London Hunter Slot Review – a Game That Excels in Design and Gameplay

In 2018, London Hunter suddenly found its way into the portfolios of the top rated casino sites in the UK. Created by the famous gambling software developing company Habanero, this unusual, but interesting slot became a sensation practically overnight. Both beginner slot players and genre veterans quiver with excitement, while trying to enable its numerous features. Although this slot title isn’t new, its theme and gameplay have been designed by the company to withstand the tests of time, and they do. Learn everything you would like to know about this title in our remarkable London Hunter slot review!

London Hunter Slot has a classic 5x3 pattern

Explore a Fictional World in the London Hunter Slot Story

The game loads to a beautiful aerial view of what can be described only as a reimagined version of the city of London. In addition to the London Bridge and iconic Big Ben tower, one can’t help but notice that the entire scenery of the game is based on the “steampunk” visual style, which became even more popular since it entered the mainstream in the mid-2000s. While there is no clear-cut storyline here, it becomes evident that a “Hunter” character is hunting an elusive beast, known as the Cyborg Tyrannosaurus Rex. Slot players will be able to experience this exciting game and its story in glorious HD, on any type of device!

The London Hunter Slot Machine Has Intricate Gameplay Features

The London Hunter slot machine features a classic 5×3 pattern, the reels of which move with a standard rolling motion. There are ten symbols in total – nine regular ones, and a single special one. The regular symbols are five high paying ones (Hunter, Bulldog, Backpack Rifle, Goggles, and Smoking Pipe). The four remaining symbols are low paying ones, and are designed after the most famous symbols in a standard deck of playing cards (A, K, Q, and J). The special symbol is the Cyborg Tyrannosaurus Rex, which serves as a “wild”, meaning that it will substitute all other symbols on the reel pattern.

London Hunter Slot special features

The Fuel Tanks Guarantee Triggerable Features

On the side of the playing fields, there will be two fuel tanks that will start filling up every time a spin has been initiated. Once the left tank has been filled, it will provide an x3 multiplier when a winning combination of symbols has been landed. One of the best parts about this feature, is that even if the player doesn’t land a winning combination immediately after filling the tank, the charge will persist until a winning combination has been produced.

When it comes to the right fuel tank, this one is responsible for enhancing the wild symbol present here. Just like the multiplier feature, once filled, the wild fuel tank will persist until a Hunter and a Tyrannosaurus symbols appear on the reels. When this happens, the Tyrannosaurus symbol will expand in a 2×2 layout, and correlate with all other symbols around it.

The Free Spins Feature Can Be Challenging to Land

The good news is that this slot does have a free spins feature! On the other hand, the challenging point is that in order to initiate it, a player will need to successfully land three different symbols in specific reel positions. When a Hunter is landed on the first reel, a Backpack Rifle on the second, and a Tyrannosaurus wild symbol appears on the fifth reel, the game will grant the player 10 free spins (FS).

The Fuel Tanks Enhance the FS Feature

During FS mode, any spins that are processed will continue to fill the left and right fuel tanks. If the left one is filled during FS mode, it will permanently increase the winning multiplier value by x1. We should also note that if FS mode was initiated while the left tank was filled, the bonus rounds will begin with a default x4 win multiplier. Throughout our testing experience, we managed to raise the rate of up to x6 while in FS mode. While in base play the right tank does enhance the wild symbol, in FS mode it will provide additional bonus spin retriggers (plus two spins, per one filled tank, to be exact).

Retriggers and Multipliers Are Not Unlimited

Even if you start the bonus game feature with full tanks, the FS mode will initiate with them being empty. After which, they will fill up from two to six times. Once any additional FS are granted, they will be added to the counter above. After the conclusion of the bonus round, a message will be displayed showing how many bonus spins have been processed, as well as the total win amount.

This Slot Has a Periodic Jackpot Mechanics

Habanero are a company that produces not only its own original content, but also the features for it. With that being said, London Hunter doesn’t have its own jackpot; however, it does incorporate the trademarked “Jackpot Race“. Intricately, this is a jackpot network spread among other slots of Habanero, that is activated every 24 hours. This way, the progressive prize pot fills at a much greater rate.

Essential Game Specs for Players

While the interface looks filled with interactive elements due to the game’s visual style, London Hunter is surprisingly easy to play. A player needs to set two things before spinning the reels – the bet level, and the coin value. There are ten bet levels in total, while the min-max values of the coin are 0.01 and 20 units of currency. The adjustment of these settings will determine the total bet per spin (or BPS).

Considered to be of medium volatility, the London Hunter slot machine will land winning combinations more often than not. This title has an RTP rate of 96.72%, which is often defined as being above average by iGaming industry standards. The London Hunter has 25 fixed pay lines. When it comes to winnings, the smallest one that can be produced is by a combination of three J symbols, which will yield 0.05 units of currency (at the lowest BPS). If you would like to go all out, then a winning combination of five Hunter symbols can yield a win of 80,000 units of currency! The payout table will display any potential winnings depending on the BPS amount that has been set.

The London Hunter slot has 25 fixed pay lines

Pleasantly Detailed Auto Spin Mechanics

The London Hunter slot game features one of the most complex auto spin features created by Habanero. Not only it allows players to set a number of spins (from 10 to 500), but also control the conditions at which the auto spins will stop. Players can set a “disable condition” based on “amount won”, “balance decrease”, and “free games trigger”.

Superbly Optimised for Smartphones and Tablets

Given the fact that the London Hunter slot is one of Habanero’s newer line-up of games, it comes as no surprise that this title is incredibly responsive when played on a mobile platform. The game runs smoothly on any Android or iOS device, and in terms of gameplay, it won’t differ from its desktop computer counterpart. The only visible difference here, is the re-positioning of the interface controls, which are simplified in order to better accommodate gameplay.

London Hunter Slot Is a Timeless Classic

Habanero’s philosophy of creating superb slot games can be clearly seen in London Hunter. In addition to the balanced gameplay provided by this slot, its unique visual style surely guarantees its relevance for the years to come. The fuel tank features provide a sense of gameplay stability, which is why the London Hunter slot game continues to be one of Habanero’s most famous titles, even today. Although the top rated casino sites UK offer this title for real money, players might even be able to experience it in demo mode as well! If you are someone who enjoys quirky visuals and interesting gameplay, you should try London Hunter out!


Is There a Way to Fill the Fuel Tanks Faster?

Unfortunately, no. Given the fact that the fuel tanks produce guaranteed game enhancements, the rate at which they will fill up is decided on a random principle. It should be noted that if a tank is half-way filled up and the value of the BPS is changed to a different value, the tanks will reset.

When Do Wild Symbols Land in the Middle Reels?

This slot is developed in a way that allows wild symbols to appear only on the first and fifth reel. Although this might seem like a drawback, the developer has done this in order to balance the gameplay better while preserving the other features that are tied to the particular positioning of the wild symbol on the reels.

How Do I Enable London Hunter in Demo Mode?

If a specific online casino does feature the London Hunter slot game in its portfolio, then by default, there should be an option that allows the game to be engaged in demo mode. Casinos that don’t provide demo play even after registration, are probably prevented from doing so due to the regulations set forth by the licensing administration of a specific jurisdiction.

What Is the Best Way to Increase My Chances of Triggering a Bonus Feature?

The game’s features operate on the same random generation number algorithm that is responsible for predicting the outcome of every spin. With that being said, there is no direct way to influence London Hunter into providing its players with more frequent bonus rewards. There is a passive strategy, that might increase your chances of enabling the bonus rounds mechanic – bet small, and maximise the number of spins you can make!