Jackpot Raiders Review – A Casino Game with Innovative Gameplay

The Jackpot Raiders slot entered the iGaming industry in 2019. Created by the industry veterans Yggdrasil, this slot saw a swift and unprecedented rise to popularity by featuring plenty of bonus mechanics, smooth operation, and a whole lot more. In this Jackpot Raiders slot review, you will learn more about how the game functions and what to hope for when you’re out there trying to land some bonus features.

Sam and Bear: The Two Main Characters of the Jackpot Raiders Slot

The first thing you will notice once you’ve loaded the Jackpot Raiders slot game is that it looks incredibly similar to the Indiana Jones movies. With that being said, the plot of the game revolves around two adventurers — the young and brash Sam Campbell and the seasoned pilot sir Bear Buckingham. Both of them are on a quest to discover the treasures of the fabled “Sunken City”. Those of you with a good eye for art will recognise that the visual style itself has been inspired by the works of

Drew Struzan — an incredibly famous artist who used to be the lead poster designer for Hollywood blockbusters in the late ’90s and early 2000s.

The Two Main Characters of the Jackpot Raiders Slot

Jackpot Raiders Slot Online — Symbols and Features

Although the Jackpot Raiders slot has a regular 5×3 reel layout, that’s where the “classic” part of the game pretty much ends. When it comes to the symbols, there are four low-paying ones (Spade, Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts), four high-paying ones (Backpack, Hat & Knife, Bear Buckingham, Sam Campbell), and one special symbol (the Compass).

Compass symbols

Trigger One of Two Features with the Compass

When you’ve successfully landed three Compass symbols, the arrow within the dial will spin between the “bonus” and “free spins” fields. Once the arrow stops spinning, it will activate the feature it has landed on. Although the number of free spins (10) or picks you receive won’t be influenced by the number of landed scatter symbols, you will have a chance of scoring an additional reward. For every four scatters landed, the game will pay you 1,000 coins; however, if you’ve been lucky enough to get five Compass symbols, then the Jackpot Raiders slot online will give you 10,000 coins!

Pick a Chest for More Extras

If you happen to land only two Compass scatter symbols on the layout, the “Pick a Chest” feature will trigger, presenting you with five different chests. Three of them will contain a monetary reward of a different size, one will have a special map piece to one of the five jackpot routes, and the remaining one – a Compass scatter! If you manage to score a compass symbol from the chests, a “dial spin” will be initiated before activating either free spins or the bonus mini-game.

the Pick a Chest feature

The Multi-Faceted Treasure Hunt Bonus Game

If the Compass scatter symbol has enabled a bonus game, the first thing that will happen here is that both Sam and Bear will become selectable characters. Should players choose Bear, they can expect smaller rewards but with a higher success rate. Choosing Sam will give the player a chance to score larger rewards at a decreased success rate.

When the game begins, the selected character will appear at the beginning of a cavern. There, the player will be presented with three choices — take the safe path for a guaranteed win, take a slightly more dangerous way for a higher reward, or take the most dangerous road in the hopes of scoring the biggest prize.

Regardless of the character you choose at the beginning, the bonus game will grant you three “road picks”. Should you fail the first time, you can try again until you are out of picks. Bear in mind that it is within the bonus game, where in addition to the cash reward, a player will have the chance of receiving a Sunken City relic. After the bonus game has been concluded, any relics collected this way will be automatically saved and placed on the side of the reels in the base game. Once five of them have been successfully gathered, they will initiate their special free spins.

Hunt Bonus Game

Ancient Relic Free Spins Provide Even More Rewards

Once you’ve successfully collected five sunken relics, the game will grant 10 FS. Just like with the “map free spins”, the Sunken Relic feature will start its FS with a free gem. The reason Sunken Relic FS are special because they will apply an x10 winnings multiplier for every successful combination of symbols!

Collect Map Scrolls for More Free Spins

You will notice that beneath each reel, there is a description of a place, as well as five different map pieces. During regular gameplay and the “pick a chest” feature, a player will have the chance of landing a piece of the map. Once one of the five maps is fully assembled, the game will initiate its free spins mode on the stage that the completed map refers to. Not only that, but depending on the colour of the map, the free spins will start with a jackpot gem already inserted in its appropriate colour location. Regardless of the colour of the free spins you’ve initiated this way, every line win during free spins mode will be multiplied x3 times!

Gather Gems to Win Jackpots

As the name of the game itself suggests, you can expect a jackpot; in fact, there are five different types that can provide you with some hefty wins! From lowest to highest, the jackpots are: Forgotten, Rare, Mythical, Ancient, and Legendary. While the smallest jackpot amount here can be as little as 50 units of currency, the largest can provide a reward of more than 15,000 units of currency. All you have to do to get them is collect five gems of the same colour!

Gather Gems to Win Jackpots

Important Basic Features of the Game

Although the Jackpot Raiders slot does appear to be quite detailed, the game is incredibly easy to play. The fact that the game has 20 fixed paylines means that the only thing the player needs to do is set their bet per spin value (BPS) and play. The Jackpot Raiders RTP rate is listed to be 96.3%, which is considered to be on the generous side by iGaming industry standards. Because Jackpot Raiders has a low volatility factor, players can expect to land winning combinations more often than not.

Although the maximum win listed for the game is £164,400, the smallest payout that can be produced comes from a successful combination of three spade symbols, which will produce a win of 20 coins. On the other hand, landing a five-symbol Sam Campbell combo will deliver a reward of 4,000 coins! Depending on the BPS value you’ve set, you might find yourself winning some serious money.

How to Adjust a Bet

Once you’ve loaded up the game, the only thing that will be required of you is to set the value of the coins. Because the game has 20 fixed pay lines and requires a single coin per line, every spin will cost 20 coins; however, by adjusting the value of the individual coin, you will form your total bet per spin. For example, the smallest value that can be set here is £0.005, which translates to a BPS of £0.10. On the other hand, a coin value of £2 will have a BPS of £40. Within the game’s settings, you can customise your interface to display all values in coins.

An Unlimited Autoplay Mechanic

When it comes to setting the slot in autoplay mode, you can choose two things — the number of the spins you want to process, and the conditions under which the autoplay mechanic will disable itself. The smallest number of auto spins you can enable is 10; however, if you feel like you want to “let the game ride”, you can set it to a maximum value of 1,000! If even that number seems small, then you can just set the auto spin mechanic to “infinity”.

Jackpot Raiders can also be disabled when a spin produces a single win (by a user-defined value) if the cash balance increases (by a user-defined value), if the money balance decreases (by a user-defined value) when entering a Pick & Click feature, and when entering a bonus. One or all conditions can be adjusted and activated when enabling auto spin mode; of course, you can disable it manually as well.

Experience the Adventure on Your Smartphone or Tablet

The mobile optimisation of the game is incredible, and not only in the visual department! Yggdrasil have long considered themselves to be innovators in the slot development industry, which is why the Jackpot Raiders game can be played flawlessly on any Android or iOS device. The HD vector graphics of the game allow it to appear crisp and vivid on any type of screen. Perhaps the only thing that can be defined as a minor annoyance in the Jackpot Raiders mobile slot is that it is made to be playable only in landscape mode.

This iGaming Title Keeps Rising in Popularity

Although the excellent visuals and art style is what sets the Jackpot Raiders slot game apart from all the others online, it is actually its gameplay that makes the game truly stand out from any other “adventure-themed” slots. The different features used to initiate the free spins manage to create a sense of “control”, which is greatly appreciated by slot players everywhere. Whether you would like to experience the Jackpot Raiders slot for real money or give it a go in demo mode, you will find yourself excited every time. Make sure you try this game out – and we are almost certain that you will like it!


Does the Game Have Any Wild Symbols?

Actually, no! The Jackpot Raiders is one of the very few games produced by Yggdrasil that don’t feature a wild symbol. Given the fact that there are many ways to initiate the free spins function, the developer has decided to not include a wild symbol as not to affect the balance of the gameplay.

If I Land the Last Two Remaining Map Pieces at the Same Time, Which of the Free Spins Will Start First?

The game is developed in such a way as to prevent something like this from happening. If you’ve gathered four pieces in several sets, any subsequently landing map symbols will complete the full map piece one by one.

Can I Retrigger Any of the Free Spins Here?

Unfortunately, you can’t, and there is a pretty good reason for that. When the game is engaged in free spins mode, jackpot gems already appear quite frequently. Adding another element to the game that will make it pay out its largest prize easily will not only ruin the balance of the entire slot but will also decrease the interest of players, as almost everyone will have the chance of getting the best rewards without much effort.