Keno – Casino Lottery Really

Keno is a side game played in a lot of land based casinos especially in Las Vegas. It has made the transition to online casinos and is gain quite a bit of popularity. But what is it exactly. Well for some casinos it’s a cash printing machine! But seriously it is a type of lottery that has some very old roots. Likely to of originated in China and reportedly used to help fund the building of the Great Wall so it has history for bringing large sums of cash. The game has more variants and payout tables than any other casino game so it is very easy to get stung by this game. Anyway the usual way it’s played is you choose numbers from between 1-80 (some have more or less to choose from). When the choices are made 20 numbers are drawn (this can be fewer as well). Online casinos use a RGN live casinos use a ball machine. You win according to the casinos own pay tables which can vary hugely. It will depend on your stake, how many number you choose, and how many numbers match. Be very careful playing this game it has typically the largest house edge of any game played in a casino. The typical percentage for the house starts at 4% and very quickly rises with some at a staggering 35%.

Keno Payout Tables Are Not The Same As The Probabilities!

keno boardWhen it comes to getting paid playing Keno it is the casino that decides how much. The payout tables are an equation based on how many numbers are chosen by the player, how many of those numbers ‘hit’, this is then multiplied by the proportion of the original stake to the ‘base rate in the paytable. It can be a bit confusing to say the least. Generally the greater the numbers chosen by the player and the greater the number of hits the greater the payout. This is all casino specific of course there are casinos in Vegas that pay out 100/1 for a ‘catch’ of 0 numbers out of 20. This is a little strange to some but the probabilities of hitting 0 numbers is actually greater than hitting 1 or 2 even on a 20 ‘spot’ ticket. Online casinos differ in payouts for Keno more than any other game. The amount of numbers that can be chosen varies between casinos also. 1 through 20 is not uncommon but some it is limited to 1 through 10 or 12 or 15. These are known as ‘spots’. The probability of hitting 20 numbers out of 20 is 1 in 3 535 316 142 212 174 336 yep that’s right one in 3.5 quintillion give or take a few trillion. Laughable odds for sure. You have more chance of winning the National Lottery several times than hitting all 20 numbers on a 20 ‘spot’ Keno ticket. The thing is though the same ticket would also get paid for hitting 0, 1, 2, 3, and also 7 through to 19 out of 20. The 17 -19 will normally get paid the same as a full 20.
The full probability list for a 20 ‘spot’ ticket looks like this
0 hits is 1 in 843.380 or 0.11857057%
1 hit is 1 in 86.446 or 1.15678605%
2 hits is 1 in 20.115 or 4.97142576%
3 hits is 1 in 8.009 or 12.48637168%
4 hits is 1 in 4.877 or 20.50318987%
5 hits is 1 in 4.287 or 23.32807380%
6 hits is 1 in 5.258 or 19.01745147%
7 hits is 1 in 8.826 or 11.32954556%
8 hits is 1 in 20.055 or 4.98618021%
9 hits is 1 in 61.420 or 1.62814048%
10 hits is 1 in 253.801 or 0.39401%
11 hits is 1 in 1 423.822 or 0.07023351%
12 hits is 1 in 10 968.701 or 0.00911685%
13 is 1 in 11 8084.920 or 0.00084685%
14 is 1 in 1 821 881.628 or 0.00005489%
15 is 1 in 41 751 453.986 or 0.00000240%
16 is 1 in 1 496 372 110.872 or 0.00000007%
17 is 1 in 90 624 035 964.712 it’s basically too small a percent to bother from here on in!
18 is 1 in 10 512 388 171 906.553
19 is 1 in 2 946 096 785 176 811.500
20 is 1 in 3 535 316 142 212 173 800
So as you see the odds are astronomical for hitting basically anything over 10. 8 is the reasonable number so when looking for a Keno game check the tables for the payouts up to the 8 hit mark. You will find a lot of casinos offering huge payouts for 12 hits and above. The fact of the matter is even if they do hit the casino is probably ahead in the long term any way. There is no casino that give 10 000/1 odds on anything!

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Keno Is One Of The Free Play Games So Why Not Have A Go For Nothing

It may not be everybody’s cup of tea but free play Keno is actually very popular. There are tons of people out there who just want to test their luck and see how many numbers they can pick. There are hundreds of sites out there that have free play Keno. Just a quick search and up they pop. Playing a game for free is a good way to get the hang of things and work out probabilities and such. Be careful with Keno mind. Casinos don’t always have the same payout structure with their real money games as they do with their free play versions.

Keno Has Been Coining It In for Years

It should come as no surprise that one of the simplest gambling games is actually one of the oldest. Many people think Keno is a Las Vegas invention designed to get more money out of the floor full of punters. They do get a lot. They send runners round collecting tickets and paying out winners that haven’t moved from their favourite slot or roulette wheel. But no Keno goes way back further. As mentioned at the beginning of this article it is thought to of originated in China. Some sources place it as old as 3 000 years old all the way back to the Han Dynasty. A legend says that Keno funded a war and helped to free a besieged city. Official records put the start of the game in the middle to late 1800’s. The game was played with Chinese ideograms instead of numbers. When the game was first recorded there were 120 characters as opposed to 80 numbers. The game of Keno is still very popular in China a country which loves to gamble they still use their ideograms but know it has been reduced to 80. Every online casino will have a version of Keno in its portfolio the differences may be subtle so study the payout tables before committing any cash. But remember it is for fun and the game has no strategy at all. It does however really on probabilities. Maths is always going to win!