Valley of the Gods Slot Review – Good RTP and Awesome Rewards All in One

In 2017, the worldwide-renowned developer Yggdrasil unleashed the Valley of the Gods slot to the iGaming industry. Sporting exceptional artwork, bonus features, and balanced gameplay, this Egyptian-themed title quickly reached a renowned status among its peers. Not only did the game became one of the best-played online slot machines at the time it was released, but also prompted the creation of a sequel. In today’s Valley of the Gods slot review, we will reveal why this remarkable game continues to be played by many even today.

Valley of the Gods slot developed by Yggdrasil

The Valley of the Gods Slot Presents a Mystical Theme

Beneath the sands of the Egyptian desert, a couple of scarabs emerge and travel to the statues of the gods Anubis and Horus. Once the beetles embed themselves in the statues, magical energies surround the slot’s interface and reel layout! The player then spins the reels to uncover the mysteries that the Anubis and Horus statues keep secret. Complete with an introductory 3D cut scene, the Valley of the Gods slot is made to look absolutely impressive on any type of screen.

There Are Mystical Features in the Valley of the Gods Slot Game

Although considered to be one of Yggdrasil’s “simpler” slots, that doesn’t mean that the Valley of the Gods doesn’t have bonus features. In fact, this 5x1x3x5x3x1 reel layout game offers a lot of challenges for the players. The slot operates with four high-paying symbols and six low-paying ones. It has 3,125 winning ways, and successful combinations will be formed by landing three identical symbols in adjacent reels, from left to right.

The two main gaming features of this slot are the win multipliers and the re-spins. Once a player has cleared all symbol blockers, they will be able to gather scarab symbols in order to fill the symbol meter on each god statue. Depending on the winning combination, scarabs will accumulate and provide winning multipliers and re-spins (which will trigger on any losing spin). During the special game bonuses, the slot’s reels will be completely “unblocked”, in their full 5×5 pattern. While playing for real money might prove to be quite lucrative, you can always play the Valley of the Gods slot for free and experience the gaming mechanics with no risk.

Features and paylines in the Valley of the Gods Slot Game

The Valley of the Gods Game Is Simple to Play

All that is needed to start spinning the “ancient Egyptian reels”, is to set the coin value of your bet. This “mid-to-high” volatility slot has a minimum of 0.004-coin value stake and a maximum of 4.0. Depending on the implied currency, this can bring the smallest bet per spin (BPS) to €0.10 and the largest to €100. The Valley of the Gods slot has an RTP rate of 96.2%, which isn’t very high, but it isn’t bad as well, as some of the most played slots today have an RTP of 95% or more. The maximum amount that can be won from this slot is 580,000 coins, which can be translated into a lot of money, depending on your last bet value selection.

See and Hear the Valley of the Gods in Glorious HD

Yggdrasil is known to be a software developer that pays special attention to the visual and audio design of their slots. With this being said, it is understandable why the game’s sound effects are custom made, while Yggdrasil’s iSENSE 2.0 platform has further enhanced the graphics of the slot.

One Additional Title from the Saga Is Available

Yggdrasil developed a continuation called “the Valley of the Gods 2”

With the success of the initial game, Yggdrasil developed a continuation called “the Valley of the Gods 2”. It has an innovative reel layout of 6 by 1x2x3x4x5x2; however, after players “release” all of the symbol blockers, the pattern will become a 6 by 3x4x5x6x7x8! This game not only has the win multiplier and re-spin features which were present in its predecessor but also offered a completely new one – “a full wild reel”. Yggdrasil is known to be a “mobile-friendly” developer, with an exceptional focus to browser-play. What this means, is that both Valley of the Gods slot games will be available in “non-downloadable” instant versions.

Play a Simple but Efficient Slot

The first thing that should be mentioned is the fact that the Valley of the Gods slot is based on a “less is more” design strategy, which is why it won’t have an overexuberant amount of special symbols or casino bonus features. The interesting reel patter manages to provide the “suspense factor” players are looking for, which is why the game continues to be among the most played ones from Yggdrasil’s portfolio. You might be impressed if you give it a chance!

Frequently Asked Questions

What Are the Gameplay Cons of the Valley of the Gods?

Although you won’t find any design or gameplay flaws here, you might experience a caveat with the fact that the special features (multipliers and “extra lives”) are a bit too challenging to enable. The chance of scoring the right combination to remove all symbol blockers isn’t perceived to be a very generous one.

Can I Play the Game on Any Browser?

Although HTML5 games are known to be optimised with the majority of popular browsers today, Yggdrasil has stated that it officially supports Chrome, Mozilla, Microsoft Edge, and Safari. Using another browser doesn’t mean that the game won’t run at all, but it is possible that other browsers won’t be able to load the game as fast as others, and this may affect the overall gameplay.

How Can I Get More from the Game?

Many players seem to underestimate the fact that modern slots are paying out at their best when a bonus feature has been enabled. In the majority of slot cases, having the maximum number of “base spins” is what will increase the chances of a player enabling a particular feature. In order for that to happen, players are advised to bet as low as possible so that they can maximise the efficiency of their account balance.