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Gambling books raise your game

Must Read Gambling Books That Will Take Your Game to The Next Level

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If you are a keen gambler, and it is safe to assume that you are if you are here reading this, then there is every chance that you are interested in doing extra some reading about the subject. Over the years, a huge number of books have been published about gambling, covering everything from gambling…

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Diamond Casino and Resort

GTA V Diamond Casino and Resort – Enjoy Gaming and Gambling in One Place

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If you like gaming and casino gambling, then the Diamond Casino and Resort in GTA V is the perfect solution. It allows you to stop off for some first-rate gambling fun whenever you fancy a break from the video gaming side of things. As with everything else within GTA V, the casino is fantastically designed…

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Top Ten Slots Based on Comics

Top 10 Slots Based on Comic Books – Titles You Can Play Today

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The beginning of the ’90s was known as the “great depression” for comic book companies, which is how the trend of leasing their intellectual property entered the mainstream. Whether a company wanted to sell napkins with the image of batman or a t-shirt company wanted to market their stock with superhero themes, the market for…

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Craziest Casino Bets

Craziest Casino Bets in the Gambling World – Stories That Became Legends

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Today, there is no shortage of stories where players have lost everything in the casino. While those cautionary tales come a dime a dozen, it is the success stories that are much rare and more memorable. On the other hand, even if someone wins, they must do so in a very spectacular manner, in order…

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