Wild Toro Slot Review – Exclusive Walking Wilds Mode & Other Superb Extras

In November 2016, the iGaming world welcomed one of the best online slot games at the time – Wild Toro. Released by the famous developer ELK Studios, the Wild Toro slot quickly impressed critics and fans and became one of the most played games at the time. Due to its interesting mechanics and bonus features, this title is still played to this day. In today’s Wild Toro slot review, we will explain every single detail of the game, and maybe give you an idea of how to get the most of it.

Wild Toro is one of the most played games

The Wild Toro Slot Cartoonishly Follows a Traditional Theme

When it comes to the art and quality of the visuals of this game, Wild Toro is more than impressive. ELK Studios have gone far and beyond to deliver a stunning slot of an original design, in order to detail the straightforward story of two iconic characters and their constant battle – the Matador, and Toro the bull. As expected from a developer that focuses on optimisation and functionality, this game’s HD graphics are looking incredible on any type of monitor, or mobile device screen.

There Are Many Extras Found in the Wild Toro Slot Game

ELK Studios had made a bold statement by creating a slot with a 5×4 reel pattern, in a time when a 5×3 layout appeared to be more of a “sure bet” with players worldwide. The slot has three high paying (the Rose, the Orange, the Fan), three low paying (Gold Coin, Silver Coin, Copper Coin), and three special symbols (the Matador, the Toro, the Wild). The main feature highlight of this slot is the “Toro Goes Wild” mini-game.

Wild Toro slot has many bonus features

Chasing the Matador May Yield Great Rewards in the Wild Toro Slot

If a player manages to land three matador symbols, they will be immediately taken to the slot’s mini-game. For every collected matador symbol (with a minimum of 3) the slot will grant a re-spin. If another matador symbol lands during the mini-game more respins will be granted. If a toro symbol appears during the bonus game, the bull will start to “chase” the matador.

The travel path of the bull through the symbols will be from top to bottom, and from right to left. Bear in mind the matador symbols will remain locked in place until the bull “knocks” them out of the reel layout. These casino bonus mechanics are interesting and one of a kind, and before wagering some real cash on it, you can always try the Wild Toro slot for free.

The Betting Strategy Feature That Made the Wild Toro Slot Game Popular

Some game features are not connected to the actual gameplay, rather than controlling the way bets are made, which is where the “betting strategy” patterns come in. There are four of them – Optimiser, Leveller, Booster, and Jumper. Once activated, they will raise or reduce your bet, based on specific spin results (win or lose). For example, if a player chooses “Booster”, their initial bet will be raised by a single level after each losing spin, with a maximum of four times. The strategy will “reset” itself if a spin delivers a win. All strategies will have a unique progression mechanic, which will reset either on a winning or losing spin.

Things You Should Know before Playing This Slot

The only thing that needs to be done before spinning the reels is setting your first bet! A spin will cost 100 coins; however, players will be able to assign a “currency value” for those 100 coins. Those can be a minimum of 0.20 or a maximum of 100. Once done, all they have to do is spin the reels.

Wild Toro’s RTP rate is 96.4%, and its volatility factor is listed to be a “6 out of 10”, which by industry standards is classified as “medium”. The slot has 178 pay lines and a “hit frequency” of 24.9%. This statistically shows that every one out of four spins should produce a winning result. While the hit frequency rate is not a guarantee for that, it’s a basic theoretical calculation.

The biggest win that can be granted by the game is 250,000 coins, which can translate into £250,000 if you’ve set your bet to the highest maximum setting (100 units of currency), and have landed a winning combination that has filled the entire reel pattern with “wild” symbols. The slot supports 40 different currencies, which is why the value for each maximum win can be inherently different, depending on the player’s jurisdiction.

A Game That Couldn’t Sound or Look Any Better

Although it seems that ELK Studios puts an emphasis on the visual quality and animation effects of Wild Toro, we can’t disregard the exceptional sounds and background music as well. All of the audio in the game is custom-made, and you can be sure that it won’t be heard in any of the other slots of the developer, providing a truly unique and immersive gameplay experience. The game looks and performs so well than in the 2017 EGR Operator Awards, the slot took the prestigious “Game of the Year Award”.

In 2017 the Wild Toro slot took the prestigious “Game of the Year Award”

The Wild Toro: ELK Studios Classic You Should Give a Try

For a game that was made in 2016, the Wild Toro slot looks as modern as ever. The game’s “seemingly straightforward” appearance is perfectly balanced with the complex gameplay mechanics, which makes the overall experience a seamless one. Wild Toro of ELK Studios is ideal for both beginner players and high rollers who like gaming on computers and mobile devices, which is why we also recommend that you play it – if it is available in your country!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is There a Way to Improve My Chances of Winning?

Utilising the available betting strategy patterns within the game may prove beneficial for your winnings in the long run. If you don’t want to enable any of them, that’s fine as well; however, it is a good idea of coming with your own strategy to maximise the chances (and spins) you have, to “come on top” in the long run. Please remember that the chance of landing a winning spin is a random one, which means that even with an optimised strategy in place, there are no guarantees!

Are There Any Gameplay Cons I Should Know about?

When it comes to any inherent drawbacks, we can’t say that there are any; perhaps, the only “con” we could find, is the availability of the slot. Due to the fact that the developer ELK Studios is highly licensed, it is unlikely that you will find Wild Toro to be available in online gambling venues with less than impeccable credentials.

Are There Any Other Slots That Have the Same Feature as Wild Toro?

No, and that’s a good thing! While there are wilds and scatters in almost any slot in different online casinos, the fact is that none of them would have the “walking wilds” extra that is present in this ELK Studios title. Nothing is better than the original, and Wild Toro is the proof for that statement!