Buffalo Slot Review 2024 – a Must Try Classic by Aristocrat

Aristocrat released the Buffalo slot in the year of 2008 – this not only sent the iGaming world of slots into a “frenzy” but also solidified the developer’s name in the history of online gambling. Even though this slot is more than a decade old, Buffalo is not only played to this day, but it is still considered of being one of the most famous slots to ever be introduced to the internet. In our expert Buffalo slot review, you will receive intimate information about the game’s incredible features and options – read on!

The Buffalo Slot Tells a Story of Power and Freedom

The vast open planes of the plateau. The sunrise shining above the mesas as the mountain lions, deer, wolves, and bald eagles roam the reels of this slot; and there it is, the apex in this “slot story” – the mighty Buffalo. This Aristocrat Buffalo slot bets on open plane backgrounds and a classic “nature visual style” to immerse its players, and it does so very elegantly. The interesting fact here is that when Buffalo was initially created, it was programmed on the software platform Flash; however, due to the slot’s success and broad interest from the players, it was remade in HTML5, retaining its “classic look” and becoming fully supported by both computers and mobile devices.

The Buffalo slot by Aristocrat has a 5x4 reel layout

The Buffalo Slot Machine Is Considered to Be Innovative Even Today

Both iGaming industry critics and players agree on one thing – when the game came out and showcased a “revolutionary” 5×4 reel layout, everyone wanted to try the Buffalo slot machine. Not only that – the game came out sporting a 13-symbol paytable that offered low paying, high paying, and special symbols. It was the introduction of the “Wild Sunset” and “Scatter Gold Coin” symbols that not only broke away from the standard method by which the games were played, but also introduced “symbol substitution”, “Scatter Wins”, and of course – free spins. The Buffalo symbol, on the other hand, is the highest paying symbol in the entire game.

Landing a sunset symbol will substitute absolutely every other symbol with the exception of the scatter gold coin. The scatter symbol has two very special functions. If three coins are landed in a spin, they will provide a win, albeit a small one; however, they would also grant a number of free spins (FS)! For three gold coins, the game will give the player eight free spins; for four symbols – 15 FS, and for five symbols, 20 FS. If that weren’t enough, the free spins gaming mode also would give an up to x3 winning multiplier, if a wild sunset symbol is landed.

Aristocrat's slot game Buffalo has wild, scatter and many special symbols

The Xtra Reel Power Enhances the Buffalo Slot Game Even Further

When the Buffalo game was released by Aristocrat, it incorporated one of the developer’s signature slot features – the Xtra Reel Power. It allows players to decrease or increase the number of “reels in play”, and control the “bet per spin” value as well. Bear in mind that after the first reel, the activation of an additional one will increase the cost by a value of two. The best way to experience this mechanic without risking any real cash is to play the Buffalo slot for free; however, if you feel that you’ve gotten the hang of it you can always try some real money action.

The Buffalo slot by Aristocrat has a special feature - Xtra Reel Power

Get a Chance to Double (Or Quadruple) Every Win You Get!

When a player lands a landing combination, they will be given a chance to take advantage of the “gamble function”. Essentially, it is like a mini-game that allows players to risk their most recent slot win, on a “red or black” card guessing game. If players manage to guess the correct colour of the card, their winnings will be doubled; but that’s not all. The player can choose to “bet on a suit”, and if they make the right prediction, their winnings will be multiplied by four. The gamble feature allows a maximum of five rounds, and any winnings resulting from successful gambling rounds will have a specific cap limit.

Buffalo slot by Aristocrat has a special “gamble function”

Operating the Buffalo Slot Machine Is Easy

The first thing to do before spinning the reels for the first time is select your preferred number of reels, then the “bet per reels” – this will form the “total bet” or BPR (“bet per spin”). The lowest amount that can be wagered is 0.03 coins, while the largest – 2 coins. If a player decides to bet on one reel with the lowest amount, their total wager (per spin) will be 0.03 GBP; however, if they would like to go all out, the total bet will be 80 GBP (40×2.00). It is safe to assume that the Buffalo slot machine is ideal for both casual slot players and high rollers with bigger budgets.

Another unique trait of this game is the fact that it doesn’t feature conventional pay lines, but rather winning ways. Because of the Xtra Reel Power feature, this title offers its players 1,024 winnings ways! While the Buffalo slot machine RTP rate is only 94.58%, the fact that it has a “low-to-mid” volatility factor, makes it ideal for real money gaming sessions with smaller bet amounts.

The lowest amount that can be won in this game is 2 coins if a player lands two “nines”; however, if a player is fortunate enough to land five Buffalo symbols, the reward will be 300 coins; which of course, can be much larger if a multiplier enhances that particular symbol combination via the free spins mode and additional wild symbols!

This Renewed Classic Game Has Preserved Its Roots

The art style of the different symbols along with the sound effects of the slot reveals that the slot isn’t modern, but this is done intentionally. There is no background music, but there is an audible soundtrack, which is actually random noises from the real atmosphere of an actual land-based casino! Regardless of the somewhat “outdated feel”, Aristocrat has intentionally preserved these elements, while introducing HD graphics and significantly cleaning up the audio – allowing this retro slot to exist in modern times.

You Can Play the Aristocrat Buffalo Slot Anywhere

The popularity of the Buffalo slot soared both online, and on-land. Aristocrat is not only a famed software developer but also a VLT machine manufacturer, which made sense of how they managed to release the game in land-based casinos as well. At the time when that happened, the company was limited by the state of the technology; however, with HTML5 entering the “software developing mainstream”, Aristocrat made the slot available also for mobile devices that run on both Android and iOS operating systems.

The only notable difference from the mobile version of the game and the ones existing for PC and VLTs is the positioning of the game’s controls; on smartphones and tablets, they are located on the sides of the slot, for more intuitive operation.

This Game Will Always Remain Ahead of Its Time

The Buffalo slot machine could be considered as the most popular, and most played game of its kind, ever. The number and type of its features made every slot player want to experience it, especially when it was released for the first time. Because its gameplay is considered to be “universally relevant”, loyal fans of the brand still continue to play it, even to this day. The popularity of the “Buffalo brand” allowed Aristocrat to release more slots of the same saga, such as Grand, Gold, Moon, and Diamond; however, the most classic version of this slot continues to be the most popular of them. You should definitely check it out yourself!

Frequently Asked Questions

The Game Feels like It Isn’t Running as Smooth as It Should, What Should I Do?

The first thing you should do is check if you’re running the Buffalo slot online via a recently updated browser. Industry experts suggest the use of Google Chrome for both computer and mobile devices, as it has the best support for games that were built using HTML5 technology. If that doesn’t work, make sure you’ve closed any other processes that might be active!

Is There Something I Can Do to Increase My Chances of Winning?

The rate at which wins are given out is the same for all players. Although you can’t influence the game to increase your winning chances, there are a few strategies that you can implement in order to minimize your losses, and maybe, come up with something extra on top! If you bet on the maximum number of reels with the lowest bet setting (0.03 coins), you will be able to play a lot more spins! Also, if you’re enticed to try the “gamble feature”, think about doing it with a smaller win. While the prospect of doubling or quadrupling a huge win might seem enticing, it might result in a loss. Remember to bet carefully and responsibly!

Are There Any Major Drawbacks I Should Know about?

Major ones, no; however, there are a few inherent “cons” that fans of the slot have overlooked on purpose. The game’s RTP rate is considered to be a bit lower than today’s iGaming industry standards, which means that you will mostly need to “rely on your luck” if you’re expecting huge payouts. The volatility of the game might leave the impression that a player is winning often, but the amounts can be much lower than what was initially wagered. Remember to play what you can afford to lose only!