Scrolls of Ra HD Slot Review – a Game with Balanced Features and Gameplay

The earliest news about Scrolls of Ra HD appeared in 2015 – it was in that very same year, that iSoftBet released the game to the global iGaming community. This iSoftBet slot title was one that stood out with its incredibly balanced bonus features and classic gameplay. By today’s standards, this particular game is defined as being a bit “retro”, but an interesting fact is that it is still considered to be one of the most played games made by iSoftBet. If you read our Scrolls of Ra HD slot review, you will learn why!

Scrolls of Ra is a slot game developed by iSoftBet

Explore Ancient Egypt with the Scrolls of Ra HD Slot Machine

The basic story behind the Scrolls of Ra HD slot is simple – the player ventures in the land of ancient Egypt, trying to discover (and potentially profit from) the secret scrolls of the god Ra. Players with a good eye for ancient mythology will note that the design of the graphic elements in the Scrolls of Ra HD slot machine are implemented with accuracy to the source material, meaning that the hieroglyphs and symbols you will see within the game aren’t random!

The Scrolls of Ra HD Slot Game – Filled with Additional Features

Staying true to its classic origins, the slot has standard rolling-spins gameplay mechanics, which are executed on a five-reel-three-row layout. For a game that was created in the mid-2010s, the Scrolls of Ra HD slot machine managed to impress us with the fact that it actually has 14 symbols in total. They are divided as follows: three special ones (Ra Circle, Scroll Circle, Eye of Ra), five high-paying ones (Scrolls of Ra Circle, Ankh, Female, Egyptian Vulture, and Sun), and five low-paying ones, modelled after some of the cards in a standard playing deck (A, K, Q, J, 10, 9).

The special symbols featured in the Scrolls of Ra HD slot game play their own integral part in the formation of winning combinations, as well as the enabling of the additional bonus mechanics. Every single one of the three special symbols will enable its own unique gaming feature, once a specific combination has been landed in a spin. You can read more about the symbols and their functions below.

Quick Spins for a Successful Wild Combination

Wild symbols here are exceptionally rare; however, if you land one, it will expand throughout the entire reel it was landed on. When this happens, the game will initiate your five free spins (FS). During FS mode, the full-sized “wild reel” will remain in place, and assist with the creation of other winning combinations. A very important condition for enabling the free spins, is that the wild symbol must land in the middle of the second, third, or fourth reel.

Although this might sound like it’s hard to achieve, the fact that only one symbol is required for the initiation of your free spins is a benefit on its own. Landing a wild symbol will not only engage the FS bonus round, but will also substitute all other symbols except for the other two special ones.

The Scrolls Bonus Game Will Give You More Winnings

Once the player has gathered a Scroll Circle symbol on the first, third, and fifth reel, the scroll bonus game will be initiated. When that happens, the player will be prompted to choose one of the three available scrolls – the scroll of darkness, the scroll of purity, and the scroll of power. When the player makes their choice, they will receive a random number of coins. Regardless of how much that would be, the amount will be added to your total winnings once it has been multiplied by the value of the coin.

Even More Wins from the Ra Bonus

If you’re fortunate enough to land three Ra symbols, this will initiate the bonus Ra game. Essentially, the entire reel interface will be filled with 25 treasure chests, and the game will allow you to open three of them. They will all contain a number of coins which will be added together and then multiplied by the value of the last bet – and then added to your total winnings.

The Bonus feature of Scrolls of Ra slot

A Prize That’s as Big as a Jackpot

Although many sources refer to the biggest win possible in the Scrolls of Ra HD slot machine as a “jackpot”, technically it isn’t. The largest prize that can be won in the game is 100,000 coins! To put things into perspective, the most common definition of a jackpot describes a random event during base gameplay, which gives out a large payout. Here, there are a few conditions.

First and foremost, a player has to have engaged the “Ra Bonus” feature. Since all of the appearing boxes will contain a random amount of coins, there is a possibility that one of them will have the 100,000 value. If prior to that lucky moment you have set your coin value to be 1 for 1 (a single unit of currency for one coin), you will receive a prize worth £100,000! Since the coin amount in every treasure chest is always random, there is no guarantee that the biggest prize will be available in the currently enabled bonus feature.

What You Need to Know before Playing the Scrolls of Ra HD Slot

Another positive benefit of this game is that Scrolls of Ra HD won’t require you to dabble in various mechanics that would look confusing. In fact, all you would have to do is just set your bet per spin (BPS or total bet) and spin those reels! The RTP rate of this slot is calculated on the maximum bet settings, and it has a rate of 95.71%. The slot has been hailed to have a medium volatility factor, which when coupled with its 20 fixed pay lines, is supposed to provide occasional wins with a decent win amount.

When it comes to payouts, the lowest of all symbols is the “9” – the winning combination of five 9 symbols will only give the player 100 coins. On the other hand, the Scrolls of Ra Circle (SRC) is the most generous one, with a payout factor of 2,500 coins for a winning line of five symbols. Another interesting thing that should be mentioned about SRC is that it is the only symbol that can form a winning line with only two symbols!

Scrolls of Ra HD bet settings

The “Bet per Line” Controls Your Potential Profits

An interesting factor about setting your bet per spin is that you can adjust the amount of money not only as a whole but also per line. The slot’s pay lines might be fixed, but the number of bets you can place isn’t. In fact, you can choose to play up to five bets per line, and as you would have probably guessed by this time, the amount of money for the BPS amount (or total bet) will self-adjust proportionally.

Using the Auto Spin Function to Your Advantage

For a more “hands-off” gameplay approach, you can initiate the Scroll of Ra HD slot game in auto spin mode. You can enable as little as five or as much as 1,000 auto spins. The advanced settings in the auto spin function will also allow you to set a loss limit and a win limit as well, allowing the play mode to disengage when it has reached either of these values.

The HD Version – An Evolution of the Last Scrolls of Ra Slot Game

If you’re wondering why the “HD” in the title of this slot looks a bit out of place, it is because Scrolls of Ra HD is actually the official rebranding of the Scrolls of Ra story. It turns out that the slot of the same name was made by iSoftBet in 2013. Although it had a good run for a couple of years, the older slot had one inherent flaw – it was developed on an old software development platform called Flash.

It is common knowledge that any slot that was made on Flash couldn’t run on any Android and iOS mobile devices. It was the popularity of the game that prompted iSoftBet to release a highly updated version called Scrolls of Ra HD only a couple of years ago – the same game that is known and loved by millions of slot players today. Not only is the new version fully compatible with all modern mobile devices, but it also looks equally good on any device screen – regardless of the size.

A Classic Slot Ideal for Both Beginners and Seasoned Players

The Scrolls of Ra HD slot game is one that perfectly fits the motto of iSoftBet (“Simply Play”). It doesn’t only provide an interesting take on a widely used theme but also manages to create a balanced bonus environment that offers a potential for big wins. Surely, when compared to other slots made by iSoftBet, the Scrolls of Ra HD slot game doesn’t seem to provide higher betting limits; however, that doesn’t mean that this game is one that is meant for “low rollers”. Ideally, the game has been a go-to choice for many beginners but also for seasoned players who wish to try out their luck without breaking the bank. Whether for real money or for free, you might want to give this slot a go!


Will Other Bonus Games Engage during Fs Mode?

Absolutely! Another important advantage of this slot, among others, is the cross-compatibility of features. If you manage to collect three Ra or three Scroll symbols, their respective bonus games will be initiated. After a player has completed the objective of the bonus feature, the free spins will resume until they are exhausted.

Is There a Way for Me to Increase the Number of Free Spins I Receive?

Unfortunately, this cannot be done. Due to the presence of other bonus features within the game, the number of free spins is limited only to five. On the other hand, by decreasing your bets, you can maximise your spin count and thus increase the chances of landing a successful symbol combination not only for the free spins but for the other bonus features as well.

What Happens If I Initiate a Bonus Feature with More Than Three Symbols?

If, for example, you manage to land four Ra symbols, the number of picks you will have during the game will still remain as three. An increased number of bonus-enabling features does not affect the value of any of the bonuses that are initiated, and it will neither affect the random coin prizes that are offered there.

Why Can’t I Find Any “Turbo Spin” Settings Here?

Although iSoftBet does have the tendency to include fast and turbo spins in most of its slots, Scrolls of Ra HD is considered to be of an “older generation”, which is why it doesn’t have this feature. If you would like to skip through the spin animations, you can do so by rapidly pressing the spacebar on your keyboard; depending on how fast you press, you might be able to complete up to 2 spins per second!

Can I Play the Game in Demo Mode?

Absolutely! The developer iSoftBet has made their Scrolls of Ra HD slot to be playable in “try mode”. We should mention, however, is that the availability of the demo game will depend entirely on the online casino you’re playing in, as some jurisdictions do not allow online casinos to offer any type of free play.