Live Online Casinos – The Best of the Best

Online gambling has become a popular pastime for many people and the number of new casinos coming online increases almost on a weekly basis. The scene runs at such a pace that it was bound to need a little lift sooner or later. To keep players interested and entice new customers online casinos are always looking for ways to change the format. And let’s face it, it makes good business sense to freshen things up. A recent addition for online casinos has been the introduction of live online casinos and there seems to be quite a market for this option. There are a number of reasons why such a change was required and one of these is the fact that playing online was becoming a little boring for some. Standard online casinos were becoming a little samey, with very few casinos offering any kind of variety or something different.
Another very valid reason for the introduction of live casinos online was the fact that some players just didn’t trust the system. In general, online casino games can be considered to be truly random, and there are a range of safeguards in place to prevent any kind of fraud. But that doesn’t prevent a small percentage of players from feeling the tables are stacked against them. What this section of the market wanted was a way to see the dealers shuffle the cards, and watch the croupier spin the wheel and roll the ball. Not everyone lives within a reasonable distance of a live casino and hence the birth of the UK live online casino.
A live casino online in the UK has brought the thrill and atmosphere of a brick and mortar casino into the player’s own living room. It is now possible for players to get close to the action, without having to worry about travelling, booking hotel rooms, and then waiting for a table to have a free seat.

Get the Real Casino Experience with Live Dealer Casinos

The way that a live casino online in the UK is set up will be as close as you can get to the real live action of a Las Vegas casino. But you won’t have to worry about buying a plane ticket or booking an expensive hotel room. You get the look and feel of a brick and mortar casino room right there on your desktop. There is a real live dealer distributing the cards onto a real baize-covered table. And if you’ve chosen to play Roulettе you can feel confident in the fact that the wheel is authentic and certified. Standard decks in standard shoes are used for Blackjack and Baccarat and the shuffling and dealing is just what you would expect from any real live casino anywhere in the world.
There is only one thing which will remind you of where you are and that is the fact that you will not be able to place a bet on the table. Instead, you use the casino interface for placing your bet. The range of options offered by live casinos online UK can vary, with some offering just one table while others have many tables in one room. Is one better than the other? It really depends on what kind of experience you prefer. Choosing a general room which has a handful of dealers will bring you the atmosphere of a busy casino room on a Saturday night. While on the other hand, a single dealer room will feel like you have your own private suite.

UK’s Best Live Casinos

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How Do Live Casinos Actually Work?

It’s all thanks to the innovation we know as live video streaming. A studio is set up with a variety of gaming tables, each with a dealer running the games. It is the live video streaming hardware/software package which makes it feel almost like you are there with them enjoying all the action. As we’ve already mentioned, the only difference is your bets are placed via an on-screen console rather than directly on the table. To make it feel even more real there is usually an online chat function which can be used to converse with the pit boss or dealer if required, as well as the opportunity to enjoy some banter with other players. Something known as optical character recognition technology, or OCR for short, is used to convert the live action into data which the live online casino software reads and uses.

Live Casino UK – Logistics Are The Key

The upsides of UK live casinos online are plenty. But one which attracts the most attention is the fact you can interact with all the action using the familiar interface online, with the added benefit of the human touch providing truly random outcomes. All the games run in real time meaning you can watch and participate in the action as it happens and the protocols used by live dealers and croupiers in casino sites around the globe apply.
The requirements for creating a live online casino in the UK or anywhere else in the world are vast. Not only is there a huge financial commitment, there is also a need for premises large enough to house everything that goes on behind the scenes. For example, studio rooms are needed to set up the tables, hardware/software areas for running and transmitting the games, and a place where the games can be reviewed and the dealers can be watched. More human resources are required to run a live online casino than a virtual one. There is, of course, a need for live dealers, as without them live online casinos simply wouldn’t work. But there is also the need for a pit boss to supervise the proceeding and make a formal judgement should a dispute arise. To film the live action there are camera operators. Onsite IT engineers to be in charge of the software and resolve any problems should they arise, preferably as quickly as possible in order to minimize the downtime. All of these human resources mean the payroll is much bigger and the requirements for a reasonable employment package much greater. Premises have to be purchased or rented, local taxes and services paid for. Add all these things together and it can be a very significant commitment for any online casino to offer live casino action. And possibly the one reason why there are still only a few live casinos online in the UK or anywhere else in the world.
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Is Live Casino Action The Same As A Virtual Casino?

Many of the features of a virtual casino will be present in a live version. There are, however, a number of differences, depending on the games you are playing. Let’s take a look at them individually so you can better understand the benefits and disadvantages

Live Roulette – One Of The Most Popular UK Casino Games

Anyone who knows anything about casinos will immediately recognise the roulette wheel. Even those who have never played the game before will have a basic understanding of how it works. A live online UK casino will generally offer the European and American version of the game. Individual online casinos may apply their own house rules but you can expect there to be the usual range of bets. The one main difference between live and virtual casino games is the number of players who will be involved. In a virtual casino, there is only one player, whereas in a live casino roulette game other players will be playing and placing bets. Which makes it more comparable with a conventional physical establishment. Unlike a virtual roulette game, you have to wait for the other players to make their bets before the wheel is spun. The croupier is able to interact with other players and prompt them to place their bets so there is no holdup and once all the bets are placed standard practices are followed. The wheel is spun, the ball is taken from its holder and tossed in at the top of the wheel, in the opposite direction to the spin.  No different than a game of online roulette played anywhere. When the ball lands the croupier calls out the number and the colour and OCR technology passes this information onto the games software and pays out to the winner or winners.

Place Your Bets For A Game Of Live Blackjack

Roulette may be one of the most popular live casino games, but blackjack is most definitely at the top of the list. Millions of online players already enjoy standing, hitting, doubling down and splitting with the ultimate goal of holding lucky number twenty one. So, it was no wonder live online casinos decided to add this popular game to the menu. Betting structures tend to vary between casinos along with the number of decks in the shoe. You may find you have the option of surrendering with some casinos, while others don’t allow it, and there are even those which permit both. Another variable can be insurance. Which makes it vital for you to contact the casino and make sure you fully understand the rules. Because let’s face it, blackjack is one casino game where there are many different options. When it comes to the play it is much the same for every game of blackjack. The cards are dealt the same, with the dealer drawing the cards from the shoe and placing them face up in a player’s box. As players take their turn choices are made using the on-screen console, and the dealer follows a player’s instructions. With the exception of variable house rules, play is really just the same, but there is one major difference. As this is an online game you are able to track your play, count cards, even plot different strategies. All of which are activities which could get you thrown out of a physical establishment.
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Fancy Yourself As A High Roller? Try Live Online Baccarat

Another firm favourite with many live online casinos players is baccarat. You can choose to play for large or modest stakes but it is another live casino game with many variables. As with blackjack you would be better served by checking out a casino’s house rules before choosing to play. Baccarat is an online casino game which perfectly suits the live casino format as it is played with just two hands being dealt. Fewer tables are needed as there is no real limit to the number of people who can bet on one or other of the hands. Play is exactly the same as in a virtual or physical casino.

Live Texas Holdem – Not Quite On A Par With The Real Game

If you enjoy a game of Texas Holdem and are thinking live online games will be the same you may find yourself very disappointed. All you will really get is the casino’s version of the game, with a number of differences that will make purists and aficionados among you cringe. Live casino online Texas Holdem is really nothing more than a video poker game and requires little or no real skill.
As live casinos online are still a relatively new concept operators are still adding to the list of options. More games are being made available live including Sic Bo and Caribbean Stud Poker. The number of players choosing to play in the live casino arena is increasing on a daily basis so it is very likely more games will become available. Watch this space for the latest news and updates so you can take advantage of what is on offer in the future.

The Benefits Of Live Dealer Casinos in the UK

card dealerThere are a number of advantages to playing at a live UK online casino but let’s concentrate on those which stand out the most. At a live casino online you won’t be playing by yourself. You might choose to play in your birthday suit while enjoying a takeaway. You might want to play a few quick hands while making dinner. You may also be one of the many online gamblers who enjoy a cigarette. Whatever you want to do while you are playing live online casino games it is up to you but you will never be alone. And there aren’t just other players, there are dealers, croupiers, pit bosses and many other real live human beings involved.

Bigger Bucks

When you play live dealer games you can find the stakes are much higher. Stakes tend to be very similar to brick and mortar casinos. For example, most games can be played from as little as a £1 stake. However, the upper limits tend to be much higher than in a traditional online casino. Often as much as 4 to 6 figures per stake. Which is much less than the £1 to £500 maximum stakes most online casinos allow.

Social Interaction

It’s already been mentioned that playing live casino games online means you will never be alone, which brings an inevitable social aspect to the games. Which, of course, is something live casino players really enjoy. Chatting, laughing and making jokes, cheering and booing your opponents all add to the atmosphere of live tables.

Observable Randomness

For some reason, there are a number of online players who are very dubious about the trustworthiness of the software used for playing online casino games. Live dealer games use the human element to increase a player’s trust. Real live people, actual decks of cards and physical casino equipment seem to add a credible aspect to proceedings. Some of you will disagree, but the human element can make everything feel so much more above board and fair for many players.

By The Clock

Another important difference is that live dealer games tend not to run 24/7. Live games tend to run on a schedule as it isn’t always viable to make such an option available 24 hours a day. Many of will like this feature, but there are also going to be some of you who find this very restrictive. And if you play often and find there is a dealer you much prefer, for whatever reason, you will need to find out about his or her schedule, so you never miss out on their games.

Live Casino Bonuses

As with most online casinos, there is often a chance to increase your pot with the help of a bonus. It is very common for a UK online live casino to offer a welcome bonus. The bonus amount tends to vary depending on the percentage the casino is offering and how much you decide to deposit. The live casino online welcome bonus is one of the most popular bonuses available online. A number of live casinos also offer further bonuses for any subsequent deposits you make, and again it will depend on the percentage being offered and how much you choose to pay into your account.
Further live casino bonuses include regular bonuses and promotions and loyalty programs. These tend to be called a variety of different names and are generally available for a limited time only. One word of caution before you sign up for a particularly attractive live casino bonus. Spend some time reading the terms and conditions and make sure you understand them before signing on the dotted line. One disadvantage of many types of bonus is that they come with some very onerous wagering requirements. While you may have a certain level of success with the help of this extra cash, it is not always possible to withdraw those profits without wagering a certain amount first. If you are not sure of the requirements or the terms and conditions are so long-winded they’ve got you confused get in touch with the casino and clarify. The last thing you want is to spend time and energy playing the live casino games, make a sizeable profit and find yourself unable to make a withdrawal because you haven’t played or wagered enough.
If you’re getting a little bored with the standard online casino games, want to feel the atmosphere of a real live casino or are just looking for someone to talk to while enjoying a game or two, a UK live online casino could be right up your alley.

There Are Three Types Of Live Casinos Online

blackjack tableThe human element is something that makes live casinos online very popular. You also get the opportunity to play in the comfort of your own home. It is also possible to avoid the cost of getting to a local land-based casino and no headache of travelling. You may not have realised but there are actually three different types of live dealer casinos. A live casino which is broadcast from a studio, an actual casino, and a broadcast live casino.