The Matrix Slot Review — Is This Playtech’s Best Casino Game?

Casino software developer Playtech is known for its premium slots that are often branded after Hollywood movies. The studio has produced famous titles such as “Gladiator,” “King Kong,” and “Justice League,” but “The Matrix” slot is perhaps its finest creation.

Our team had a lot of fun while testing and reviewing this release. It’s packed to the rafters with original features, which assure that you’ll always be at the edge of your seat. The payout potential is also quite decent, so take the red pill and go down the rabbit hole with us as we explore the game in full.

The Matrix slot has a five reel layot

The Matrix Slot Is a Work of Art

Since there are several movies in the franchise, it’s worth noting that this slot is inspired by the original film made by the Wachowskis. The first thing that we noticed about “The Matrix” slot is its pitch-black background, where you can see the green “digital rain” coming down. There are 12 symbols in total, and all of them take after the main characters or iconic items from the move. Join us as we discuss them and all the other features in our next section.

An Incredible Feature Set Awaits in The Matrix Slot Machine

Symbols in The Matrix Slot

Everything about this game is slightly atypical. Its layout has five reels, but an extra row is added, meaning that each reel displays four symbols instead of the usual three. The dozen pay symbols that we mentioned earlier are separated into three groups:

Our The Matrix slot review experts note that high-payers can also take up two or more reel positions. For a spin to be considered successful, you’ll need to align three or more identical symbols on one of the 50 bet lines that are active at all times. They work from left to right, so the string needs to start from the first column.

The Wild can also aid you in this regard, as it substitutes everything but “Free Games.” Also, we noticed that winning combinations with a Wild in them pay double. For some reason, this is not mentioned in the “info” section, but hey, it was a nice surprise. Now, we’ll cover the most entertaining features of The Matrix slot machine.

The “Déjà Vu” Shuffle

The digitalized green version of Neo is the Wild that you’ll see most often. However, there’s a second one of these symbols that only appears on the fifth reel. It travels in packs of four, and if all four land during a single spin, a special feature will be triggered.

The initial quartet of Wilds will be duplicated and sent to the first reel. Then, all of the symbols from your last spin will be randomly rearranged with these eight Wilds. Usually, the result is a winning spin with a hefty payout.

Which Pill Are You Going to Take?

The Matrix slot bonus games

If you love satisfying bonus stages, The Matrix slot won’t disappoint. When three of the pill symbols appear on the first, third, and fifth reel, Morpheus will come up and present you with a choice.

Taking the red pill will send you to the “Agent Smith” stage. You’ll receive exactly 8 free rounds, and more and more agent symbols will be added to the reels with each spin. Typically, the last couple of spins yield spectacular payouts, as Mr Smith is the second highest-paying token in the game.

If you go for the blue pill, The Matrix slot machine will transform all Wilds into sentinels. Then, a stage of free games will commence, and the sentinel Wilds will stick to the reels for the following spins. The bonus ends when there are six sentinels on the columns. However, there is a special symbol that can remove these dreaded killing machines, so it’s possible to extend the bonanza for a long time.

Tell Me More about the Jackpot

At first glance, the top prize of this game seems underwhelming. Scoring a Wild 5-of-a-kind multiplies the line bet by 500, so you’ll receive £2,000 if you’re playing at the £100 maximum wagering limit (£100/50=£2; £2*500=£1,000*2(Wild multiplier)=£2,000).

However, it’s possible to win much larger prizes if you enter the bonus stage of The Matrix slot. We particularly like the Agent Smith level because the symbol truly overwhelms the reels near the end, which gives you a great chance of scoring several 5-of-a-kinds.

The Matrix Slot – RTP & Volatility

This game has a theoretical Return to Player rate of 95.14%, which is 0.86% lower than the genre average. Still, when combined with its medium volatility level, it certainly feels like it pays out more.

During our testing, we managed to come up on top more often than not. Winning spins occurred frequently, and some of the prizes were quite satisfying, especially when we managed to enter the bonus. Of course, it’s entirely possible that we got lucky. We played around 2,000 rounds, but The Matrix Slot RTP is a value that’s achieved after millions of spins.

Graphics, Animations, And Mobile Compatibility

Playtech introduced this product in 2017, 18 years after The Matrix premiered on the big screen. Although the slot has been around for a while, its visual prowess still manages to impress. Its animations are butter-smooth, and the graphics — super immersive. When you get a big win with some of the special or high-paying symbols, scenes from the movie will play. These thematic elements will undoubtedly delight fans of the franchise.

You can also confidently play this release on the go. It’s compatible with iOS and Android smartphones and tablets, and it even boasts a special interface designed for touchscreens. The Matrix slot RTP, graphics, and features stay the same on mobile, so you won’t miss out on anything.

How to Play The Matrix Slot

  1. Some of the most famous UK casino sites are powered by Playtech. Thus, you can try this branded slot at a secure and licensed venue that offers fantastic bonuses. Take a look at the below list and select one of these excellent operators: bet365, MansionCasino, Sky Casino, bgo.
  2. Once you create an account and fund it, type the name of “The Matrix” slot in the search bar to quickly locate it.
  3. When the game loads, you only need to adjust your wager before you start playing. This is done with the “-“ and “+” buttons beneath “line bet.” Keep in mind that the size of your entire wager is displayed beneath the “win” section. This game isn’t too suitable for low rollers, as its minimum accepted bet is £0.50. We recommend getting 100 or more spins per session, so you’ll need at least £50 to get going. Still, claiming a welcome bonus will give you promo funds that you can use.
  4. Use “Spin” to spin manually or “Auto-play” to set a string of up to 99 rounds.

Ready to Enter The Matrix?

We’ve had a lot of fun with The Matrix slot machine, and we believe you would fancy it, too. Playtech has crafted a title that carries the spirit of the famous sci-fi thriller, and you’ll likely want to re-watch it after you spin the reels. The game is incredibly entertaining, its layout and features can give you a welcome break from standard slots, and you can claim some attractive payouts along the way.

Now you know everything about this release. However, as the wise Morpheus says: “There is a difference between knowing the path and walking the path.” If you wish to try your luck in The Matrix, pick one of the trusted operators that we listed above, create a profile in minutes, and start spinning today. Good luck and play responsibly!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Betting Limits of This Game?

In The Matrix slot, you can stake a minimum of £0.50 per spin or go up to £100. The bet multipliers apply to your line bet rather than the total wager.

Can I Pick a Specific Bonus Feature?

Yes. When all three Scatters appear during a single spin, Morpheus will give you a choice between the red and blue pill. These represent the two available bonus levels. You can pick either one. We encourage you to try both, as each feature is fun and has a good winning potential.

What Are Some of the Cons of This Release?

The two weak points that we noticed are the rather high minimum betting requirement of £0.50 and the slightly underwhelming RTP rate of 95.14%.

What Can I Do to Increase My Winning Chances?

The Matrix slot machine requires no skills or strategy charts, and its betting lines are fixed. In the end, it’s all down to luck, and you have the highest chances of winning in the bonus mode. You can increase the likelihood of entering these stages by betting with small, even amounts.