Electric Nights Slot Review – a Game with an Opportunity for Huge Wins

In 2017, the slot game Electric Nights was released upon the iGaming world. After it was created by the company Ainsworth, this particular game quickly became “the talk of the town” not long after it was launched. Once the game hit the iGaming markets, it immediately made a big impression on the community by providing a plethora of interesting gameplay functions and features. Although the game’s current looks continue to hold out against the tests of time, it is how the slot plays, rather than how it looks, that makes it special. So how can you play the game more efficiently? What are those jackpots? Find all the answers to these questions and more in our Electric Nights slot review!

Electric Nights Slot is a game developed by Ainsworth

The Electric Nights Slot Story about a Trip through Sin City

This game’s story is open to interpretation simply because of one simple factor – there are no human or human-like characters in it! In fact, the symbols, disco lights, and many iconic signs are a clear representation of the atmosphere of the most famous gambling city in the world – Las Vegas! Players will create winning combinations by matching symbols that represent some of the most iconic places in Las Vegas, such as the “Paris Balloon” near the Vegas Eiffel tower, the “Lotus Bloom” entrance to the Flamingo, the “Vegas Vickie” neon cowgirl sign of the Glitter Gulch, and many other iconic landmarks! The plot of this game is clear – explore Las Vegas while spinning those reels!

There Are Many Features in the Electric Nights Slot Machine

While the slot’s visuals aren’t regarded as being “quite standard”, the game’s reel layout is – with a 3×5 pattern. The reels themselves spin in a classic rolling motion while shuffling a total of 14 different symbols. Naturally, those are one high paying symbol (Electric Nights), five mid-paying symbols (Neon Flower, Vegas Ball, Cowgirl, Lucky Sevens, Hotel) six low paying ones (A, K, J, Q, 10, 9).

The two remaining special symbols are the Neon Dollar and the King Strike. The Neon Dollar is a wild symbol, which means it will substitute all others except for the King Strike and Electric Nights, and will also appear only on the third, fourth and fifth reel. If three dollar signs populate the same reel, it will become a “single dollar reel”.

Electric Nights Slot symbols and paylines

Get a Lot of Free Spins with Scatter Wins

If you’re lucky enough to land at least three Electric Nights scatter symbols, then you will receive 10 free spins! If you land four scatters, you get 15 FS, and a successful five symbol combination will land you 25 FS. By industry standards, that is quite a bit, and the next part is even more exciting for slot players – during free spins mode, you can expect two special things to happen!

Once the bonus rounds start, the fifth reel will always be filled with Neon Dollar wilds, essentially turning it into a full wild reel! This will significantly increase your chances to score a successful winning combination. The second benefit you can be looking forward to is the re-triggering of the free spins – if you land two Electric nights symbols during FS mode, you will receive five additional FS on top. Since there is no limit to how many times the game can grant additional free spins, theoretically, they can go to infinity! We should also mention that the game’s free spins mode, will have its own unique paytable.

Not One, but Four Electric Nights Jackpots

In addition to the many symbols and free spins features in the Electric Nights slot game, the other major mechanic that entices everyone to test their luck for real money involves four different jackpots. From smallest to biggest, they are named: Mini, Minor, Maxi, and Major. The best thing about those jackpots is that the larger a player’s bet is, the bigger the jackpot is going to be. You can check out how all of the jackpots can be won below.

The Mini Jackpot

Here is the deal – in order for a player to win the smallest jackpot, they will need to land a winning combination of five symbols; however, there is more. The winning combo must occur with one wild symbol that is part of the winning combination, along with a King Strike symbol. The five-symbol combination must consist of five Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, Tens, or Nines. If a player wins the smallest jackpot with the smallest bet per spin (BPS) amount, they will be granted a prize of only €5; however, a Mini jackpot with a maximum BPS will grant a prize of €50,000!

Mini Jackpot in Electric Nights Slot

The Minor Jackpot

If you’re gunning for the second-biggest jackpot prizes from the four, then you will find that the winning conditions are similar to the ones that apply for the previous jackpot type. With that being said, in order to win the Minor jackpot, players will need to land five symbols in a winning combination. Just like before, a wild symbol and a King Strike symbol have to be present for the winning conditions to be fulfilled. The symbol combination must consist of any of the mid-paying symbols (Hotel, Lucky Sevens, Vegas Ball, Neon Flower, Cowgirl). With a min BPS, the Minor jackpot will yield a win of €10, while a maximum wager will give the player €100,000.

Minor Jackpot in Electric Nights Slot

The Maxi Jackpot

For winning the next level jackpot, you will again need to land a successful five symbol combination made up of Aces, Kings, Queens, Jacks, Tens, or Nines. The specific condition here is that only the King Strike symbol must be present, without the addition of any wilds! Every player who has successfully fulfilled the win requirements with a min BPS will receive a win of €25, while the maximum side of the spectrum will grant a €250,000 reward!

Maxi Jackpot in Electric Nights Slot

The Major Jackpot

Like before, a winning combination of the same five symbols made up of Hotel, Lucky Sevens, Vegas Ball, Neon Flower, and Cowgirl is required, combined with a King Strike symbol. If you’re lucky to win the best jackpot in the Electric Nights slot machine with the smallest BPS, you will get a prize of €100. On the other hand, if the lucky stars are really on your side, and you’ve completed the winning conditions with a maximum BPS, you will receive the largest win possible in Electric Nights, which is €1,000,000!

Major Jackpot in Electric Nights Slot

Explanation of the Basic Features of the Game

Although the game appears to have many adjustable options, it is relatively easy to play. To start spinning, you can quickly adjust your bet from the plus/minus buttons located near the spin button, and you will be good to go! The Electric Nights slot game has an RTP of 94.13, which is considered to be a bit on the “low side” if we are to judge by iGaming industry standards, but this doesn’t prevent it from being one of the most popular titles of Ainsworth.

There are 30 adjustable paylines, giving players the full freedom to customise their bet any way they want to. The smallest possible win during base gameplay comes from a five-symbol combination of “Nines”, which will yield a reward of €0.50. On the other hand, if you receive five Electric Nights scatter symbols with a maximum bet, then you will be looking at a €300,000 win.

Exercise Caution When Betting

We need to mention that because of its adjustable pay lines, the Electric Nights slot allows spin bets to be set in values that are considered to be some of the biggest (if not the biggest) in the industry. For example, the bet amount that can be set will have a range between €0.01 and €100. The deal here is that every set wager is defined as “per line”, which means that your total bet (or bet per spin) will be formed from the amount of money you’ve chosen, as well as the number of lines you want to activate.

To put things into perspective, if you activate only one payline with the smallest possible wager, your BPS will be €0.01. If you want to go “all-out” and bring your game to the max, then a €100 value per all 30 pay lines will bring your total bet for activating a single spin at €3,000!

The Most Rudimentary Auto Play Function Ever

If you want to free your hands and fingers, all you would have to do is click on the symbol near the spin button and adjust the slider to how many spins you would like to process. The minimal value that can be set here is zero, while the maximum 25. There are no advanced autoplay mechanics here, and the activation procedure and its disabling will happen through the spin button. Whether this type of autoplay feature is meeting the requirements of players is relative, as some like the simple design and functionality, while others would prefer more complexity to it.

Electric Nights Slot – One of the King Strike Family

The “King Strike” is not merely a symbol but also a brand of the jackpot feature present in a variety of other slots produced by Ainsworth. Interestingly, Electric Nights is one of the first ones to be made fully mobile-ready for devices that run on Android and iOS. With that being said, you can play Electric Nights King Strike on any type of mobile device, and it will look as shiny and as beautiful as ever.

This Slot Will Remain Popular for the Years to Come

Ainsworth’s vision is said to be the provision of excellence in all of the global gaming solutions they offer, and Electric Nights can be considered a testament to that. We have to be honest – while beginners can play this game, its many options and incredible betting limits are something that would make sense to a seasoned slot player. However, its overall versatility doesn’t exclude any social group. In fact, it is quite the opposite – the many features it provides, makes Electric Nights an ideal choice for people of different bank accounts. If you’re someone who enjoys feature-packed slots, then you might just like what Electric Nights has to offer!


Why Doesn’t the Game Allow the Largest Jackpots to Be Won during Free Spins?

It is an interesting fact that the developer already takes a huge risk by allowing two of the four jackpots to be won during free spins play. The truth is that if the largest jackpots were allowed, the €1,000,000 payout would be won far too many times, mainly due to the game’s re-trigger capability. To answer bluntly, the biggest jackpots can’t be won during free spins in order for the game to be “fair to the casino” as well.

I Played the Game, but the Maximum Bet Values I Could Set Didn’t Even Come Close to the Limits Mentioned Here – Why Is That?

While Electric Nights is considered one of the slots with the highest betting range in the history of online gambling, some jurisdictions will intentionally limit online casinos and developers to stop players from overspending money. Although casino operators implement this particular measure, they do so because of the law system of the countries they operate in.

I’ve Seen Slots with Much More Auto Spins; Why Is the Number of Auto Spins Here So Low?

Much like helping people limit their overspending, the auto spin function is designed with maximum efficiency in mind while giving players full freedom when it comes to betting with their own money. The number of auto spins is so low for two main reasons – to prevent people from overspending and make them more mindful about the value of each spin they have set.