Vegas Diamonds Slot Review – Classic and Modern Features Blended into One Game

In 2018, ELK Studios released a slot that would become one of the newest favourites of players who liked both classic-looking slots and modern reel games. That title was none other than Vegas Diamonds slot! Designed with a popular theme, this flashy game of reels and symbols represents an evergreen topic that would not only make an impression on new players but also capture the interest of slot veterans. In today’s Vegas Diamonds slot review, we will fully explore the game’s many interesting features and mechanics.

Vegas Diamond Slot has a classic 3x3 reel layout

The Vegas Diamonds Slot Welcomes You to Sin City

While this game doesn’t have a set story per se, it does welcome you to go on a journey through the Golden Mile and explore the glitz and glamour of Las Vegas through the reels of the slot. For those who don’t know, the Golden Mile or also known as “the Strip” is the central boulevard that goes right down in the middle through all of the famous hotels, casinos, and resorts. Feel free to explore Sin City on your own in HD – through the amazing graphics of the Vegas Diamonds slot game!

Classic and Modern Gameplay Features in the Vegas Diamonds Slot Game

The first thing that will make a stunning impression about this game is that it has a standard 3×3 layout with classic rolling reel mechanics! It is true that these days you don’t see many slots like this, but Vegas Diamonds is here to impress with something more than just nostalgic looks. In fact, this game features nine symbols, six of which are regularly paying ones (Cherry, Lemon, Watermelon, Single Green Bar, Double Blue Bar, and Triple Red Bar). The remaining three symbols (Multiplier Wilds, Vegas Diamonds, Bonus Fortune Wheel), however, each have their own specific purposes.

Additional Chances to Win with Multiplier Wilds

The multiplier wild symbols will substitute all others, except for the Bonus Fortune Wheel, and the Vegas Diamonds (while in feature mode). One of the greatest things about this symbol, is that it can land with a value of x2, x3, x4, and x5. Because line wins are always paid together, any successful ones with a wild multiplier symbol in them will produce a lucrative amount of money!

The Diamond Nudge Feature Offers More Winning Chances

A Vegas Diamond symbol is classified as being the highest-paying in the game. If that wasn’t enough, landing those glittering symbols will also activate a nudge feature! If a player gets three Vegas Diamond symbols misaligned on the layout, the reels will nudge in order to form a winning line on the middle row. Naturally, if other successful combinations are formed because of the nudge, they will be paid as well!

A Fortune Wheel Surprise

Although not specifically mentioned as a “scatter”, the Bonus Fortune Wheel will trigger a feature once three symbols have been landed on the reel layout. Once that happens, the slot will display a fortune wheel with three separate rings on top and will grant the player three spins. There is also a chance that you can hit the 5 free spins field that will give you 5 FS with an x5 multiplier on any winnings!

Each of them provides a different winnings multiplier rate that will enhance the value of the most recent successful combination that has been landed. The maximum winning multiplier of the first ring is x100, while on the second – x500. In order to travel through the rings, a player must hit the “up arrow” on the first two rings. If you reach the third ring, you have the chance of scoring an x1,000 winnings multiplier!

Bonus Fortune Wheel in Vegas Diamond Slot

Basic Slot Specifications You Should Know About

First and foremost, we should mention that the game is exceptionally easy to play. Simply set your preferred bet amount, and you will be ready to spin the reels! The Vegas Diamonds slot RTP rate is a solid 96%, which is considered to be a good average by iGaming industry standards.

ELK Studios have listed the volatility factor of this game to be a staggering 9 out of 10, with a hit frequency of 14.4%, which means that winning combinations will be landed rather rarely than often; however, when they do, their prizes will be more than substantial. This 3×3 slot has only 5 paylines, but that doesn’t mean that it will pay any less. In fact, the maximum win a player can score in the Vegas Diamonds slot game is £200,000!

Adjusting Your Bets Is Elementary

Once you’ve navigated to the coin icon at the bottom left corner of the interface, you will notice that the Vegas Diamonds slot game has a betting range between £0.20 and £100 per spin. There will be 12 betting amounts you can choose from within the aforementioned range, and once you do, you will be good to go. Since there is no individual line selection here, any amount that you decide to go with will count as your total bet per spin (or BPS).

With that being said, we have calculated what is the smallest and largest amount of money you can win, based on your set BPS. If you’ve selected the bare minimum as your preferred value (£0.20), the least profitable winning combination will come from three Cherry symbols, which will payout £0.10. On the other hand, if you decide to go “full bore” and set your BPS to £100 per spin, a combination of three Vegas Diamond symbols will grant you a massive win of £3,000!

The Betting Strategies Make the Game Even More Interesting

Vegas Diamonds by ELK Studios features one of the most innovative gameplay mechanics produced by the developer – the betting strategies. There are four of them, and every single one is meant to automatically control the increase and/or decrease the value of your BPS, during gameplay. These strategies can be played manually, as well as in auto spin mode. We have prepared a short explanation of what the strategies do, as well as their names:

Betting strategies in Vegas Diamonds

The Simplest Auto Spin Function

Vegas Diamonds by ELK Studios has one of the most rudimentary autoplay mechanics in the iGaming world. Simply select the “auto arrow” on the interface and choose one of the available numbers between 10 and 100 to engage the game in auto spin mode. Although you can wait for the mode to turn off itself once the spin counter has run out, you can also disable the mechanic manually by pressing the spin button again.

Useful Promotions Activation and Quick Spin Mechanics

Promotions section in Vegas Diamonds

As a slot made by ELK Studios, Vegas Diamonds has a feature that has been designed to assist the best online casinos in distributing their bonus offers, but that’s not all. At the same time, players who wish to benefit from those offers will have a much easier time in claiming them, through the “promotions” section within the Vegas Diamonds slot. The feature itself, is a simple typing field where players can input the bonus code they received from their casino and claim a specific bonus in-game.

If you wish to speed things up a bit, you can always go into the control settings of the game, and toggle the button that says, “quick play”. At regular speed, a single spin in the Vegas Diamonds slot will be processed from start to finish in approximately 2 seconds. By slot standards, this is already fast, but if you wish to go even faster, quick play will significantly cut down that time to 0.5 seconds!

Vegas Diamonds on Mobile – Superbly Crafted for Use on All Devices

It has been known that ELK Studios is an iGaming software developer that puts a heavy emphasis on the philosophy “mobile-first”, which is why the Vegas Diamonds slot not only works on any Android and iOS device, but is also designed in a way to accommodate portable playing. Whether you decide to experience Vegas Diamonds ELK Studios on your preferred smartphone or PC, you will still be able to enjoy the game’s vivid HD graphics and smoothly flowing animations. What your mobile device requires to run the Vegas Diamonds slot game is merely a recently updated browser!

The Slot Will Continue to Be a Success, Just Like the City It Was Based On

Say what you want about Las Vegas, but the city and its iconic hotel symbols will always be legendary; with that being said, we expect the slot to remain popular for many years to come. Surely, the only factor that can be classified as some kind of a drawback is the high volatility rate of the game, which makes it seem like it doesn’t grant any winnings at all – until it does, while surprising its players. Although the slot has been made available in demo mode, the biggest excitement comes when playing for real money. You should give Vegas Diamonds a chance and try it out – it is one of the best classic-looking modern slots out there!


I’ve Gone through Hundreds of Spins, but I Haven’t Activated a Single Feature, Why?

The Vegas Diamonds slot is one of ELK Studios’ highest volatility slots – which not only means that wins will come rarely, but also bonus features won’t be easily triggered. In fact, the most easily triggerable features in the game are considered to be the “perfect match respins”.

Is This Slot Appropriate for Beginners or Advanced Slot Players?

In fact, it is ideal for both types of players. The easy bet-selection system and short learning curve allow “first-timers” to easily start playing without any hassle, while seasoned slot players can benefit from the bet strategies mechanics in order to execute a more complex type of gameplay.

Can I Retrigger the Perfect Match Respins?

If you’re referring to the increase in respins while in “perfect match” mode, then no. Because of the conditions under which the respins are triggered, there is no possible way to fulfil the requirements needed for the repeated activation of the mechanics.

How Can I Maximise My Chances of Triggering a Special Feature?

The only viable advice we can give you, is to control your bets and keep them on the low side if you’re hoping of scoring either a bonus wheel mini-game or the respins feature. Betting low will prevent you from burning through your gameplay balance fast and will increase the number of spins you can play; hence, giving you more chances to trigger a special feature.