Arcader Slot Review – A Feature-Filled Slot with Extra Mechanics

On the 22nd of December in 2014, the Arcader slot hit the “iGaming shelves” of the Internet. Produced and distributed by the company Thunderkick, this slot managed to marry old-school nostalgia with modern gaming features. To say that it was a hit among slot players everywhere would be an understatement, which is why even today, this title remains to be one of the most played Thunderkick games to date. In this Arcader slot review, we will fully entail the game’s interesting features and provide in-depth information about its gameplay specifications!

Arcader Slot Review

The Arcader Slot Machine Looks Both Retro and Modern

The pixelated symbol designs, as well as the space background, give this sci-fi slot an “80s vibe” that will be instantly recognized by gamers from an older generation. While the Arcader slot game doesn’t feature a set storyline, it’s the overall visual design of the game that manages to make up for it. One of the most impressive visual features here are showcased when a player initiates a spin – the background will start to move, which will “lean” the perspective towards the offset slot reels!

All Gameplay Features of the Arcader Slot Game Are Special

The Arcader slot machine operates with a 5×3 reel layout. While this pattern is considered to be the most widely spread (according to industry standards), it is the number and type of symbols here that introduce a much modern feel to the game. There are 13 main symbols – Wild, Expander, Bonus, Sticky Wild, Mystery, Bar, 7, Bell, Watermelon, Lemon, Plum, Orange, and Cherries. When a player manages to land a successful combination of particular symbols, they will have the chance to score a win, initiate a special bonus game, and/or enable a symbol mechanic.

Arcader Symbols

Wild Symbols Substitute All Others

The “Blue W” is also known as the wild symbol that appears during the base game of the Arcader slot. When landed after a spin, it will serve as a substitute for any other symbol, creating better winning possibilities for players. Although the Blue W is useful, it won’t substitute other special symbols such as the Bonus, the Mystery, and the Expander symbols.

The Expander Delivers More Winning Opportunities

Once landed, the Expander symbol will open up and transform an entire reel with the same symbols. The benefit here is that an Expander will copy the most profitable symbols that are present in the reels, forming the best possible winning combination. A little side note here is that if an Expander is landed on a non-winning spin, it won’t expand.

The Bonus Symbol Gives Free Spins and More

The Bonus symbol is classified as a “scatter”, which means that they will enable themselves regardless of where on the reels they have landed. With that being said, getting three or more Bonus symbols will grant the player 9 free spins. The interesting part about the bonus spins is that any wins that are formed will be multiplied by a special value. This value will be determined by the number of Bonus symbols that had appeared during the initiation of the feature. Three bonus symbols have an x1 multiplier, four symbols – x3, and a combination of 5 bonus symbols will enable the free spins with a default x9 winnings multiplier.

Once the free spins have started a meteor will strike one of the nine available positions in the three middle reels after every spin. The position that is struck will turn into a sticky wild that will persist until the bonus rounds have concluded. The most desirable outcome of the game is for nine sticky wilds to fill in the three middle reels; however, there is a catch. After each spin, there is a chance that a meteor will strike a symbol position where a sticky wild is already present, which will basically result in the game “wasting” a sticky wild opportunity.

Arcader Bonuses

The Mystery Game Has Its Own Rules

When a player manages to land at least three Mystery symbols, they will enable another special bonus game. The reels of the slot will display question mark boxes on every position and allow the player to pick them one by one. This game mode comes with its own specific set of symbols – Purple Diamond, Green Square, Blue Drop, Yellow Circle, and a Red X. Every symbol revealed via the mystery boxes will add its win prize in a pool that is paid to the player after the feature has concluded. The end of the mystery bonus round comes if a player reveals a Red X after they’ve clicked on a Mystery box.

Another particular function of the mystery game is that the value of the winning multiplier will also depend on the number of mystery symbols that were used to trigger the process. Three mystery symbols will engage the bonus game with an x1 multiplier, 4 mystery symbols – x2, and a bonus game that has started with five mystery symbols, will multiply the win of every unique symbol with an x6 value!

Some of the Basic Stuff about the Arcader Slot

This game has 15 fixed pay lines, and a medium volatility factor, which means that winning combinations are expected to form more often than not. The Arcader slot RTP rate is 96.1%, which isn’t considered to be too generous, but it also isn’t regarded as being too small. The smallest and largest payouts are formed by a combination of three Cherries or by Five Bar symbols!

Setting the Value of Your Bet Is Elementary

If you want to choose the amount of money you would like to spend per spin, all you have to do is click on the “casino chip” symbol at the bottom right part of the gaming interface, and once you do, a window will be displayed with the available bet amounts. There are 14 of them, and players can choose pretty much anywhere between 0.20 and 100 units of currency per spin.

Easily Engage the Game in Auto Play Mode

As a slot game produced by Thunderkick, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the autoplay mechanic of this game is developed to be as simple as possible. With that being said, just like with the betting mechanic, once you click on the autoplay button, a menu will appear that will allow a player to select an auto spin value between 5 and 5,000. Also, there is a box that can be ticked off – which helps the game to stop any auto spins if a feature is won. While there aren’t any more complex disable mechanics to the auto spin mechanic, they don’t seem to be required here.

Arcader Autoplay Functions

Superior Mobile Compatibility and Optimisation

The first thing that should be mentioned about the Arcader slot game is that it is developed to be superbly compatible with all sorts of Android and iOS devices. The mobile gaming interface is created in a way that appeals to the comfort specifications of people who prefer playing on their smartphones and tablets. Since there is no difference whatsoever between the PC and mobile versions of the Arcader slot, you can expect to have a good experience regardless of the platform. All that is recommended is to have a recently updated browser app!

This Is a Timeless and Successful Slot Game

Arcader is a game that superbly manages to combine its visual assets along with the functionality of its different features. While the overall experience of this slot is pretty straightforward, its true complexity is revealed with the help of its many bonus mechanics. The game can be found in demo mode, so if you wish to try it out without having to risk anything, you can; however, the greatest excitement will come from playing the Arcader slot game for real money in your favourite top rated casino sites in the UK and the rest of the world.


I Know That There Isn’t a Speed Setting in Arcader – How Can I Play Faster?

A regular spin that doesn’t result in a win will cycle from start to finish in approximately 4 seconds. On the other hand, if you perform a “slam stop”, you will be able to process spins at an incredible speed. Once you’ve initiated a spin, you can immediately stop it and initiate another one – this way, you can cycle through four spins in a second! The Arcader slot is considered to be one of the fastest slots made by Thunderkick, and care is often advised, as players can find themselves burning through their balance quite swiftly.

Can I Retrigger Any Free Spins Here?

Unfortunately, this is not possible for a number of reasons. The first one being is that no “Bonus” symbols are present on the reels of Arcader once the free spins have been initiated. The logic behind this is simple – if you engage the bonus game with a maximum win multiplier and then land a lesser combination of mystery symbols, that multiplier will decrease. The introduction of retriggers during bonus mode might seem like a good idea, but the truth is that it will completely destabilize the slot’s gameplay balance.

I Accidentally Overspent Some Money While Playing Arcader – Is There Something That I Can Do to Get It Back?

It is sad, but true – there is no possible way in which you can get back any of your finances once you’ve spent them for real on the Arcader slot. In fact, no slot in the iGaming world offers refunds. There are multiple warnings provided by the online casinos that offer real money slots regarding such occasions – it is a player’s obligation to keep close track of how much they are spending!