40 Super Hot Slot Review – Providing Many Winning Opportunities

In August of 2015, the 40 Super Hot online slot hit the iGaming “shelves” of many internet gambling establishments. Produced and distributed by the industry veteran developer EGT (Euro Gaming Technology), this simple-looking slot impressed many people with its remarkable simplicity and entertaining gameplay features. Although this game is more than five years old, it still manages to remain as one of the most popular titles created by EGT, which would explain why it’s featured in most of the top rated casino sites in the UK. In today’s 40 Super Hot slot review, we will provide you with everything you need to know about the title, as well as reveal some interesting gameplay tips and tricks!

40 Super Hot has an RTP of 95.81%

The 40 Super Hot Slot Doesn’t Need a Plot

The game’s overall design is based on the most classic “fruit” theme known to the casino industry, which is a clear throwback to the visual style of slot machines from the 1990s. Although considered to be a “retro slot” by many iGaming standards, EGT has done a marvellous job in designing the game with exceptional HD graphics, which makes it appear beautifully on any type of device screen.

Many Balanced Features of the 40 Super Hot Online Slot

Although the game is made to incite feelings of “old school slot nostalgia”, this title features a modern 5×4 reel layout. There are eight symbols in total, two of which are considered high paying ones (Star, Seven), and also six low paying ones (Grape, Watermelon, Plums, Lemons, Orange, and Cherries). The Seven symbol acts as a wild that substitutes all others except for the Star, while the latter is a scatter that will produce a payout regardless of its position.

A Special Feature – The Jackpot Cards Mini-Game

There is a chance that right after you’ve landed a winning combination, the Jackpot Cards feature will enable itself. Essentially, it will bring the player to a whole different gaming screen, that will display 12 cards. All of them will be shown face down, and the player will then start to turn all of them one by one. The goal here, is to match three cards of the same suit – when this is done, the feature will provide the player with a corresponding win.

Increase Your Wins With the Gamble Mechanics

Another unique gaming mechanics of the 40 Super Hot online slot, gives a chance to players to double their winnings several times. After landing a successful symbol combination, the game will display a “gamble” option right below the spin button. When a player selects it, the slot’s screen will display a stack of cards, and a red or black option. If the player makes a correct prediction of the colour, they will double their last win – this can be repeated five times! Players who don’t guess correctly, however, will lose their winnings.

Several Jackpots That Constantly Increase

One of the unique features that elevate the slot, comes in the form of four different jackpots. They are connected to the “Jackpot Cards” feature, and are designated as Clubs, Diamonds, Hearts, and Spades. Just like the bet values within the slot, all jackpot win amounts are shown in “diamonds” (coins), which constantly increase during gameplay.

The Clubs jackpot starts at approximately 20,000 coins, Diamonds at 100,000, Hearts at 120,000 and Spades at 4,500,000. One thing that should be noted, is that a player can hover over every single jackpot, and see statistics of when was the last time that specific amount was won, how many people won it, and also the date at when that happened. In the biggest recorded win, a lucky player managed to score a win of over 67,000,000 coins!

Jackpots in 40 super hot

Basic Facts Useful to First Time Players

Although the 40 Super Hot slot machine online looks populated with interactive elements, it is surprisingly easy to play. What makes this game unique, is its 40 fixed pay lines, and bet selection function. The total bet per spin (or BPS) starts at 1 coin per line, which means that the BPS for every spin is going to be 40 coins (£0.40). The maximum bet value that can be chosen is 800 coins (or £8) per spin – which translates to 20 coins per bet line.

Bet Selection in 40 super hot

Due to the game’s high customizability factor, online casinos will implement their own monetary value on these coins, which will essentially determine the final win of each successful combination. The general practice, however, has shown that casinos usually assign a value of £0.01 per credit, which would bring the lowest theoretical BPS at £0.40.

Another quite special feature of this game, is the fact that it has a “very low” volatility rate. What this means, is that winning combinations are expected to happen quite often, although the winning amounts they will produce will be smaller than the value of any set BPS. The RTP rate of this game is rumoured to be 95.81%, which is considered to be a tad bit less than the average “golden industry standard” of 96%.

With everything said up to this point, the smallest win amount (which is 10 coins), can be produced by landing a winning combination of either of these three symbols – Cherry, Lemon, or Orange (at the lowest possible BPS). The biggest “natural” win, is made up of five scatter symbols (Star), which gives 400,000 coins (calculated at the highest BPS). If we apply the theoretical monetary value which is assigned to the game’s coins, the highest win during the base game is supposed to produce a payout of £4,000.

Nice and Simple Auto Spin and Slam Stop Functions

There are no complicated settings or adjustments to be made – if you wish to set the game in auto spin mode, all you have to do is press on the orange button on the bottom left corner of the screen. The auto spins will last until a player’s balance has been depleted, or until the player has manually stopped them by pressing the same button. Game rounds that are processed in automation, will run at a rate of approximately two spins per every six seconds.

If you wish to pick up the pace a little bit, you can always initiate the slam-stop function by pressing on the same “bet value” button. This way, spins will be processed at an approximate rate of two rounds per every 1.5 seconds. Bear in mind that the slam-stop function of this slot is highly responsive, and if you’re not careful, you might burn through your bankroll quite easily.

The Saga Continues with Other “Super Hot” Titles

Many people don’t know this, but “Super Hot” is a special definition of a series of slots produced by EGT. There are three additional Super Hot slots produced by EGT, and the major difference between all of them is the number of their fixed pay lines, and the presence of other bonus features. Just like all of its slot “siblings”, the 40 Super Hot game is fully playable on any iOS and Android device, and is superbly streamlined for play with any type of smartphone or tablet.

Simple Slot Gameplay Will Always Be Better

EGT’s philosophy of creating its slot titles is based on the principle “less is more”, which is why they are ideal for beginner players. The 40 Super Hot slot machine is a bright example of that principle. This fruit game has proven to the many iGaming critics and players that its balanced and simple gameplay is what transcends the importance of flashy graphics and quirky themes. While this slot does have its minor drawbacks, it remains as one of the most popular titles of EGT to this day. It is usually offered in demo mode in most of the top rated casino sites in the UK. You might want to give it a try; after all, 40 Super Hot has the potential of paying out big!


Does the Game Have Any Free Spins?

Unfortunately, no. The main selling point of this slot is its pure gameplay, coupled with the mystery jackpot and gamble function. Since the developer has decided to keep the gameplay as simple as possible, it is unlikely that they will introduce an FS function to it.

How Can I Increase My Chances of Triggering the Jackpot Cards Feature?

In fact, there is! If a player sets a larger BPS value, they will also increase the chance of the special feature happening. While this might seem like good news, players are advised to be cautious when doing so, because a bigger BPS will quickly decrease anyone’s bankroll.

Why Can’t I Engage the Gamble Function?

There might be two reasons why this happens. The first one, could be due to the fact that the specific online casino you’re playing in might have restricted the gamble feature due to jurisdictional regulations. Another (and more probable) reason is that the last win you’ve landed, is larger than 1,400 coins. Since the only way the gamble feature can be activated is by landing a win below 1,400, anything over it will bring disbalance to the game – which is why it is disabled when this particular condition is met.