Queen of the Nile 2 Slot Review – a Bonus Feature Choice for Everyone

Regarded as one of Aristocrat’s “best classics”, the Queen of the Nile is a game that enjoyed so much attention by the iGaming industry, that it gave way to the creation of the second instalment in the series. And so, the Queen of the Nile 2 slot machine was released in 2014. While abandoning a few traits from its predecessor, this newer version stood out with its own innovations, which at the time, made an incredible impression to players worldwide, and iGaming critics everywhere. This Queen of the Nile 2 slot review contains everything you would like to know about this classic game, and explains why people continue to play it even to this day!

The Queen of the Nile 2 Slot Machine Tells a Story of Ancient Times

Here, everyone can clearly distinguish the sun-laden lands of ancient Egypt, adorned by native symbols such as the blue lotus, the eye of Ra, the pyramids, and many others. There is no clear-cut storyline, but it gives the player an impression that the queen herself, the fabled Cleopatra, is here to assist the player in gathering many wins. While the overall stylistic design of the Queen of the Nile 2 slot game might look a bit “dated”, it is definitely immersive – and because of the modernisation of the game’s different elements, it looks clean and crisp on the screen of any computer or mobile device.

The Queen of the Nile 2 is an ancient Egypt-themed slot game by Aristocrat

Innovative Gameplay Mechanics in the Queen of the Nile 2 Slot Game

Although this game has an “industry standard” layout of 5×3, and a “rolling reels” mechanic, these are probably the only features that give off a “classic” vibe. The real treat comes from the fact that the game has a number of features that make it ever so appealing and popular to the masses. The Queen of the Nile 2 slot game, puts in play 13 symbols; six of which are high paying, the other six – low paying, and a special symbol that makes this Egyptian title sought after by many players.

There are two main special symbols in this game. The “Cleopatra Wilds”, and the “Pyramid Scatters”. Whenever Cleopatra appears on the reels, it will not only substitute any other symbol but will also apply a “x2” multiplier to any winning combination! The most remarkable bonus feature that made this slot so popular after it was released is the “selectable free spins”, which are made available to the player, once three “Pyramid Scatters” have been landed in a successful combination.

Aristocrat's slot Queen of the Nile 2 features many symbols

Once the feature has been initiated, four pyramids will appear on the screen. They will give the player a chance to choose between variable values of free spins (FS) and win multipliers. In a nutshell, the more free spins a player wants, the smaller the multiplier will be, and vice versa. If a payer wants to choose the maximum amount of spins (which is 20), they will have to settle for a multiplier value of x2. The second pyramid choice gives 15 spins and a x3 multiplier, while the third – 10 spins and a x5 multiplier. If a person chooses the last pyramid, they can enjoy a multiplier of x10; however, the FS will be only 5.

Playing the Queen of the Nile 2 Slot Is Quite Straightforward

Whether you’ve decided to play the Queen of the Nile 2 slot for free or for real money, there are a few things you will need to know, if you wish to feel a bit more prepared. The first thing is which values you can adjust before making a spin! Given the fact that this game features 25 adjustable pay lines, you can decide how much you would like to wager “per line”, with the minimum being $0.01, and the maximum $0.40. Choosing your preferred amount of pay lines and line wager will result in the “total bet per spin”, or BPS. The smallest BPS value that can be achieved is going to be $0.01 (for one line) and the largest – $10.

Queen of the Nile 2 slot game features 25 adjustable pay lines

The Queen of the Nile 2 slot RTP rate is 95.86%, which is quite impressive for a slot game from 2014. Its “medium-to-high” volatility factor might not provide winning combinations often; however, the ones that it does provide will be substantially more significant than those which a player can get from a low volatility slot.

If you’ve played this game in casino online UK, you may have noticed that the Queen of the Nile 2 slot game uses “coins” as its preferred bet value, the most common denomination used for this game’s bets, is the USD ($). With that being said, the smallest award that players can expect is a mere $2, from getting a pair of “nines”; however, if a player strikes lucky with five Cleopatra wilds, they can rake up to $3,000! Naturally, the size of the winnings will depend on the quantity and quality of the symbols in a successful spin of the reels.

The Build-Quality of This Slot Is “Modern-Retro”

Although modernised from the inside, the Queen of the Nile 2 slot is made to present its players with more than just a “classic vibe”. The visual art of the symbols, combined with the “old-style” sound effects, deliver the best version of what this game can be, without actually looking “updated”.

Perhaps a small con here, is that the game lacks background music, which was present in the first part of the Queen of the Nile slot series. Although we are not aware why this is so, it would have been nice for Aristocrat to include a small audio loop of an Egyptian-style chord progression. Regardless of the lack of background music, the game’s graphics are done in HD, which makes the slot look somewhat modern in its own right.

Evolution of the Different Game Versions

Because Aristocrat is a world-renowned producer of physical VLT slot machines for the land-based casino industry, it wasn’t much of a surprise to learn that the company had initially released the Queen of the Nile 2 slot game in their signature VLT’s; however, there is more. When the game was released for both physical machines and the online casino industry, they had an identical interface. The online version of the Queen of the Nile 2 slot, was made on the software platform Flash, which was quite problematic when it came to mobile devices such as smartphones and devices that ran on Android and iOS.

On the other hand, it was around that period when HTML5 started to become incredibly popular for its superior device support, and this is why Aristocrat “remodelled” the version meant for online play. Essentially, it made its design a bit more “mobile-friendly”, by moving the slot’s controls to one side of the screen (for better operation with thumbs). By doing so, the game not only became supported by all types of mobile devices but was easier to use. The drawback? A core “gamble feature” was removed, which is still present in the VLT machine, but not in the online version of the Queen of the Nile 2 slot. You can see how the “old” interface looked below.

The Queen of the Nile 2 Slot Shows That “Less Is More”

There are two types of “classic slots” in the iGaming industry – those that are made to look retro, and those that inherently are. The Queen of the Nile 2 slot machine is definitely attributed as being the latter, which is one of the reasons why people play it still today. Another reason for the game’s ever-enduring popularity is the fact that it is simple – there is essentially only one bonus feature, in addition to the modifiers activated by the two special symbols.

This “balanced simplicity” is what continues to keep the Queen of the Nile 2 slot in the crosshairs of players everywhere, and just like the ancient Cleopatra and her fabled beauty, it won’t be forgotten any time soon. We invite you to try the game for free or for real money – it might just be the “legendary slot” you’ve always been looking for.

Frequently Asked Questions

Are There Any Winning Strategies That Can Help Me with My Gameplay?

Indeed, there are! And while the most common one is to watch your budget, and maximise your bankroll in order to secure as many spins as possible per bet, the most sensible thing to do, is to utilise the selectable free spins feature efficiently. If the last bet you’ve made before the activation of the feature wasn’t the largest one, you could risk it by picking the two pyramids with the highest “winnings multiplier”; however, if you’ve bet big and you’ve been awarded, picking more free spins might be the right thing to do.

What Kind of Drawbacks Does the Queen of the Nile 2 Slot Game Have?

While there aren’t any “fundamental flaws” that will render your playing session unpleasant, there are a couple of “kinks” you should be aware of. The first one has to do with the fate of the “gamble feature”. The second (and in our opinion, more significant one) is the fact that the maximum betting limit isn’t that high – this is something that high rollers wouldn’t necessarily like; however, this isn’t a “drawback” that would affect occasional slot players.

Is There a Way to Play the First Edition of the Queen of the Nile 2 Slot Machine?

Sadly, no. Although we do understand the novelty of experiencing the “first edition” of any online slot, when Aristocrat updated the online version of the game, it subsequently removed the old one. The closest you can get to experiencing the original Queen of the Nile 2 slot game, is in an actual land-based casino that offers it; however, those have become some of a rarity themselves, so the search for it is not going to prove an easy one.