Toki Time Slot Review – An Interesting Title with Exceptionally Balanced Gameplay

The Toki Time slot game was launched in 2015 by the company Thunderkick. Standing out with its interesting minimalistic design, this game manages to impress not only its players but also notable iGaming critics. Although it has been a few years since Toki Time came out, it still manages to retain its replay value due to the number of interesting features and mechanics it offers. You can learn everything about this title from our Toki Time slot review!

Toki Time Slot Review

The Toki Time Slot Machine Has an Interesting Visual Concept

The Toki Time slot machine might not tell a particular story, but it presents a unique cartoon universe with quirky characters and an incredible art atmosphere. It is more than clear that the visual style of this game has been inspired by the popular cartoon Adventure Time; however, Toki Time manages to represent its own amazing art style. One of the most interesting visual features of the game is the constantly revolving “day-night” background that manages to change the “gameplay mood” of the slot constantly. Every single element here is done in HD, allowing PC and mobile players to enjoy Toki Time in exceptional visual quality regardless of the devices they are using.

The Standard and Special Features of the Toki Time Slot Machine

When it comes to the reel layout, the Toki Time uses a standard 5×3 grid. There are 8 symbols in total here and are arranged from lowest to highest paying as such: Yellow Animal, Blue Animal, Green Animal, Red Animal, Purple Animal, Rainbow Cloud, and Shooting Star. The last symbol (the Lama Deer) is the final symbol that doesn’t have a listed payout value because it serves a special function.

Toki Time Features

The Lama Deer Symbol Is a Full Reel Wild

Every time a player spins the reels of the Toki Time slot machine, there is a chance that on the second and fourth reel they will land the Lama Deer symbol. If this happens, it will act as a full reel wild. In addition to substituting every single symbol in the game, Lama Deer wilds will also become sticky when they have become a part of a winning combination!

Potential for Unlimited Respins

Once a Lama Deer has become a sticky wild, the game will initiate a respin. If the Toki Time slot game produces a win after the respin, the full reel wild will continue to persist until a respin fails to create a successful combination. When that happens, the respin mode will stop. There is no limit to how many respins can be retriggered, and if players have only managed to enable the feature with a single wild reel symbol, they will have the chance to land another one. If this happens, the second Lama Deer symbol will also become sticky and persist until a respin doesn’t produce a win.

Some of the Toki Time Basics You Should Know About

The simplistic design of the slot makes it incredibly easy to play. One of the most important and interesting features of this game concerns its 11 fixed pay lines. While the majority of the slots pay from left to right, this title accounts for successful symbol combinations that are formed from right to left as well (two-way wins). What this means is that if a five-symbol combination is produced, its winning value will be multiplied x2 times.

Considered to be quite generous in terms of payout, the Toki Time slot RTP rate is listed to be 97.01%. Often defined by the industry as having low-to-mid volatility, Toki Time is expected to produce winning combinations quite often. With that being said, the smallest win that Toki Time can produce is 0.20 units of currency (UOC) and will be made up of three Yellow Animal symbols. The highest possible single win will come from a combination of five Shooting Stars, which will pay 4,800 units of currency due to the two-way wins rule. Both the min and max possible wins have been calculated at the lowest and highest bet settings.

Toki Time RTP rate

A Balanced Maximum Win Instead of a Jackpot

Although there are no jackpots of any kind in the Toki Time slot, the highest possible win here is calculated to be x48 times a player’s wager (this value adheres to the rule for two-way wins). If calculated with the highest possible bet setting, the largest possible win in the game can reach up to approximately 115,200 units of currency.

Adjusting Your Bet in Toki Time Is Exceptionally Easy

The Toki Time slot machine offers an incredible range when it comes to bet values. The smallest amount of money that can be placed per spin is 0.20, while the largest – 100 UAC. All you would have to do to set the amount of your BPS (bet per spin) is to click on the current bet at the bottom of the gaming interface and select one of the 14 available values.

A Useful Autoplay Function

When it comes to processing spins on automation, Toki Time allows players to set the spins counter as low as 5 and as high as 5,000. Once you’ve set your desired number of autoplay spins, all you would have to do is press the spin button to start this gameplay mechanic. A small drawback here, perhaps, is the fact that the autoplay mechanic doesn’t feature more complex self-disabling conditions.

Toki Time Autoplay Functions

An Exceptionally Mobile-Optimised Slot Game

Another interesting benefit is the mobile-centric design of the Toki Time slot game. The interface, as well as the gameplay controls, are positioned in a way that will accommodate comfortable gameplay on any type of smartphone or tablet. With that being said, it comes as no surprise that the slot runs flawlessly on iOS and Android.

The Simplicity of This Game Guarantees Its Continuing Success

Thunderkick has managed to create a game that tends to be neither too simple nor too complex. Perhaps, the only drawback to this otherwise impressive slot is that there aren’t any other special symbols or additional features. In hindsight, however, the present gaming mechanics of the Toki Time slot game already make this title worthy of the attention of both slot beginners as well as seasoned players. While there is a Toki Time slot demo version released by Thunderkick, the real excitement comes from playing it for real money. Regardless of your gameplay style, if you want to give Toki Time a go, you won’t be disappointed!


Toki Time Doesn’t Have High Betting Limits, Why Is That?

Although the values referenced in this review detail a slot that both low and high rollers can play, it is possible that the aforementioned betting range won’t be the same in a number of online casinos. Due to lawful regulation by the appropriate authorities, and the implementation of special protocols, most online gambling establishments tend to severely drop the highest bet value in a majority of slots – this is done to help players who have “overspending habits”.

Do I Need to Engage the Respin Mode of Toki Time in Order to Win the Largest Possible Prize?

Actually, no! Another beautiful detail about the Toki Time slot game is that it provides an equal winning opportunity in its base and respin modes. While the chances for landing that perfect symbol combination on all positions seems to be the same for both gameplay modes, the respin feature might provide the player with much more opportunities to win the “big money” prize due to its unlimited retrigger potential and wild substitutes.

I Can’t Find the “Fast Play” Settings – Where Is It Located?

This might ruffle a few feathers the wrong way, but the Toki Time slot machine doesn’t have a setting that will accelerate the gameplay speed. A single spin will be processed in approximately 4 seconds from the moment the player has initiated the spin, right down to its conclusion. If you still want to play a bit faster, though, you can do it by utilising the “slam stop” mechanic. Once you’ve spun the reels, wait for a stop symbol to display on the activation button, and simply press it again – this way, you will be able to process every single spin in approximately 1.5 seconds.