Family Guy Slot Review – the Game with the Most Bonuses and Features

Slots that have been based on a licensed brand or franchise are usually done with incredible attention to the design of the game itself and its gameplay features. With that being said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that when the Family Guy online slot came out in 2015, it became a smashing success. Developed and published by the company IGT (International Game Technology), this game managed to stand out among other branded titles by offering a slew of gameplay features and opportunities to win big. In this Family Guy slot review, we will show you everything you need to know before spinning the reels for the first time!

The Family Guy Slot Machine Is One Long Episode

Those of you familiar with the Family Guy comedy series will easily recognize the different characters that occupy the reels of this slot. Although there is no particular set storyline, the “plot” of the slot seems to revolve around the gameplay features, which are made to look like they are part of a currently playing episode. We can say that the graphics and animations of this slot have the same visual quality as the actual show, which makes the game look even more immersive on various monitor sizes.

Family Guy slot by IGT has a standard 3x5 interface layout

Find Exceptional Extras in the Family Guy Slot

This game was developed with a standard 3×5 interface layout with a classic “rolling mechanic” of its reels. Featuring 12 symbols in total, four of which are classified as low-paying. Six of the twelve are high paying, and the remaining two are the “Family Guy logo” and the “World bonus” symbol. Speaking of additional extras, the bonus features in the Family Guy online are separated into two main types – the Griffin Family Mystery Features, and the World Bonus. You can learn more about them below!

The Mystery Symbol Features

If a bonus symbol does not appear on reel number two during any spin in the “base game”, then a mystery symbol feature can be triggered. Each character from the series does something different; for example, if Brian appears, the next time a single “World Bonus” symbol is landed, it will trigger the feature. Peter’s feature will grand an instant prize, Stewie can create random wilds on up to five reels, and Lois will choose up to 3 family member symbols and enhance them. Once the Lois symbol assigns win values to the others, they will be granted in addition to any resulting line wins.

The World Bonus Offers Three Interesting Features

If you manage to get three “world bonus” symbols (or one after the Brian feature), the screen of the slot will display Stewie with a globe. After a player spins the globe, it will stop at one of the three bonus features – the Drunken Clam, the Chicken Fight, or Lois’ Hot Free Spins. We should also mention that the world bonus symbols will appear only on the second, third, and fourth reels. You can learn more about the different bonuses below.

The Drunken Clam Bonus Gives Instant Prizes

Choose between Joe, Peter, Quagmire and Cleveland and start drinking Family Guy’s signature “Pawtucket Patriot Ale”. Every time a drinking round is successful and the character you’ve chosen has not yet passed out, the game will grant a player a prize, and increase the win multiplier value! If a player survives up to round 10, a character will start passing out after every following round.

Family Guy slot - Drunken Clam Bonus

The “Chicken Fight!” Let’s You Pick a Prize

The Chicken Fight will put the Giant Chicken against Peter in a boxing match that will take course in over three rounds. Before the beginning of the feature, the player would choose which side they would like to “back up”. The “round” will begin, and a small screen will appear in the middle, showing one of the famous “giant chicken vs peter” fighting scenes from an episode of Family Guy.

Family Guy slot - “Chicken Fight!”

When a round is completed, and the character chosen by the player wins, the game will give them a number of “picks”, and then place 21 bags of money and allow the player to choose some of them. For every win, the feature will increase the win multiplier. “Losing a round” grants a smaller number of picks, and doesn’t raise the winning multiplier, which will affect every individual prize pick. We should also mention that the “opponent” will also receive a number of picks after each round, and will also “mark” some of the “moneybags”, essentially removing them as choices from the board.

The Louis Hot Spins Looks like a Slot on Its Own

Once the Louis’ Hot Free Spins are initiated, the game not only starts offering a variety of other extras but also adheres to a unique paytable, that contains different symbols altogether. The unique bonus of the free spins comes in the form of four differently coloured “Louis symbols” every one of which turns “wild”, after the special heart gauges in front of the different symbols fills up. Every time the reels produce a heart-shaped Peter symbol, the Louis gauges will fill up.

Family Guy slot - Louis’ Hot Free Spins

The free spins can be retriggered if the player lands a Quagmire “retriggity” symbol that will instantly give five more spins. The retrigger symbol can appear only on the middle reel, and although it might seem that they won’t appear as much, our testing sessions have shown that retriggers will happen more often than not.

Remember These Details When Playing the Family Guy Slot

The slot has 30 fixed pay lines, which means that the only thing players will need to adjust, is the “coin value”. For example, if set to “1.00” the total bet per spin will be 50. On the other hand, the maximum value that can be set is 30, which will make the total bet become 1,500. Depending on what type of currency value online casino sites assign to the credits, the Family Guy slot game can appeal to both occasional slot players and high rollers who are prepared to spend a bit more.

In the info section of this game, we found out that the maximum payout that the slot can produce (with the inclusion of bonus modifiers) is going to be capped at 25,000,000 credits. Although this amount does sound alluring, reaching it can be rather difficult, as the Family Guy slot RTP rate is listed to be between 92.50% and 96.05%. Although the “return to player” factor isn’t fixed to its upper limit, the game is known to possess a “low to medium” volatility factor, which means that players can expect to see winning combinations more often, although the majority of them might yield winnings that are smaller than the initial spin bet.

An Animation Masterpiece

The game is so impressively constructed, that it almost makes the player feel like they are part of an actual episode of Family Guy. The different features of the slot are highlighted by a collection of cutscenes from the original series, while interesting “easter eggs” are left out on the interface of the slot. For example, texted quotes are left by different characters at the top of the reels, and every time a player highlights them with their mouse’s cursor, the character will “sound them out”.

In a true Family Guy fashion, if a player hovers over a quote by Meg, Peter’s voice will sound out “shut up, Meg”. This not only shows a quirky way to connect to the show through the Family Guy slot game, but it also highlights the dedication of the development crew. Every action that is performed on the slot has a unique sound effect while the background soundtrack is the classic jazzy opening intro of the series itself.

Other Family Guy Slot Variants with Different Features

This slot is mainly made for two specific platforms – PC and VLT’s for land-based casinos. Although both of the game versions are almost identical, the VLT’s seem to have a few more “feature mini-games” in the “world bonus” mode. In addition to the three we previously described, there is also “Brian’s Big Dig”, “Cris’ Closet” and Stewie’ “World Domination Progressives”. These additional features are exceptional, and it is a bit of shame that they aren’t present in the Family Guy online slot.

“Brian’s Big Dig” allows the player to choose a “place to dig”, which will uncover a number of spins. Those spins will then be used to turn a prize wheel with different money amounts, which can be enhanced if the counter passes through a “boost” field. Once boosted, the spin will continue to retrigger until the counter lands on a “money field”.

“Brian’s Big Dig” mode - Family Guy slot

Cris’ Closet gives the player a choice of three doors. Once a player chooses a door, a character from the show is revealed, and they will give the player a prize, then the round is repeated. Players will continue to choose doors and rack up profit until they have revealed “Meg”. When Meg is revealed, the bonus round will be over.

Family Guy slot - “Cris’ Closet” variant

The “World Domination Progressives” places Stewie behind the controls of a laser-shooting device, and then chooses a target (a member of its family). Stewie will be given a few shots and a button board, where the player makes their choice. If they manage to hit their target, they will gain a prize.

Stewie’ “World Domination Progressives” - Family Guy slot

Impressive Gameplay You Should Experience for Yourself

When it comes to branded slots that stay true to the spirit of their franchise, the Family Guy online slot is one of the brightest examples out there. Not only does the game’s design complement its source material downright to the smallest details, but it actually provides a slot gameplay that is unique in its own right. We invite anyone to try the Family Guy slot for free and see what we are talking about. Regardless if you’re a slot player or a fan of the series, you will be more than impressed with this IGT title!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Way to Choose a Specific “World Bonus” Feature?

Unfortunately, there isn’t. It is understandable that some players might prefer a specific bonus feature over the others; however, the same RNG (random number generation) algorithm that is responsible for forming different reel combinations, is also applied to the feature selection mechanic as well. The individual chance for any feature to be enabled is approximately 33%.

Are There Any Significant Drawbacks Here?

If we are to judge by the quality of the gameplay, we would say no. Perhaps a small “con” is the fact that the majority of special features will rely on them being enabled by a successful “world bonus” symbol combination, which in a way separates the base game from the other forms of play. This particularly applies to the free spins – considered to be a standard feature for the majority of other slots, certain game conditions need to be completed here before a player can reach “free spins mode”.

Why Can’t I Play the Family Guy Slot on My Mobile Device?

Although this might prove to be unfortunate to quite a few players, the Family Guy slot game was made on the software development platform Flash. This makes it ideal for playing on a PC or a Mac; however, tablets and smartphones that operate on Android and iOS won’t’ be able to run the game, unless they have support for “Flash Player” (99% of which do not).

Is There a Basic Strategy That Can Help Me Win in the Long Run?

Although everyone’s chances at winning on a Family Guy slot game are the same and they cannot be influenced in any way, there is something that can be done that will increase the number of spins per budget. Bet low! The majority of this game’s wins are given out during the special features, but in order to get to those, you will need to go through as many spins as you can, which is possible if you keep your bets per spin at the bare minimum.