Chance vs Skill — Finding the Right Casino Game Gerne for Every Player Type

Since the conception of gambling as an activity, players have done their very best to try and understand every existing game of chance and develop methods that would help them gain the upper hand against the house. If you have not realized it yet, in most gambling genres, it all comes down to luck; however, when skill is added into the mix, things become a bit more nuanced. In this informative article, we will explore a variety of casino gaming genres, and try to determine whether or not they require genuine player skill, or merely passive participation while awaiting the generation of a “truly random” result.

The Types of Casino Gameplay You Will Encounter

Here is a fun fact – when you’re playing any online casino games that is hosted by the casino, the establishment will always have an inherent advantage called the “house edge”. It can be bigger or smaller, depending on the game; however, it is always designed to take your money away in the long run, even if you don’t realize it. Even so, the truth is that casino games are classified into two main categories. Thus, you will be able to determine whether you can implement any gambling skills or not only by being aware of what they are.

Games That Generate Outcomes without Player Interference

Slots, keno games, bingo, craps, roulette – these and many other examples are “bet-based” games that are hosted by the casino. When a person plays any of them, the only thing that they can do is adjust the size and position of their bets. Since the players cannot affect the game’s outcome, they will be completely at the mercy of the thrown dice, rolling slot reels, or spinning roulette balls.

Still, not all bets are equal. For example, the casino’s advantage on the “Pass line” bet in craps is much slimmer compared to the “Hard ten” wager. The latter gives you a larger payout, but your returns will be much lower in the long run if you choose it over the former. Thus, it’s always advisable to be well-informed about a game before playing it.

Games That Can Be Affected by a Player’s Action

Games That Generate Outcomes without Player Interference

The two most prominent genres that have been universally recognized by the gambling industry to actually require expert player skill are several forms of Poker and Blackjack. The general rule states that “the less the casino is involved in the game, the more efficiently the skills of a player can be exercised”. With that being said, the only type of casino genre that can make that possible comes in a variety of table Poker games, where players compete against other players.

We say table Poker versus players because the casino’s involvement in such matches will come down to dealing the cards and nothing more. People will try to out-bet, out bluff, and generally confuse their opponents in order to force them to fold or bait them into depleting their money balance a lot faster by making them think that they have the upper hand. In order to navigate efficiently in such a match, one needs to have experience as well as the fortitude necessary to conceal their true hand. The best poker players are also well-versed in psychology and have a superb understanding of their mathematical chances of success.

Playing against the Dealer, Video Poker and Blackjack

Playing against the Dealer

Although in these cases, a player will have a choice whether to make a move or not, the fact that they are playing against the dealer (or the machine) already reduces the efficiency of their skills, but it doesn’t completely remove it. For example in video poker, once a hand (or hands) is drawn, it comes down to the player to decide which cards to keep; which can result in a winning card combination later on.
In the case of Blackjack, things tend to be a bit different, as the player can also exploit the game’s inherent nature, and turn the tide in their favour. The most common skill-based method is “card counting”, and although it isn’t illegal, it has been shunned by casino establishments worldwide. Naturally, a player must be incredibly skilled in order to be capable of remembering which cards have been played out and calculate which of them remain in the “shoe”, thus having a greater chance of success when deciding when to “hit” or when to “stand”.

Skill-Based Casino Games Require Mastery

If you’re interested in playing a real skill-based casino game with real money, there is a huge chance that you will lose unless you know exactly what you’re doing. We should also mention that regardless of how skilful you might be, there is always a good chance that you might still lose your acquired profits, all in one fell swoop. For this reason, many players prefer the straightforward nature of genres like slot machines and roulette, which give the casino an edge but still can yield winning sessions due to being luck-based.

Even When Relying on Your Abilities, You Need to Know When to Pull Back

Old gamblers often used to say, “gambling is a marathon, not a sprint”. Skilled casino players often refer to this phrase, as a reminder to always exercise self-discipline. Another interesting aspect of having casino game skills is the ability to self-impose win and loss limits! If you’ve lost or won a particular amount of money, the best course of action is to get up from the table and walk away. Perhaps the most valuable tactic that is implemented among the most skilled casino players in the world is to “quit while you’re ahead”.

“Pre-packaged” Betting Strategies Might Work for a Bit

There are hundreds of millions of players worldwide that try out and explore an incredible variety of betting strategies to this day. Although those strategies are fun, (such as the Martingale or Oscar’s Grind, etc.) and sometimes can help a player to go ahead, they are not meant to be used in any high-stakes games, as they have been all mathematically proven to fail at some point.

These Are the Real Skills That Can Be Utilized in Nearly All Casino Games

Patience, discipline, and planning are the best skills that will serve you well if you’re playing any casino game that can be affected by your decisions. A few lost rounds are nothing to an expert player, as the dedication to their personal strategy almost always pays off – which is when players make the most of it. Whatever casino game you decide to play, always make sure whether or not the actions you take in the game will affect it in any way!

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