Red Baron Slot Review – an Exceptional Game with Many Bonuses

The developer Aristocrat seemed to be “on a roll” when they released the Red Baron slot machine in 2015. At first glance, this slot didn’t look that much impressive; however, due to its rich history and innovative features, it quickly became one of the most famous titles released by the Australian developer. The slot has been considered to be “ahead of its time” due to the fact that it sported Aristocrat’s signature gaming betting mechanic along with a bonus feature scheme that made the Red Baron slot irresistible to play. Read on, and you will get the idea of why a very significant number of people prefer to play this game, even now!

The Red Baron Slot Is Modelled after a Real Person!

Considered to be the best fighter pilot in the entire course over the first World War, Manfred von Richthofen, also known as the “Red Baron” made its permanent mark on military history. Credited with having 80 areal victories, this exceptional “flying ace” was known as the best there was – which is probably why Aristocrat developed this slot. On the other hand, the slot doesn’t seem to tell stories about the Baron’s military achievements, if we are to judge by the overall design of the game. Although his signature “red plane” is immortalised in one of the symbols in the Red Baron slot, the others seem to show a bit more “ordinary” storyline.

The Red Baron slot by Aristocrat has a 5x3 reel layout

Regardless what the tale of this game might be, we should note that it looks impressive on all sorts of devices, because of its incredible HD graphics. If you look carefully above, you will see the two most common versions of the game’s interface that are available online. Note that the second interface type will be the only one for VLT versions of the Red Baron slot machine.

All Red Baron Slot Machine Extras Are Interesting

This “flying ace” slot moves its reels in a standard rolling mechanic, while its 5×3 pattern goes through 13 symbols. The lowest paying ones are modelled after cards (9, 10, J, Q, and K), but if you’re wondering where the “Ace” is, there isn’t one; because, the only symbol that is defined by that moniker, is the Baron himself (which is one of the three highest paying symbols). Three of the 13 are “mid-paying”, and the remaining 2 – are the special “Medal Wild” and “Target Scatter”. Depending on which symbols a player will gather, the slot will initiate a special mission.

Aristocrat's slot game Red Baron has 13 symbols

Choose Your Mission in the Red Baron Slot Game

We found that the wild symbol here serves an interesting function – it will appear only on the third reel, and will not only substitute all other symbols with the exception of “target scatters”, but will provide a winnings multiplier, under special conditions. Aptly named “Choose Your Mission”, this feature gives players several options, once the bonus has been engaged. There are five missions in total, every one of which takes place over 15 free spins. Upon the successful completion of a mission’s main condition (gathering red plane symbols), the game will grant the player a “total win multiplier”. Here are the choices a player can make when the bonus feature is activated:

There is a bonus condition that affects all missions – if a player manages to gather 25 or more red planes, the game will give an additional x40 multiplier to be added to the multiplier from a successful mission. While 15 free spins might seems not as much to complete the bigger missions, the Red Bardon slot can also grant additional FS under the condition that the player hits three target marks. A “mission” can be completed only once, but the reels won’t stop spinning until all free spins have been spent. The potential winnings displayed on the “mission choice cards”, are calculated in accordance with the last bet made by the player.

The Red Baron slot by Aristocrat has a bonus feature which contains 5 Missions

Throughout our game testing sessions, our experience showed that enabling the bonus feature isn’t that easy. Our experts went through numerous play sessions and managed to “land” the special gaming feature within the 30 to 120 spin range. Bear in mind that this was our personal testing experience – the chances of landing the right symbols to enable the extra mini-game, have the same “randomness rate” for all players. Although you can start playing for real money right away, we recommend that you try the Red Baron slot for free first!

A Chance to Multiply Every Win

A mechanic present in almost all Aristocrat slots, the Red Baron slot “gamble” feature will give players the chance to risk their most recent win on a guessing card game. If a player manages to correctly predict the colour, they will receive double of what they wagered. Should they have managed to guess the right “suit”, then the game will quadruple their winnings! The slot allows up to five gambling rounds, but bear in mind that if you lose any round, any winnings accumulated up to this point (including the initial wager) will be lost.

At the Red Baron slot you can multiply your win with the “gamble” feature

Things to Know before You Spin the Reels for the First Time

The standard reel pattern complements the overall “historical” theme of the Red Baron slot; however, the gameplay does feel modern if we are to judge by the payout mechanic. Instead of pay lines, the game uses 243 “winning ways”, which are further enhanced by Aristocrat’s signature slot feature “Xtra Reel Power”.

For those that don’t know, Xtra Reel Power allows players to choose how many reels they want to play, by adjusting their number in the game’s settings menu. It should be noted that the middle row will always be active, as some of the special symbols will only appear on them. This way, the game allows for betting range flexibility, while still providing a chance for the bonus features.

The minimum amount of money that can be played on one reel is 0.20 coins, which will bring the “bet per spin” (BPS) at 0.20; the maximum BPS for a single reel can be brought up to 20 coins. If a player would like to “kick it up to a higher gear”, their smallest bet on all five reels will bring their BPS to 5 coins. Should they choose to set the highest denomination for the “bet value”, this will bring their BPS to a massive 500-coin stake.

With an RTP of 95.7%, the Red Baron slot game doesn’t seem to be as “generous” as some of Aristocrat’s other titles but is still considered to be a “decent average” when compared to all other slots in the iGaming industry. Many industry experts speculate the volatility factor of the Red Baron slot machine is low, but after extensively playing it, we can confidently say that is “low-to-med”.

All Visual and Audio Elements Are up to Date

Aristocrat’s games from the mid-2010s were never known for their “impressive art”, but all images and animations within the Red Baron slot machine have been “HD-fied”, in order to retain the title’s relevance throughout the years. The majority of sound effects (with the exclusion of the background music) are present in most Aristocrat slots of the same era. It’s a little-known fact that the initial version of the slot was created on the software developing platform Flash; however, due to increased interest in the game by the online player base, Aristocrat utilised HTML5 to deliver a more “modernised” version of the slot.

The Red Baron Slot Games May Differ

There are three known versions of this game – for mobile devices, for PCs, and for VLT land-based machines. The deal here is that depending on which version you play, you may or may not be privy to using some core features. A good example of that is the “gamble” feature, which doesn’t appear to be present within the mobile version of the game.

Another notable difference is the minimum and maximum betting amounts that are available. The research of our experts has shown that the coin value range on the mobile version of the Red Baron slot is significantly “narrower” than that present in VLT machines and the desktop version of the game, although this might be subject to change, depending on the preferences of individual online casino operators.

The Game Remains a Good Choice for Beginners and Seasoned Players

While the Red Baron slot does have some nuances in different gaming platforms, the gameplay for all versions of the titles will be the same. The wide betting ranges and reel activation flexibility allows everyone to experience the game at their own pace, without having to go quickly through their play-budgets. We recommend that everyone should try the Red Baron slot game! Although it isn’t as visually “popping” as many other modern titles, its main bonus feature and ease of control make it ideal for players that have just started out or industry professionals that have been in the iGaming world for a while.

Frequently Asked Questions

Does the Red Baron Slot Have Any “Cons”?

Through our examination of both the gameplay and features of the slot, we have found that perhaps the most notable drawback here, is the “decreasing wild symbol”. If a player uses the Xtra Reel Power setting in order to bet on less than three reels, they will have the chance of scoring only one wild. The same is also true about the scatter symbols.

How Do I Maximise My Chances in Winning the Bonus Feature?

Although the game has the same level of randomness for everyone, it is better to exercise moderation (at least in the beginning) when it comes to choosing a mission. Choosing a number of symbols that is greater than the number of free spins, statistically reduces the chances for success. It is exactly for this reason that we recommend that your initial mission selection is from 1 to 3.

I Played the Red Baron Slot with the Gamble Feature, but Its Missing Now – Where Is It?

The mobile device version of the game doesn’t have the “gamble mechanic”. Some best UK casino sites may offer both versions, while others only one of them. The best way to make sure that the Red Baron slot you play has it is by playing the game on PC, and seeing if the interface has a “gamble” button.