Bork the Berzerker Slot Review – a Fun Casino Game with Lots of Potential

It was 2018 when the Bork the Berzerker slot game entered the online casino mainstream with a running start. Developed and released by the popular company Thunderkick, this barbarian-themed game was accepted by the iGaming community with a lot of enthusiasm. Thunderkick managed to impress everyone with yet again another interesting title by blending original visuals and a good gameplay system. We have created this Bork the Berzerker slot review to provide you with all the knowledge regarding the title’s core traits, as well as the way the game functions. Let’s go!

Bork the Berzerker Slot is made by the famous company Thunderkick

The Bork the Berzerker Slot Is about the Adventure of a Barbarian

This is perhaps one of Thunderkick’s most plot-driven slots, as the hero in the story is played by Bork the barbarian. Upon closer inspection of the game, we noticed that this slot’s overall plot revolves around Bork’s mission to find and require his beloved damsel in distress while slaying a rich environment of foes.

The design of the visual elements here are clearly inspired by Norse culture, which becomes evident from the way the main character looks, as well as the rune-filled shields that serve as reel symbols. Although the game’s overall visual theme is somewhat influenced by Viking elements, the way it is drawn makes it look like a really well-made animated parody of Conan the Barbarian!

The Many Gameplay Elements of the Bork the Berzerker Slot Machine

When it comes to reel layouts, Bork the Berzerker slot machine has a classic one, that consists of five reels and three rows. The reels themselves form combinations from nine unique symbols, which vary by value and function. The three low paying ones are Blue Shield, Green Shield, Red Shield; the three mid paying ones are the Monster, the Double-Headed Snake, and the Swamp Thing. The highest-paying symbol in the entire Bork the Berzerker slot game is the Blond Maiden, which is also considered to be one of the main characters in the story. The two remaining symbols are the “special ones”, which are Bork and the Evil Magician.

A Chance for Many Free Spins

If you’ve managed to land at least three bonus symbols (the Evil Magician), the game will automatically give you 10 free spins! The more Magician symbols you land, the more spins you will get; for example, four bonus symbols will grant 15 FS and five – 20 FS. One of the benefits of the bonus symbols is they are also classified as scatters – meaning that the FS feature will enable regardless of where the Evil Magician symbols will land! As long as there are three of them, the Bork the Berzerker slot game will initiate its bonus round mode.

Free spins of Bork the Berzerker slot

Expand the Game’s Winning Potential

The second main feature of Bork the Berzerker slot machine is the expanding wilds mechanic. If a player manages to land a Bork symbol in a winning combination, Bork will expand in a full wild reel! It should also be mentioned that Bork symbols can appear and potentially expand on the second, third, and fourth reels. The expanding wilds reel mechanic is universal, meaning that it will be active during base play, as well as during any free spins.

The Best Slot Win Looks like a Jackpot

When it comes to Jackpots, the Bork the Berzerker slot machine doesn’t have one; however, the maximum amount of money that can be won here, can easily rival most games that feature jackpot prizes. This game’s maximum winning amount is listed to be x2,100 times a player’s bet. What this means, is that if a player gets lucky with a €100 bet, they will receive a reward of €210,000!

Some of the Game’s Basic Mechanics

The game is simple, just like its titular character – Bork. Given the fact that there are 20 paylines which are fixed, you wouldn’t need to do anything else besides choose a bet amount and hit the spin button! The Bork the Berzerker slot RTP rate is 97.3%, which is considered to be on the “generous side” according to iGaming industry standards, and its medium volatility factor makes sure that the occasional basic wins a player receives, will have a better value than those offered by low-volatility games.

The wins you will get in the game will depend on the type of symbol, its amount in the winning line, and the value of the spin bet. For example, if a player bets the lowest amount in the game for a spin (€0.10) and they hit three Blue Shield symbols in a winning line, they will receive a reward of €0.04. On the other hand, if the player manages to score five Blond Maiden symbols in a winning combination, they will receive a win of €5,00.

Bet Customisation and Wagering Limits

Although Thunderkick advertises the Bork the Berzerker slot game in EUR, this title comes readily available in a variety of currencies. What should be mentioned, though, is the BPS (bet per spin) you can set. If you don’t feel like spending a lot of cash, you can always play for €0.10 BPS; however, you can also ramp up the gameplay and spend €100 per spin. Although you won’t be able to adjust an amount that deviates from the pre-determined values of the slot, there are 14 bets that you can choose from the selection table.

Make Use of the Autoplay Mechanic

You can enable the autoplay function if you wish to free your hands. The auto function is pretty rudimentary, allowing players to select a number of spins to be processed, which start from 5 and go all the way up to 5,000. Although there aren’t more advanced settings such as disabling the function after a specific win or loss limit has been achieved, you can tick off a box that will stop all auto spins if a bonus feature has been enabled. While some players do prefer the complexity of a more expanded autoplay function, others seem to have developed quite the liking to the new autoplay standard created by Thunderkick.

Adjust betting size and autoplay function in Bork the Berzerker Slot

This Slot Is a Continuation of an Existing Story

A very interesting fact about this game, is that its full name is Bork the Berzerker Hack ‘n’ Slash Edition. It turns out that this particular slot is a “reboot” of the Bork brand, as the previous version of the game is discontinued. The older version had an additional symbol (a monster octopus), that was removed in order to improve the game’s balance. Besides the removal of the symbol, there were some minor tweaks that were made in order to bring the slot to its current, much more optimised form.

As it is with most of other casino games, Bork the Berzerker Hack ‘n’ Slash edition is running as better as ever on any type of Android and iOS device. Its 16:9 visual aspect ratio makes sure that the game looks equally good on any type of smartphone or tablet device, and you can be sure that the graphics will still have their crisp HD sharpness regardless of the screen you’re using.

A Timeless Slot Classic with an Entertaining Adventure Trope

When it comes down to summarising the gameplay and features of this title, Bork the Berzerker is “refreshingly simple”. The fact that Thunderkick re-released the game after making some changes shows two things – that players like this slot and want to see it become even better. The developing company cares about its players’ needs because they constantly improve their gaming software solutions.

The Bork the Berzerker slot game delivers a unique, entertaining, and sometimes humorous experience that is adored by players who have just started out in slots. While there might be players who aren’t looking for that kind of simplicity in a slot, the fact is that Bork the Berzerker is a dark horse in the iGaming world that many people have recognised. Whether you would simply like to have fun or experience the feeling of hoping to hit it big, this game will accommodate your needs!


If I Land an Evil Magician during the Bonus Feature, Do I Receive More Free Spins?

Sadly no, and the answer here is quite logical. While a player is in free spins mode, the Bork the Berzerker slot game will exclude any Evil Magician symbols to appear on the reels. Although the game will still feature the expanding wilds, there won’t be a possibility for any respins or re-triggers.

You Said This Game Was of Medium Volatility, but Why Didn’t I Get Any Wins, Although I Played for Hours?

The game being of medium volatility means that winning combinations will form neither often, neither rarely. Even with this being the point, it is the RNG within the slot itself that determines the outcome of each spin. With that being said, it is quite possible not to hit any winning combinations for a prolonged period of time. If you’re running on an unlucky session, take a break and maybe if you try again later, your luck might turn around!

Can I Play the Game in Demo Mode?

If the online casino you’re playing in allows it, then yes. Thunderkick is a software developing company that usually incorporates the “free mode” capability into every single one of its slots, but some online gambling websites are often prevented by providing demo play on games, due to jurisdictional regulations.