Safari King Slot Review – Gameplay Features That Keep on Giving

Welcome to the jungle, where the reel symbols come alive, and the bonuses keep flowing. The Safari King slot game was launched in 2019 by Pragmatic Play, and it didn’t take long for it to become one of the most played titles produced by this developer. Offering an abundance of interesting gameplay mechanics and features, this game offers an innovative design and a generous RTP rate. Check out our Safari King slot review, and you will understand why many casinos and players consider this Pragmatic Play title to be one of the best ones around!

Safari King slot is made by Pragmatic Play

The Safari King Slot Tells a Lion’s Story

While there is no clear-cut plot about this slot, the presence of different wild animals from the savanna tells a story about a lion’s reign as king. Pragmatic Play have done an outstanding job in designing this slot while successfully preserving the “wild spirit” of the overall theme and also representing the lion in a dominant light. Players will be able to experience this amazing game in crisp HD graphics, regardless of the device they use – the Safari King slot looks equally impressive on any kind of screen.

The Evolving Gameplay Features of the Safari King Slot Machine

The first thing to mention about this slot is its 4×5 reel layout. This “new-style” pattern is a feature that is generally present in modern slots, and Safari King is a game that definitely needs it, because of its many symbols. Speaking of which, there are 13 symbols in total – five of them are modelled after animals of the savanna (Elephant, Rhino, Leopard, Zebra, Antelope), six of them are designed after playing cards (A, K, Q, J, 10, 9), and the remaining two are the Lion and the Bonus Jewel. The Lion symbol acts as a wild and will substitute any other symbol except for the Bonus Jewel.

Every symbol in Safari King slot has his own feature

The Safari King’s Free Spins May Become Unlimited

The main bonus feature of this game is the free spins (FS). When a player lands three Bonus Jewel symbols (regardless of their position), the game will grant 8 free spins. The interesting part about this feature is that while the game is in FS mode, every time a Bonus Jewel is landed, it will grant one additional free spin. If a player is lucky enough to score at least one bonus symbol on every spin, the game will remain in FS mode indefinitely, as there is no limit to how much free spins a player can receive!

A Better Chance to Score a Win during FS Mode

Before every free spin, a Lion symbol will swipe with its claws through the second, third, fourth, and fifth reel. In addition to the cool animation, this function essentially places a single wild symbol on the reel for the entire duration of free spins. These sticky wilds will not only stack and be a part of every following combination but can also be placed on any symbol position in the second, third, fourth, and fifth reel.

Know This before Entering the Safari King Slot Game

The Safari King slot machine features one of the widest ranges when it comes to its BPS (bet per spin) value. Players will be able to place a bet as little as £0.50 and as much as £250 per spin! Another unique feature here, is the option to toggle the view of a player’s balance; you can see it in currency, and in “coins”. After setting your preferred BPS, all you have to do is press spin to play. If you wish to go a bit deeper in your bet’s customisation, click on the “plus” button on the right side of the spin button. A small menu will appear, allowing you to tweak your BPS by adjusting the number of “coins per line” and “coin value”.

A High Volatility and High RTP Slot

Being highly volatile, means that the game will tend to produce payouts a bit more rarely; however, the value of those wins will definitely be above average. Safari King also has an RTP rate of 96.49%, which is considered to be quite generous by iGaming industry standards. Out of all available symbols, the Elephant is the one that pays the most – in the theoretical win at a BPS of £250, a successful winning line of five Elephant symbols will pay out a win of £5,000. In contrast, the lowest symbol will produce a win of £750.

Safari King has an RTP rate of 96.49%

The Lion’s Share Can Award a Lot of Money

Given the fact that this game has 50 fixed paylines, the number of winning combinations is definitely high. What is most impressive is that the game states that the maximum win that can result from playing it is a colossal x1,000 times a player’s bet. This means that if a player has adjusted their BPS to the max and has been lucky enough to land a combination to hit that multiplier, they will be looking at a reward of £250,000.

Enhance Your Gaming Session with Autoplay

By default, the game has a “quick spin” setting that can be enabled to reduce the time of the reel spins. On the other hand, there is one level beyond that, and it’s called “turbo spin”. The autoplay setting is the only one that allows turbo spins to be engaged, essentially resulting in the performance of three spins per second. Safari King can engage as little as 10 and as much as 1,000 auto spins. Turbo spins can be helpful to your slot-playing strategy, but because they happen very fast, they need to be used carefully – especially if you’re playing for real money.

The Savanna and Its Inhabitants – A Great Look and Sound

As one of the newest generation titles of Pragmatic Play, the Safari King slot machine is a festival of sounds and colours. The developer has clearly put a lot of effort into bringing an “open concept” to the overall slot design, which can be discerned just by seeing the vast open background. Just like the graphics, the sound effects here are unique and will not be found in any other slot online!

A Simple Yet Powerful Slot

The strength of the Safari King slot machine lies in its straightforward design. There are no complicated features or rules to remember, and the fact that all of the bonus mechanics here are connected between each other, makes it easy to hope for one thing – getting as much bonus symbols as possible.

As a new piece of online casino software that is made by one of the best developers in the business, Safari King comes readily available in 33 different languages and also supporting 145 currencies; with that being said, it is possible that the BPS values mentioned earlier might be different when it comes to the use of a specific currency. If you have the chance to check Safari King out, do so – you will definitely enjoy the roaring reels!


Can I Play the Safari King Slot in Demo Mode?

This depends on a few facts. Pragmatic Play has designed the game in a specific way, allowing players to try it out risk-free; however, whether you will be able to do so or not, will depend entirely on the online casino you’re playing it from. For example, the best casinos in the UK are known to disable any demo modes on the games they offer, while others allow it only after a player has verified their account.

How Different Is the Mobile Version of the Game?

Mobile slot players will be happy to know that there is no difference between the version that is available for Windows or MAC and the one that runs via a mobile browser on Android and iOS devices. The gaming interface design of the slot is already made to be universal for all platforms, which means that players won’t have to acclimate themselves to a different control scheme if they want to play on their smartphone or tablet.

I’ve Accidentally Engaged the Autoplay Function with a High Bet – What Can I Do to Stop It Fast?

There are a few things that can be done when you’ve accidentally engaged autoplay, especially in turbo spin mode. The first and perhaps fastest method to disengage the autoplay mode is by closing the browser’s tab with the game on it. If you don’t want to lose your gaming session, press on the autoplay button again; many players make the rookie mistake of trying to hit the spin button, but this will only seize the current spin!