Mobile Casino Sites Are the Choice of the Modern UK Gambler

There aren’t many people in the world today who don’t have a mobile device, whether it’s a phone or tablet. It is a modern-day gadget which can be put to good use whatever your age, gender or ethnicity. It used to be a device for simply keeping in touch with your nearest and dearest but today you can do almost anything with the help of a smartphone or tablet. And some mobile devices have enough processing power to run a small country. No wonder then that the online casino industry has been able to take mobile casino games to a whole new level.
When mobile casino games were first introduced to the masses many found the experience a little disappointing. But mobile online casino software providers spent a great deal of time and effort making improvements and it is now possible to play all your favourite casino games whenever and wherever you want to. All best casino sites are now able to offer a mobile option for anyone signing up and opening an account. Some of the best casino apps offer a great choice of games including roulette, slots, poker, blackjack, baccarat and keno.

Mobile Casino UK – Play Anytime, Anywhere

Gone are the days of having to sit at your desktop in order to play your favourite casino games. Now, with the help of casino mobile apps, you can play at the top of a mountain, sitting in a traffic jam, lazing on the beach, or while waiting in the queue at the supermarket. Mobile online casinos allow you to play anywhere, as long as you have a reliable internet connection. Software has moved on from the early days of Tetris and snake and it is now possible to play with the best UK mobile casinos using a range of devices.

Apps Revolutionised the Mobile Casino Industry

The first online software providers to offer mobile casino apps in the UK were Playtech and Microgaming. And these major league players were providing mobile casino apps more than a decade ago. Although these casino mobile apps were nowhere near as sophisticated as they are today it was the best that was available. And thankfully there were no problems with compatibility issues as there were very few decent mobile phones to choose from.
Apple managed to open the doors wide open when it entered the mobile scene and from then on online gambling changed in a big way. It took a little while for software developers to meet the demand for the best casino apps across the range of mobile devices. And there are now mobile casino sites which can be used by a large percentage of mobile devices available today.
However, many casino mobile apps only support either Android or iOS mobile devices which is still a moot point for a number of online casino players. But in spite of this limitation it has to be said that some of these mobile casino apps in the UK are pretty amazing. So much so that you may well be tempted to swap your current device for one which is compatible with all UK mobile casino sites. But what if you’d prefer to stick with your current device?

The Best Mobile Casinos – Casino Apps Compared

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Experience Mobile Casino Sites From Your Browser

Not everyone wants or chooses to use the latest iPhone or Android device. Many people still prefer their Windows, Blackberry or Nokia device. Nowadays, this is not an issue because many mobile gambling sites can be accessed whatever operating system is used. This is all thanks to a clever piece of coding known as HTML5. The benefit of using this particular computer language is that it allows for the identification of the device being used to log on and provides a version of the casino site which is compatible. The type of device, its size, or operating system will be instantly recognised and it will possible to simply login and experience the pleasure of online casinos.
There were, of course, a few hiccups in the beginning but mobile websites, not just online casino sites, have finally come of age. With any glitches being swiftly ironed out and developers making changes as quickly as new devices are made available. The use of HTML5 means that some of the top rated mobile casinos offer players a very enjoyable experience, with all the expected bells and whistles.

App vs Browser – Which Is The Right Choice for Mobile Casinos

There’s not really all that much difference, and it often comes down to player preference as to whether the mobile casino games are played using an app or via the browser. However, there are both advantages and disadvantages for both.
With mobile casino apps, you will find the graphics are far superior and games play much better, providing you with an enjoyable playing experience. As the app will have been written specifically for your mobile device, whether it’s a tablet or smartphone, it will have an attractive interface. All the games you want will be included in the app and loaded directly onto your phone. Thereby providing you with instant action and no lag. Which can be a drawback of playing online casino games using a browser.
The downside of mobile casino apps is that they take up a huge amount of storage space on your device, which can have an impact on all your other applications, and certainly restrict the space for all your personal photos. Another disadvantage is that the range of casino games available can also be very limited, which is definitely not a problem with a web-based online casino. That being said, there is still a place for mobile casino apps, especially if you just want a quick game or two while you’re waiting to pick the kids up from school.
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Casino Apps UK are Getting Better And Better

It wasn’t many moons ago that doing anything on a mobile device required a certain amount of patience. Calls cut off in the middle of a conversation and games which took forever to load were just something you had to contend with. 3G and 4G connectivity and the wealth of public wifi networks available for modern mobile devices mean you can get a signal almost anywhere and use your device for just about anything. The best mobile casino sites run smoothly, quickly, and offer an experience which equals that of your desktop. It seems that software developers are still looking for better and more exciting ways to provide end users with a unique online experience, which is all good news.

Security is Top Priority Even for a Mobile Casino Online

Choosing to do anything online means you have to consider the safety and security of your personal information and financial details. And if you’re using a mobile device it is doubly important. All the best online mobile casinos will use the latest SSL encryption to make sure your details are kept safe from prying eyes. However, an extra level of caution is required if you find yourself playing mobile casino games using a public wifi network. Playing a few hands of mobile poker, or playing a few slots while enjoying a coffee in the local cafe can put your details at risk. This is because you won’t always be automatically directed to a secure page when you log in. Thereby putting your login details out there in the ether for anyone to see.
Deposits and withdrawals are generally much safer, as all the best online casino sites have financial transaction pages which are secure. Should someone get hold of your password and login details it will be very difficult for them to make an unauthorized withdrawal. Which is all down to the verification protocols such reputable mobile casinos will have in place. But a word of caution is still required because with your password and login details it would be possible for somebody to get into your account and spend all of your bankroll.
One way to check whether you are safe is by looking for a little green padlock icon which should appear before the address of the page. And also whether it is an https page you are directed to automatically. If you’ve decided to play using a mobile casino app this will not be an issue because all your details are logged within the app and you are able to go straight into play mode. Your security is provided by the device itself.

What To Look For In The Best Mobile Casinos UK

When it comes to mobile casinos in the UK there are a number of characteristics you should be looking for. After all, this type of casino can vary both in the level of service and player experience. The main features you should be considering are speed and reliability. You will also want to feel safe and secure when enjoying your mobile casino games, and this often ties in with a casino’s reputation. In a similar vein, you should also be thinking about whether a particular site is licensed and whether the licensing jurisdiction is legitimate. Another important consideration is whether your mobile device can deliver the processing power required to run such complex mobile casino apps and games. Most modern smartphones and tablets have top level central processors which mean they will be able to provide a speedy and reliable experience. Even those devices which are a few years old should be fast enough and deliver enough system memory to support the vast majority of online gambling activities. And it’s not just your device that is important. It is also vital to pick casino games delivered by the best possible online casino software providers. Those with a reputation for being safe and secure, with a reliable and speedy gaming platform.

Installing Mobile Casino Games Is A Piece of Cake

mobile poker tableThere are probably a number of you reading this who are already familiar with the process for installing games onto your desktop, but what about installing the latest casino games onto your mobile device? Basically, there are three different ways you will be able to enjoy your favourite casino games, which are based on the operating system of your device.

Downloading From An App Store

Both Android and iPhone users are able to download all the top casino games by visiting the usual app store. It is generally a very quick and simple process to download the apps and once they are installed you’ll be able to start playing straight away.

Downloading From A Casino Website

It is possible to download mobile casino apps directly from an operator’s website. You will usually be given a few options to get the app. Either by receiving an email or SMS with a link to download the app. An alternative is to scan the QR code from an official site, if you are able to do this using your mobile device. What is a QR code? It is a type of scannable code, usually consisting of a block of black and white squares. To use this code you will need to have an active camera on your mobile device as well as an active QR code reader or scanner. All you have to do is point the camera at the code and wait for your device to read it. You will be sent a message because it is likely the app isn’t from your device’s official app store which will require you to accept the download. Once the download has finished you will be one click away from the final installation.

What Are The Most Popular Mobile Casino Games?

It seems that player preferences don’t seem to change all that much in spite of the range of games it is now possible to play. Players tend to stick with a few favourites, for example, slots, blackjack, and roulette.
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Мobile Casino Slots – The One Arm Bandit

Slots have become very popular among mobile users, and you will find most of the slot games available on the instant play page or via the download option of most reputable operators. In fact, there are a number of software providers who concentrate their attention solely on the slots game market. 5-reel slots tend to be the most popular which is not surprising as the graphics are sharp and exciting with a great selection of interesting themes. It is also worth mentioning the great range of progressive slots which are now up for grabs directly on your mobile device.

Mobile Blackjack – 21 is The Magic Number

Most of the top rated mobile casinos will offer blackjack as an option, but you will find the table games selection rather basic. It is most likely to be the standard version of the games which available for mobile players, but you might be lucky to find an operator offering a mobile version of multi-player blackjack. However, there is some good news because it is very likely you will be able to play a live version of the game using your mobile device. Which means you get to enjoy some live action with real-life dealers and superb HD quality images. Provided, of course, your device is able to handle it.

Mobile Roulette – Give The Devils Wheel A Spin

Roulette is another firm favourite among mobile casino players, but once again it is likely you will find the choice of games to be very basic. Generally, it will be European roulette which is offered, but there are a small handful of operators who can provide a little more variety with American or French versions.
Obviously, these aren’t the only three options you will get as there will also be scratch cards and video poker games. You may also find arcade games to spice up the casino experience. There’s a good chance you will also find a number of operators offering exclusive bonuses for mobile users.

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Tips And Tricks to Get The Most Out of Mobile Online Casinos

android tabletIt probably won’t be long before playing casino games using your mobile device becomes one of your favourite pastimes. However, there are a few common issues you may encounter along the way, and we can help you deal with them. The issues mostly concern the use of a mobile device rather than the actual games themselves or the various operators. Read the following tips and your mobile gaming experience should run more smoothly and be far more enjoyable.

Mobile casinos often provide registered users with some fantastic mobile bonuses and promotions. It is advisable to shop around to make sure you find the best deals. And always spend some time reading and understanding the associated terms and conditions. While the mobile casino bonus may seem too good to miss it is likely such a great deal will come with some very steep wagering requirements. Failure to meet the wagering requirements will mean the loss of your bonus and any profits you may have made.