Queen of Riches Slot Review – a Game with Many Winning Possibilities

Egyptian-themed slots never seem to go out of style, which is why the Queen of Riches is still highly popular among slot players worldwide. It hit the “online casino shelves” in 2016, and since then, it has remained a popular choice for every gambling operator on the market. As a software product created by the famous company BTG (Big Time Gaming), it comes as no surprise that this game offers remarkable, feature-filled gameplay that has the potential of delivering big rewards. In this Queen of Riches slot review, you will not only get the full information about the game itself but also learn why it is preferred by players and the top-rated casino sites in the UK.

Queen of Riches Slot is highly popular among slot players worldwide

Cleopatra’s Story Reimagined in the Queen of Riches Slot

The game looks as pretty as the titular character that it is based on. The HD graphics not only make the entire slot look incredibly detailed but also further enhance the overall quality of the animations, making the game incredibly pleasing to play. In fact, you will get to experience the game’s incredible quality regardless if you play the Queen of Riches slot on any PC or mobile device.

The Features in the Queen of Riches Slot Online

There is a good chance that the slot will deliver a different symbol in each game

As a slot that employs the Megaways™ symbol mechanic, you can constantly expect the game to deliver a different symbol pattern every time. When it comes down to the basic characteristic of the title, it is essentially a 6×7 grid slot. Although the game operates with a classic “rolling reels” mechanic, all other functions here seem to be quite modern.

There are four high paying symbols (Pyramid, Falcon, Scarab, Eye of Horus) and six low-paying symbols that are based on a standard deck of cards (9, 10, J, Q, K, and A). The winning values that are depicted in the symbols show how much a player’s winning bet will be multiplied by, rather than display a fixed prize amount. For example, the slot’s payout for a successful combination of six Pyramids will multiply a player’s bet by 30 times (which is the highest possible symbol win).

You will be surprised to find out that this slot doesn’t have any free spins; however, the game’s strength lies in its other features. The first of which is the full reel wilds – once landed, the dancing queen Cleopatra will count as seven symbols and substitute all others that are next to her. Every full reel wild will also provide a winning multiplier up to x7, and if two of them are landed, they will also multiply each other! With the exception of the first one, these special wilds can occur on all other reel positions.

Every time a player initiates a spin, there is a random chance for reels to be cloned. This function includes not only reels with regular symbols but also full reel wilds as well! Given the fact that the cloning mechanic can activate on all six reels, this provides an incredible opportunity to score some massive wins. All casino bonus features of the Queen of Riches slot online have great synergy, which is another reason that makes this game ideal for real money play; however, you can also try it for free.

Things to Know before You Play Queen of Riches Slot Online

A player can set a loss limit of up to 800 coins and a win limit up to 5000

Once you’ve started the game, the first thing to do is set your preferred BPS (bet per spin). The smallest BPS value here is 0.20 coins, while the maximum – 10. The Queen of Riches has an estimated theoretical RTP rate of 96.9%, which is considered to be quite high by iGaming industry standards. Although the volatility factor of this slot is classified by some as being “mid-to-high”, the slot is often described to be quite generous by the players.

Because the Queen of Riches slot employs the Megaways™ mechanic, there won’t be any actual pay lines. Successful combinations will be formed by more than three adjacent symbols, from left to right. Given the fact that Megaways™ produces symbols of different sizes, this allows it to produce 117,649 winning ways!

If you don’t want to go manually through every spin, you can make use of the game’s simple, yet efficient auto-spin mechanic. It will allow you to set a maximum number of auto spins (up to 100) while adjusting the conditions in which the function will disengage. A player can set a loss limit of up to 800 coins, as well as a single win limit (up to 5,000) – when any of them are met, the autoplay session will be terminated.

Original Graphics and Sound Effects

There is no denying the visual artistry that has been implemented for the creation of the slot. Although casino games that are based on the Egyptian theme often lack a certain “individuality”, this is not the case here. The stylistic direction is completely original, giving the Queen of Riches slot a sense of identity – which is why the game is easily recognised when seen among others that are designed after the same stylistic topic. The sound effects are also unique, which means that they won’t be found in any of the other BTG games that exist out there. In terms of how Queen of Riches looks and sounds, we can say that it is more than impressive!

A Slot of Incredible Value

We can easily understand why the Queen of Riches slot is preferred by the top-rated casino sites in the UK, and the world. The game is easy to play and looks amazing – although the features here aren’t as many, they are incredibly balanced, which won’t give the player the sense that something “might be missing”. While the cloning reel feature isn’t new, its combination with the Megaways™ mechanic is an innovative approach to new-age slot gaming. If you have the opportunity of trying the Queen of Riches slot, we definitely recommend it.


How Can I Increase the Frequency of the Cloning Reels?

Unfortunately, you can’t. The cloning reels mechanic is based on a completely random algorithm, and no action within the game (such as changing your bet size or initiating autoplay) will affect the frequency or the number of any appearing cloning reels. You wouldn’t have to worry about trying to make cloning reels appear more often, as they already do – in our personal testing experience, we found that the Queen of Riches slot rarely produced a spin without cloning at least two reels.

What Is the Highest Possible Multiplier I Can Win from the Wild Reels?

Theoretically, if we are to multiply the highest possible values provided by five wilds (x7 for each) and add a cloned reel, we will receive a winnings multiplier of x117,649! This number is not only the same as the available winning ways of the game but is also big enough to look like a jackpot!

Are There Any Free Spins Here?

No. Big Time Gaming did not introduce free spins in the Queen of Riches slot, for one simple reason – balance. The bonus features present in the game are optimised to deliver a playing experience that is fair both to the player and to the online casino operator that offers the slot. If you’re interested in a BTG title that has free spins and similar features to Queen of Riches, you can check out our Dragon Born article here!