banker Bets Win More Frequently

As the banker’s card is drawn last, the number of cards needed to form a better combination will be fewer. In the rules of dealing, the one side that drew the last card always has a better percentage, and it is; while baccarat is nearly a 50/50 game, the banker’s percentage goes a little bit over 50% (around 50.68%).

Choose the Version of Baccarat That Suits You Best

It all comes down to your personal preferences and how much you would like to risk. Side bets are notoriously hard to hit, although some lucky players have managed to achieve them. In their core gameplay, all different baccarat versions operate on the same principle – if you’re looking to place only main bets, your essential choice will come down to the classic type of the game or its “no-commission” version.

Baccarat is a card gaming genre that has many versions, every one of which stems out into different sub-categories by themselves. The side bets described above are meant to give you an approximation of what odds to expect, and under what conditions they can be won. Whichever version you would like to play is completely up to you!

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