Casino Payment Methods – Spoilt For Choice In The UK

When it comes to rating your best casino banking methods have to play a big part. Looking after your money is important you don’t want to jeopardize your funds before you’ve even placed a bet. So looking into how a casino runs its financial operations is a no brainer. When it comes to the online casino deposit methods the UK has the best choice there is. There are up to 40 different ways to fund your account. And when you are lucky enough to win at an online casino withdrawal methods are almost as plentiful. Not all casinos are equal however and there are only a few that offer all of the options available. Quite often you will have a few casinos that you just can’t tell the difference in quality between them. You just can’t make up your mind which to choose, the banking methods could be the deciding factor. This is a personal choice and can only be ranked according to your own circumstances and preferences.

Always Contact The Customer Service Team

Before making any decision regarding your online casino deposit talk to the support team. The choice of methods may be just what you want. You want flexibility and the casino you have found ticks all the right boxes. Hang fire though there is one very good question you should ask and that is can you use any of the methods available, at any time? Some casinos, and they are not small obscure ones, restrict your online casino withdrawal method to the last deposit method used. This can be very annoying if you like to juggle your money around. To perfectly frank you should be able to put your money where you please.

No Worries Online Casino Deposits Are As Safe As Banks

These days’ online casinos have security protocols that rival any electronic banking system. A lot of effort has gone into reassuring the public in this area. As long as the casino is fully regulated by the UK Gambling Commission that is. As part of the licensing process an online casino has to prove it has secure systems in place to move money around. They must prove customer’s details are safe also the threat of identity theft is very real. They also have to prove they have the funds to pay out all wagers and must keep players money separate from the casinos day to day running expenses. When you want to make that online casino withdrawal you want to know the money is there! A lot of brands use third party payment houses to deal with all financial transactions. If they do these also have to be strictly vetted and authorised by the UK Gambling Commission.

laptop moneyThe e-Wallet has to be the most popular method there is in the UK these days. There are a few reasons why they have reached such popularity. As time has gone on we trust the internet more and think nothing of spending money online, but we also worry about having our identity stolen and bank details hacked. We pay online more and more and while the pages may be secure we know nothing about the vendor. Nobody likes giving out financial details and if you make regular deposits giving out those details every time is a pain. Along came the e-Wallet. An all-encompassing term but in the UK the most well-known are probably PayPal, Skrill and Neteller. There are a lot more besides. With an e-Wallet you only give out your personal bank details once when you open the account. Opening the account is very simple and is usually done in a couple of minutes. You link the e-Wallet to your bank account. There are typically levels of service and payment limits linked to how much identity verification you give. The security is as good as any bank and there are no hidden charges. The charges are very reasonable and vary greatly between brands so shop around. So instead of filling in your card details on the casino deposit page, you just click the link and go to the secure page for your e-Wallet. One of the only down sides is that most e-Wallets are not covered by anywhere near the same regulations as banks. So you don’t get the same protection of funds as you would with a regular bank. But if you don’t keep too much money sitting in the e-Wallet this is no big thing.

Keeping Your Cards Close To Your Chest – Pre Paid Ones That Is

Pre-paid cards and vouchers are another form of payment that gives you protection from identity theft. Not every casino will take all of the available ones so check first with the service team. The advantage of pre-paid cards is you can’t get carried away and blow all your money. You physically have to go out and buy another voucher or top the card up depending on the type. The downside with this method is the voucher types can only be used to deposit not withdraw. The pre-paid debit cards should be able to withdraw to but it is wise to check first. These forms of payment are becoming very popular there is no need even for a bank account with them. Most high streets have outlets for the more popular ones. They are simple to use too, the vouchers have a unique code that can only be used once. You click on the icon on the deposit page in your casino. Log in the code and the amount is straight into your account. The pre-paid cards are just the same as any other debit card. They will be either Visa or MasterCard and work exactly the same way.

There’s Always The Debit Card

card paymentIn the UK and most of Europe the debit card still holds a large share of the market. The US facing casinos have had a bad time of it due to the banking laws but the in the UK we are fine. We have the oldest regulated gambling industry in the world and as such there are no restrictions on how we fund our gambling. If the money is legal of course! If you are new to the casino and haven’t really scoped them out yet use another method first. Once you trust the casino and if you don’t mind putting in your details every time then the debit card is still one of the best ways. Using your bank card is still the fastest way to get money into your account. It usually takes seconds. There are downsides however. Debit cards don’t usually charge you for using them wherever and whenever you like. Most online casinos will only let you use one card at a time. So it is impossible to manage more than one source of funds. It will also only be allowed if it is in your name. You can’t fund somebody else’s account this is due to money laundering rules and underage gambling. It is the licensing regulations and criminal law not the casino’s policies so don’t blame them for that one.

If You Like The Tried And Tested – Bank Transfer Could Be For You

There are still some among us that are well, a little old fashioned would be the polite way to put it. For those who distrust all things new, the good old bank transfer can be still used. Considered by most as the safest method to move money around the ether. You do of course have all of the legal fail safes in place. Banks are the most regulated of any financial institution and as such you cash is in good hands. The downside is the cost. This method is the most expensive way there is to fund your casino hobby. It is also one of the slowest. It will take at least 24 hrs to reach your casino account and if you use this method to make a withdrawal be prepared for a long wait. A paper cheque will be sent through the post! So that will be the usual 5 or so days before the casino makes the payment. Then a few days in the post. Then the 3-5 days to cash it once it’s in your bank. All told a long while. This is the main reason it is hardly used any more in the UK.

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The Wire Transfer For Our Cousins Across The Pond

It’s worth mentioning even if it’s just to make us Brits feel good. Thanks to the daft banking laws brought out to curb online gambling in the US the wire transfer is making a comeback. Only in the States however. Another expensive way to move money wire transfers are all but extinct in the UK. Some places around Europe still use them but they have a very dodgy reputation. Online auction sites have had a nightmare with them. The wire transfer is basically cash so anonymity is assured you don’t give out any bank details, but this cuts both ways. Once again due to the money laundering and age related legislations withdrawal is not possible with this method. You will have to have a cheque payment.

The e-Cheque Is Coming Into Play

Another spin on a traditional payment method is the e-Cheque. This is gaining popularity but as it stands at the moment not that many casinos accept this form of transaction. So what is it? It is pure and simple the electronic version of a paper cheque. It is completely digital so no cheque book is needed. You don’t need to send by post or deliver the cheque so it cuts down on clearing time. It also has some added security is nontransferable and has some trick anti tampering measures. You still need to wait until the funds are cleared but the time is drastically reduced.

Cash In And Out on the High Street

The big name bookie chains have introduced another method to deposit and withdraw from your casino account. This idea is spreading and for good reason. It’s a great one. Call into any of the brands high street stores and you can log in to your account and make a cash deposit. No mess, no fuss. Once its set up in funds can go in and out, in to time at all. This is of course restricted to brands with shops that can be visited. But it is a cracking way to do things, the convenience is brilliant. Let’s face it cash is king!

Cryptocurrencies – Yep Really

bitcoin‘What on Earth are you talking about?’ I hear you say. Well believe it or not there are casinos out there that accept accounts set up in cryptocurrencies. Those that do, and there are only a handful, only take Bitcoin at the moment. The whole area is a little bit on the shady side but it does look like it might take off. If you don’t know what a cryptocurrency is it a solely digital currency using encryption techniques to generate the funds and to move it around. It is decentralized and unregulated. Still don’t get it? No not so many people really understand the whole thing. The algorithms involved make your eyes water.

Things Have Come A Long Way

When this whole crazy venture started all those years ago you could only use your bank directly. Wow, have things changed. If you live in the UK you definitely have it good. There are new electronic forms of payment coming online all of the time. The lower fees associated with them make them a very attractive proposition. Even casinos prefer them. Debit cards are not free for the casino. Not common in the UK but there are even banking bonuses given to encourage the alternative payment methods. The general term e-Wallet covers a broad spectrum of third party payment methods. Another used term is payment gateway. While the idea is very similar they all have unique properties. Every one of them has a different selling point. If you haven’t looked into them yet then you are missing out. It is the future. We have a couple of dedicated payment pages further on in the site going into a bit more detail.

The Big Talking Point On Forums

This topic is worth a mention because so many people moan and groan about on the forum sites. Now admittedly some are genuine grievances but a lot are just another case of people not reading terms and conditions. The whole issue is around having to verify your identity before you can get a withdrawal. This bit is another area people scream scam and rogue casino. The simple fact is the procedure is industry wide and is a legal requirement. Not just compliance with licensing regulations but with criminal law. If you can’t satisfy the casino that; you are who you say you are, can prove where you live, are over the local legal age and that the money you gambled with was legit in the first place then they are legally obliged to not pay you out. The bit most bemoan is the fact that casino take your money with very little checks but when it’s time to pay it’s a pain. Once it has been done once then that’s it. It really does depend on the quality of the site. A lot of the checks can be done online but you will probably have to send some documentation through.

Remember Its Your Money

Whichever method you choose to deposit or withdraw it’s your money. Don’t compromise. There are far too many casino sites out there to accept second best when it comes to your money. UK residents have the pick of the crop. It’s worth taking your time and doing some research. There are some great new electronic payment methods out there. It’s a competitive market and they are offering all sorts of options. Even if you don’t use it for anything else it may well be perfect for your casino entertainment. Check into the background a bit and use a bit of caution with new ventures. And remember they are not banks. You will not have the same safe guards as you would with a bank. For example all funds in your bank account are insured by the government. Not so with most of the new kids on the block. That said though a little common sense and cautionary actions and you can take advantage of all the positives.