Dragon Kings Slot Review – A Reel Title with Many Useful Mechanics

On the 27th of July 2018, the Dragon Kings slot entered the iGaming industry. Developed, produced, and distributed by the company Betsoft, this game caused a variety of interesting reactions among slot players worldwide. Today, the top-rated casino sites in the UK that have Betsoft gaming software, also feature this Asian themed reel title. In addition to its vivid HD colours and great audio effects, many other gameplay elements made this slot resistant to the constantly shifting iGaming trends! In today’s Dragon Kings slot review, you will find in-depth information which we discovered after thoroughly testing and analysing the game itself. Let’s go.

Dragon Kings is a slot game produced by Betsoft

The Story of the Dragon Kings Slot Game Depicts Several Myths

The Dragon Kings slot game plunges us into a collection of myths regarding the iconic Chinese dragon. By analysing the different visual elements here, we managed to find out determine that the slot is based around two particular myths. The first one, tells a story about a magic pearl, that is found by a poor boy in a remote village. The boy uses the powers of the pearl to help feed his countrymen, but when soldiers come chasing after them, he eats the magic pearl which turns the boy into a mighty dragon!

One of the elements in the game shows a Koi fish (a carp) – which is not random. Another old-time legend tells the story of how a carp decided to swim upstream a waterfall, and when it succeeded, the gods turned it into a dragon. If we were to summarise the plot of the game, we would say that the Dragon Kings title is a slot that is meant to depict transformation, and how a long and perilous journey can lead to life-changing rewards.

A Slew of Special Features in the Dragon Kings Slot

Special Features in Dragon Kings Slot

The Dragon Kings slot machine operates with a very interesting gaming layout, which can be described as 6x3x1! Five of the reels will have three rows each, while the final reel, will have only one row, positioned in the middle.

Winning combinations from spins will be formed by low paying symbols (J, Q, K, A), mid paying symbols (Gold Coin, Jade Ornament, Carp), high paying symbols (Gold Yuanbao), and special symbols (Dragon King, Dragon Pearl, Magical Dragon Pearl, Azure Dragon, Black Dragon, White Dragon, Red Dragon). If you want to see how the symbols form successful combinations, you can do so for real money or in demo mode! Some of the online casinos that offer this game, include famous brands such as: Casumo, 888casino, PlayOJO, LeoVegas, Guts Casino.

The main functionality in the Dragon Kings slot machine comes from two things – its special symbols, and the “extra reel”. The different symbols will not only perform a variety of functions, but will also be instrumental for the activation of the game’s most important features, as well as triggering the best payouts you can receive.

The Dragon Symbols Function as Reel Modifiers

The first thing you should notice here, is that all of the five dragon symbols are classified as wilds. What this means, is that they will substitute all other symbols in a winning combination, except for the Dragon Pearl symbol. In addition to their substituting functions, dragon symbols will also perform a specific function if they are landed with other symbols. One interesting fact here, is that some of the dragon symbols may even produce more than one effect! You can learn more about them below.

The Golden Dragon King Is the Most Coveted Symbol

If you get a Dragon King symbol after a spin, the first thing that will happen, is that the reel it is on will expand, which will further enhance the substitution effect – but that’s not all. The Dragon King symbol will also apply an x2 multiplier to any winning combinations that it is a part of, which will double any payouts that might have resulted from that spin. Perhaps, the only drawback of the Dragon King symbol, is that it can appear only on the third (middle) reel.

Dragon King Slot Symbols

All Other Dragon Symbols Will Have a Smaller and Significant Role

If you manage to land an Azure Dragon symbol, the first thing that the game will give you is a respin! Although the Azure Dragon doesn’t provide any instant reward or enhance an already present one, it is widely regarded by players as being the most coveted dragon symbol of all others, because once it appears on the reels, it will lock itself and any other resulting dragon symbols in place. Another important reason why the Azure Dragon is preferred, is because that any other dragon symbols that are held during the respin feature, will retrigger their effects! The only exception to this rule is if another Azure Dragon symbol is landed.

Receiving a Black Dragon after a spin, will apply an instant x3 multiplier to any winning combinations, further increasing the value of any potential payouts. Black Dragon symbols will only land on the second reel. The opposite of the black serpent, the White Dragon, activates “symbol cloning”. What this means, is that whenever you land it somewhere, it will create a copy of itself on the left or right side of its initial position! Last but not least, is the Red Dragon. When landed, it will grant an instant cash prize at random of up to x400 times a player’s line bet. Depending on the value assigned by the player, this reward can reach up to 400 credits!

Get Free Spins from Dragon Pearl Combinations or Buy Them Directly

The Dragon Pearl is the game’s designated scatter symbol, and it will also be the one that will grant the player a number of free spins! If you land three pearls, you will receive 6 free spins; four symbols will give you 10 free spins, and five pearls will provide you with 12 free spins! As a scatter, the effects of the Dragon Pearl combination will be enabled regardless where the symbols have landed. During FS mode, all symbols and special features will be active, with a few additional ones as well.

If you don’t feel like you would want to wait for the FS mode to happen by itself, all you have to do is click on the “buy” button located on the bottom right corner of the screen. Bear in mind that the price of the buy feature will depend on your current bet per spin (BPS). You will be happy to learn that regardless of how much money you decide to spend, the buy feature will grant you 30 free spins! We should note that if you choose to use this feature, you will be paying a bit more than what you would normally spend on 30 regular spins – 14% more, to be exact.

Get Free Spins from Dragon Pearl Combinations

The Special Reel Has Only One Symbol

The lonely reel at the far right end of the interface can either show nothing, or generate the Magical Dragon Pearl, that will have two distinct functions. The first one will be to double the amount of any free spins that have been generated by the regular pearl symbol! In a nutshell, if you manage to land five regular pearls and get the magical one on the sixth reel, you will get 24 free spins, instead of only 12! the other very important feature that the Magical Dragon Pearl is used for, is the activation of the different Jackpot payouts!

There Are Several Jackpots to Benefit From

If you’re hoping for a good payout, then you will have the chance to win the amounts shown in one of the four jackpots of the Dragon Kings online slot. The jackpots themselves are designated as Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Diamond. Depending on which prize you’re lucky enough to win, you can receive a payout anywhere from a few hundred credits, to more than 30,000 credits!

In order to trigger any of the four jackpots, there are general and unique conditions that need to be met. The general rule is that a player needs to land a Dragon King and a Magical Dragon Pearl, along with at least one other dragon symbol so you can win the smallest possible jackpot – Bronze. Two dragons will pay the Silver jackpot, three dragons – Gold, and if the player manages to land all dragon symbols, the player will receive the best jackpot that the Dragon Kings slot machine can offer.

Several Jackpots to Benefit From

Basic Specifications of Dragon Kings and Ease of Play

Although this Chinese mythology-themed slot looks highly populated with visual elements, the game is surprisingly easy to play – simply select your preferred bet, and hit that spin button. The Dragon Kings slot RTP rate is 95.20%, which many iGaming critics define as being on the “higher spectrum of average”. This title is said to have a medium volatility factor – what this means, is that winning symbol combinations will be formed more often than not.

The game works with 10 fixed pay lines, and successful symbol combinations will be formed from left to right. The smallest and largest possible single (regular, non-bonus feature) wins will result from the formation of three J symbols (which will pay 0.04 credits) and five Gold Yuanbao, which will produce a win of 1,000 credits. All of the payout amounts mentioned here, are calculated with the smallest and biggest BPS values that can be chosen.

Adjusting Your Bet Is Elementary

On the left side of the slot’s interface, you will be able to adjust the line values via the arrow buttons. You will notice, that the value shown there will be “per line”, and the total bet amount will be shown at the bottom middle part of the interface. With that being said, the range for the bet line value will be between 0.01 and 1 credits, resulting in a BPS range between 0.10 and 10 credits.

Adjusting Your Bet

Setting Your Gameplay Bets Is Effortless

Because the paylines in these games are fixed, the players will be able to adjust the amount of their wager in total, basically forming their BPS. The smallest BPS value in this game is a mere £0.10, while the largest – £10. The set value of your BPS will determine the size of any awards you will receive from successful symbol combinations, as well as the price of the free spins in the buy feature.

A Dragon Kings’ Customisable Auto Spin Function

When you access the autoplay settings, the first two things you can adjust, is the line bet value and the number of spins you would like to process, which will be from 5 to 100. Below those settings, you can adjust the game to automatically disable any spins if a jackpot has been won, or if a specific amount of money has been won/lost. You can also stop auto spins manually, to increase the pace of your gameplay.

A neat little addition to the auto spin options menu, are the two extra windows that will show the player the cost of a single spin and the total cost of all spins that are about to be processed. If you’re satisfied with your selection, simply click on the ok button to start auto mode, or cancel. When started, the auto feature can be stopped either by fulfilling any of the pre-determined conditions, or manually by clicking on the auto spin options button again.

Dragon Kings Auto Spin Function

Perhaps the Best Gamble Feature of All Online Slots

When landing a winning spin, the Dragon Kings slot will unlock the gamble feature – allowing the player to double their most recent prize. Once the “Double Up” button becomes available, the player can engage in a mini-game of “heads and tails” and make a prediction. If your prediction happens to be correct, your money will be doubled! There is no limit to how many times you do that; however, if you fail to make the accurate coin prediction even once, you will lose all of your winnings. The unique trait of this specific bonus feature, is that a player can choose to gamble only 50% of their winnings – meaning that if they lose, they won’t lose all of it!

Made and Optimized for Mobile Gaming

Betsoft themselves provide official information that the Dragon Kings slot machine is fully compatible with all mobile device operating systems, including iOS, Android, and even Windows Mobile! Due to the fact that the game was developed with the use of HTML5 technology, players won’t experience any loss of quality when gaming on their favourite smartphone or tablet. We do need to praise the way the mobile version of the game looks, mainly due to the optimisation of its interface controls!

Dragon Kings – Ideal for Beginners and Seasoned Players

Although the small BPS range of the game doesn’t seem like it is something that will make high rollers want to play it, the buy feature of the game remedies that. On the other hand, the game’s balanced limits and the multitude of bonus features make it an immediate choice for both beginners and seasoned players. The potential to win big money here is strong, and it seems that people of different budgets have a real chance of attaining some life-changing payouts. Give the game a try, and you just might like it!


Can I Retrigger Free Spins in the Dragon Kings Slot Machine?

Absolutely! In addition to offering a number of bonus features, you will have the chance of retriggering as many free spins as you can. Given the fact that the game doesn’t mention any limits, you can theoretically retrigger free spins an unlimited number of times!

Are There Any Drawbacks to the Dragon Kings Slot Game?

While there are no apparent gameplay drawbacks, the only disadvantage the slot seems to have, is the size of its RTP rate. While anything above 95% doesn’t seem to be low, other titles that were made in the same year as the Dragon Kings slot machine, have at least a 96% RTP rate.

What Happens If I Win Two Dragon Kings Jackpots Consecutively?

Unfortunately, this is impossible to achieve. While theoretically, a spin can lead to such an event (after an Azure Dragon symbol initiates a respin), the game specifically states that if this happens, only the first jackpot will be paid out to the player.