Treasure Island Slot Review – a Game Featured in the Best Casino Sites

The Treasure Island slot appeared in the iGaming industry in 2015. Created by the Swedish iGaming software developing company Quickspin, this particular piece of gaming software was one of the earliest slots made by the developer and is considered to be one of the most popular ones in the portfolio of this company. While the game features interesting visuals and surprising bonus features, it is its balanced gameplay nature that allowed it to withstand the test of time and remain as one of the most popular titles of Quickspin to this day. In this expert Treasure Island slot review, you will learn everything you would like to find out about the game and much more.

Quickspin developed a game named Treasure Island

Revisit the Popular Adventure Story of the Treasure Island Slot

While players will be initially intrigued by the slot’s overall pirate visual theme, the name of the game is a clear reference to the adventure book of the same title, which was written by the famous author Robert Stevenson. The visual elements and animations in this game clearly represent different aspects of the book’s story, and it is all done in glorious HD. Whether you experience the game on your PC’s monitor or your mobile device’s screen, you will be able to witness and appreciate the remarkable build quality of the Treasure Island slot game.

Expect Incredible Treasure Island Slot Features

With a 4×5 reel layout, the Treasure Island slot machine seems to be a step above from the standard patterned slots in the iGaming world. This slot title features a balanced number of interesting gameplay mechanics that provide a player with a sense of variety without appearing overwhelming. The reels of this slot operate under a classic “rolling” mechanic, while the gaming symbols will play their own roles in the activation of different gameplay features or the formation of any winnings.

The symbols that players will see in this slot are the following – Compass, Treasure Chest, Adventure Boy, Skull Pirate, Hook Pirate, Old Man, Pirate Wench, A, K, Q, J, and 10. While all of the symbols here aren’t divided into high and low-paying ones, it is accepted that the ones with characters on them pay a little bit more than the ones which are modelled after playing cards.

Random Bonuses around the Corner

The Compass is a scatter symbol that isn’t featured in the slot’s paytable because it is considered to be a bit more special. Landing three symbols will prompt the player to make a selection. By pressing one of the resulting symbols, players can receive either a number of free spins, an instant money prize, or a treasure hunt bonus that will engage a mini game, in which if you manage to make the right picks, the prize at the end will be enhanced.

Bonus symbols in Treasure Island Slot

Random Appearing Wild Symbols That Trigger Another Feature

If a player manages to land two or more Barrel Wild symbols, the slot will initiate the Pirate Attack mini game. In the background, a pirate ship will release either two or three cannonballs. If they hit one of the Barrel symbols, they will explode and generate a few additional substituting wilds surrounding the exploded symbol. If a cannonball passes through a position where there is no symbol, it will create a single wild that will still act as a substitute.

Make Your Free Spins Even Better

The free spins mini game will display 15 islands on a map. You can pick up any one of them, and depending on what they reveal, the game will initiate either an instant prize or a symbol enhancement. The symbols that can be enhanced are a TNT Barrel, Adventure Boy, Skull Pirate, and Hook Pirate. There is also a chance to reveal a “Super Wilds” treasure chest, which will increase the frequency of wild symbols appearing during free spins. By default, the game grants 10 FS; however, if the player reveals the right island, they can get a few additional free spins. The bonus rounds will begin when the player reveals an island that says “start free spins”.

Treasure Island Gives Better Instant Rewards

Just like a treasure hunt, the second special feature of the Compass symbol displays a map of a single island with five locations. The feature will provide the player with two shovels. The treasure is buried in one of the five locations, and if a player finds it, they will be presented with a message showing three chests. Although all of them contain instant rewards, only one of them will provide the biggest prize, while the remaining ones will grant minor winnings.

One of the chests will provide a big win

First Steps before Spinning Treasure Island’s Reels

We should note that one of the most impressive technical specifications of the Treasure Island slot machine is the allowed betting range. The min-max BPS (bet per spin) is listed from €0.50 to €100. One of the best things about the slot’s paytable is that it will display the rewards listed by the different symbols calculated on the currently selected BPS. Although the betting range here allows both low and high rollers to play this slot, some online casinos that offer Treasure Island might impose their own betting limits.

The slot has an RTP percentage of 97.07%, which is easily considered to be one of the highest ones among slots that exist in the iGaming industry. The Treasure Island slot game has 40 fixed pay lines, and the highest paying symbol in the game is the Treasure Chest wild.

Treasure Island might not have a jackpot feature, but if you manage to land five wild symbols in a winning line, it will pay €1,000 (at a €100 BPS). Although only the highest bet line will be paid, the wins will be multiplied by the bet per line. It is said that that the luckiest of players might have the chance of achieving the maximum multiplier win, which is said to be x1,785 times the BPS. If multiplied by the highest possible bet value, it will yield a win of €178,500!

Great Visual and Sound Effects in the Treasure Island Slot Game

While many iGaming critics describe the Treasure Island slot machine as being one of a “previous generation”, that doesn’t mean that the slot doesn’t meet the current visual quality standards of the industry. This is a clear reference to the fact that everything from the design of the HD vector graphics to the sound fonts used for the different effects is originally created by the developer. You can be sure that you won’t see any repeating elements in other slots made by Quickspin.

Treasure Island Slot Machine with Superb Mobile Play

As a company that states to create “the world’s most awesome video slots”, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Treasure Island slot machine is also superbly made to be played on any mobile device that runs on iOS and Android. One of the best traits of the mobile version of the game is that it isn’t that different from its PC counterpart. In fact, the game will look identical on any device it is played on!

The Game Fated to Become a Classic

Although the Treasure Island slot game isn’t one of Quickspin’s most recent titles, the game manages to hold out pretty well the tests of time. It’s interesting gameplay bonus features, high RTP rate, and flexible betting limits make this game an all-time favourite among new and seasoned slot players. If you are someone who enjoys playing slots for real money, you will be thrilled to experience and play Treasure Island slot. Quickspin has also made the game available in demo mode, which means that you can even try it out for free!


How Can I Choose Free Spins?

All of the game’s bonus features have been developed with the same RNG algorithm that is responsible for the random results of every spin. With that in mind, every bonus feature, including the free spins, and Treasure Hunt mini game, will produce unique and random results every time.

Do I Earn Any Type of Comp Points by Playing Treasure Island?

That will depend entirely on the casino where you’re playing the slot at. Some online casinos that feature a loyalty program can incorporate a comp point system within all of the games it offers. Although there is a small number of online gambling establishments that do not have this type of promotional scheme, the majority of online casinos that offer Quickspin slots will also provide players with comp points.

How Do I Trigger the Bonus Features More Frequently?

While there is no concrete way of doing that, players might be able to do so by maximizing the number of spins they can initiate with the bankroll they have. This is done by setting the BPS value as low as possible. Of course, any potential rewards won’t be as big, but there is always a random chance that the winnings from the bonus features will yield greater rewards than the ones provided by regular line wins.