Terminator 2 Slot Review – a Timeless Classic with a Lot to Offer

James Cameron’s masterpiece Terminator 2: Judgement Day was released in 1991. Twenty-three years later in 2014, Microgaming created Terminator 2 the slot machine. Considered to be one of the most famous brands in popular culture, this slot machine was an immediate hit. Not only did the developer did the movie brand some serious justice, but it also quickly became one of the most popular licensed slots in the world! In this Terminator 2 slot review, we will dive deep into the title’s rich history, multiple features, and everything else in between. Learn how to get the most from playing this game!

The Terminator 2 Slot Game Follows a Familiar Story

Judging by the symbols and the overall design of the game, the game’s storyline follows the movie Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Fans of the movie will clearly recognize beloved characters such as Sarah Connor, John Connor, T-800 and T-1000. If you’re familiar with the original story of the movie, then this is exactly what the game is about as well. If not, then here it is – a rogue AI computer program from the future sends a liquid metal robot to the past to destroy a small boy who would eventually grow up to be the leader of the human resistance that destroys the AI in the future.

Terminator 2 is a 5x3 reel pattern slot by Microgaming

The Gameplay Extras Found in the Terminator 2 Slot

This classic movie is remade into a “5×3 reel pattern slot”. There are four low-paying symbols and seven high paying ones, two of which serve a special purpose. The “T2” symbol is a wild and will replace all others with the exception of the “Time Sphere Scatter” and the “T-1000 Free Spin” symbols. Talking about free spins, the Terminator 2 online slot has a lot of them, and they deliver a number of game modifiers that not only keep the game interesting but also expands the possibilities of larger wins. We have explained the individual features in detail below.

Terminator 2 has four low-paying symbols and seven high paying ones

The Free Spins Mode Expands the Slot’s Layout

Once a player has gathered three free spins symbols, the interface of the game will immediately change and expand from a 5×3 layout to a 5×4. This will not only increase the number of possible winning ways but will also enable the T-1000’s special feature – “symbol mimicking”. If during FS mode a T-1000 is landed next to other high paying symbols, it will “morph” into them, which can successfully complete a winning combination. The number of free spins that can be acquired at any time, is 10. Players can experience the FS mechanic for themselves, by playing the Terminator 2 slot for free.

The Frees Spins mode of Terminator 2 slot expand it from a 5×3 layout to a 5×4

The T-800 Vision Random Bonus

The “T-800 vision“ feature has a random chance of appearing after a non-winning spin. It will alter the game’s interface colour, and start to single out high-paying symbols. After placing a crosshair on each and every one of them, the slot then will pay an individual prize for every “character” from the movie. The better the symbol, the better their value. One additional bonus to the T-800 vision is that if the last spin during which the bonus was activated had a single scatter symbol on the reels, it would activate the free spins feature as well.

Bear in mind that the T-800 vision can occur only in regular gameplay. Although there is no data on how often this bonus feature occurs, our testing sessions showed that the T-800 vision enables itself at least once on every 30 – 50 non-winning (consecutive) spins. We should mention that although this feature is indeed a welcome one, players shouldn’t rely on it that much, as the winnings that it can grant can both be small or large.

Terminator 2 “T-800 vision“ bonus feature

Featuring a Complex Auto Play Function

In addition to the present bonus mechanics, we can’t avoid mentioning the complex autoplay function and of course the detailed game settings. Once a player of the Terminator 2 online slot decides to engage the auto spin function, they can adjust it in several ways from the “quick button menu”. Folks will be able to set it to stop after a number of spins have passed, or until another condition has been fulfilled. After the players have modified their preferred auto spin settings, they can save them as a template, and just enable it when they need to.

Are There Any Jackpots Here?

We couldn’t help but think that there is a jackpot here; however, that’s not entirely the case. A promotional banner within the game’s payout settings promises a reward of up to $88,000, which is by no means a small amount of money. Although the conditions under which this type of cash can be won, aren’t exactly revealed, we deducted that it would have to do with landing the right symbol combination while in free spins mode!

The Terminator 2 slot game promises a reward of up to $88,000

An Expert Advice on How to Play This Slot

The lowest bet that can be made in Terminator 2 is with one coin, that has a value of 0.01

The first thing players should be aware before hitting that “spin” button for the first time, is how to properly set their wager. The Terminator 2 slot machine has 243 winning ways, and as such, players will need to decide how many “coins” they would like to spend per spin, and also choose the value “per coin”. The lowest bet that can be made is with one coin, that has a value of 0.01 – which would bring the entire bet per spin at $0.30. On the other end of the betting spectrum, if a player chooses to play 10 coins at a value of 0.10, their bet per spin stake would be $30.

When the free spins are engaged, and the slot expands its layout, the winning ways will become 1,024! This will not only provide additional winning opportunities to players but will also use the “last bet” that was made, as the “wager value” for all free spins. When it comes to the RTP, Terminator 2 has a rate of 96.62%. Branded slots are known to usually have a notoriously low RTP; however, this is not the case here. On the other hand, wins might arrive more often than not, due to the fact that the Terminator 2 slot has a low to medium volatility factor.

A Game That Looks and Sounds Amazing

The Terminator 2 online slot isn’t just modelled after the movie, but it also features pleasant “bits and pieces” that will immerse the player fully. Winning symbol combinations will play out short scenes from T2, while larger wins (especially from high paying symbols) will expand and display longer, pivotal scenes from the film itself, complete with a fully sounded dialogue between different characters!

Putting the visual effects aside, we have to talk about the incredible quality of every symbol – the clarity, sharpness and colours of every image are “beyond HD”. In a non-typical fashion for a Microgaming title, the Terminator 2 slot game features the original movie soundtrack as its background music.

The Players Will Always “Be Back” to Play Terminator 2 Slot Machine

Because of its volatility and RTP rate, Terminator 2 is an ideal slot game for beginner slot players. While the high end of the betting spectrum does provide high rollers with some action as well, it is still not that astronomically high, in order to say that the game is made for people with deep pockets. We recommend people try the Terminator 2 slot for free, not only to experience a truly great representation of the franchise but also dive into a state of nostalgia and remember one of the best movies ever made. The timeless allure of Terminator 2 Judgement Day as a film, will always attract both fans to this exceptional slot!


Are There Any Drawbacks or Cons in the Terminator 2 Slot?

Given the fact that the game is considered to be quite “fast-paced,” we would have appreciated a “slam stop” function. Alas, the “turbo” mode in the advanced settings doesn’t seem to speed the reels that much, which makes every spin have some kind of delay. Another thing that the slot seems to be lacking is a bit higher maximum betting limit; however, it isn’t excluded that some casino operators might actually have them.

Can I Play the Game from Anywhere?

It is sad to say, but not all jurisdictions will have access to the Terminator 2 slot. Due to the individual licensing agreements between british casino sites and the company Microgaming, it is possible that access from some countries will be restricted to both versions of the slot (demo and real money).

My Computer Doesn’t Seem to Run the Game Smoothly – What Can I Do to Make It Better?

There are three main things you can try to get the Terminator 2 online slot to run properly. First, check if you have the latest version of your browser. The second thing you should do is see if the browser you’re using supports Flash. The third option is to decrease the visual quality of the graphics settings, located in the game’s “advanced options” menu.