Beauty and the Beast Slot Review – a Feature-Packed Reel Masterpiece

In 2017, the famous iGaming software developing studio Yggdrasil released one of the most critically acclaimed titles of the year – the Beauty and the Beast slot. Packing a wide variety of incredible gameplay features, this title made an outstanding impression on the iGaming public, which is why it is widely played today. From various win mechanics and additional bonuses to a stunning visual presence, this fantasy title offers something for everyone. Check out our Beauty and the Beast slot review and immerse yourself in the win-filled fable.

Yggdrasil has produced a slot game named Beauty and the Beast

The Beauty and the Beast Slot: Inspired by a 300-Year-Old Fairy Tale

Although most people know about the Beauty and the Beast theme due to Disney’s massive exposure in the cinema world, the truth is that the fairy tale the slot was based on was published in 1740 in France. This Beauty and the Beast slot game doesn’t deviate from the source material, and it manages to represent this century-old story with a unique and stunning art style native only to the professionals of Yggdrasil. The game even features a cinematic quality intro that will impress you with its HD graphics.

The Classic Features of the Beauty and the Beast Slot Game

The first thing to mention is the classic layout of the game, which consists of 5 reels and 3 rows. The game also operates with standard rolling reel mechanics. There are six low paying symbols – Purple Gem, Yellow Gem, Blue Gem, Pink Gem, Green Gem, and Red Gem. The high paying symbols are four – Beauty, Crowned Beauty, Beast, and Prince. Out of all 12 symbols, the Broken Mirror Wild and Free Spin Rose are the most special, as they will be responsible for triggering additional bonus features.

Symbols and features in Beauty and the Beast slot

Free Spin Symbol Combos Also Grant Wins

If you manage to collect three Free Spin (FS) Roses, the game will grant you 10 FS. Should you land four of them, you will still receive the same number of FS, but with a 1,000-coin prize on top! While the FS won’t increase if you get 5 Roses, you will receive an additional 5,000-coin reward. The interesting thing about this bonus feature is that it can retrigger itself while in FS mode; once retriggered, regardless of how many FS you have left, you will start from 10 again!

Free Spin Servants Provide Additional Functionality

The Chef, the Maid, and the Butler are the other three characters in the game that serve as feature-enabling mechanics during base play and free spins. While only one of them can appear randomly during the base game, in FS mode, they will collect and stack their abilities during bonus play. In fact, once the FS feature is retriggered, you will be able to choose which one of them you would like to enable first!

The Maid will place from two to four random wild symbols throughout the field, the Chef will synchronise the three middle reels, and the Butler will nudge a random reel either up or down in order to form the most successful combination. We should also mention that once you’ve collected all three servants, FS mode will disable its retriggering function, and once your spins run out, the game will return to its base state.

The Gameplay-Enhancing Golden Bet Feature

The “Golden Bet” mechanic allows players to take control over the slot’s frequency to release bonus features, and it allows them to enhance each spin with a special bet. There are three selectable features that each have a different prize. The better the bonus is, the more it will cost per spin.

The Rose Boost feature adds 5 additional coins to your base bet, but it will start any free spins with two activated features (instead of one). The second feature, Nudge, costs 15 additional coins per spin, and it will always activate during the base game to give you FS more often. The last feature, “Boost & Nudge,” costs 30 additional coins and combines the above two functionalities.

Golden Bet in Beauty and the Beast slot

The Beauty and the Beast: RTP, Volatility, and Max Win

Although the gaming interface might look a bit complex, operating it is pretty straightforward. The Beauty and the Beast has 20 fixed pay lines, which are played with 1 coin per line (20 coins in total). The volatility of the game is listed to be “low to high”, and the Beauty and the Beast RTP rate is between 96.3% and 97.1%. The main reason for these fluctuating values is the presence of different spin modifiers that you can activate through “Golden Bet”. The maximum win amount listed for this slot is 100,000 units of currency (or UOC), which is nothing short of a jackpot!

Controlling the Bet Settings Is Easy

Since the bet per spin (BPS) is made in coins, the only thing that a player needs to set before starting is the coin value. In the case of the Beauty and the Beast slot game, the minimum value that can be set is 0.01 units of currency (which will result in a BPS of 0.20 units of currency due to the 20 win lines). Players that wish to go “all-out” can set the coin value to the maximum of 5 UOC, which will result in a BPS of 100 UOC. Bear in mind that any Golden Bet boosters will cost significantly more if you decide to activate them, as they are added to the overall cash bet amount. You can see how your BPS changes with the different boosters activated below.

One of the Best Auto Spin Features in the iGaming Industry

Yggdrasil have brought the aspect of an auto spin feature to its logical conclusion, by realising its maximum efficiency. If players want to process a number of spins on automation, they can do as little as 10, and as many as infinity! On the other hand, the number of auto spins isn’t the most impressive part about this function; in fact, it is the conditions that can be modified to disable the feature. The player can input predetermined cash values to stop autoplay when:

Supported on Many Browsers and Mobile Operating Systems

To say that the Beauty and the Beast slot game is optimised for Android and iOS would be an understatement. Yggdrasil have not only done an incredible job in making the game highly responsive for both smartphones and tablets, but have also modified the control interface so the game can be played with your thumbs. Perhaps the only optimisation drawback here is that the game is made to be played exclusively in landscape mode. On the other hand, Yggdrasil have created the game with support for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, Internet Explorer, and Safari.

Beauty and the Beast is a mobile-friendly slot game

Destined to Become an Immortal Classic

Just like the story it was based on, the Beauty and the Beast slot game is bound to remain as one of the most played titles in the iGaming industry. We are saying that not only because the slot is “hitching a ride” on the merits of the fairy tale but also because of its remarkable features and the degree of control it gives to the player via its buyable functionalities. The game has been developed to offer a demo mode; however, the real excitement comes from placing a few real money bets!


Why Do I Only Get “the Maid” Wild Feature during the Slot’s Basic Gameplay?

The truth is that there is no particular reason! Every single one of the Servant features in the Beauty and the Beast slot has the same random chance of appearing in the base game. If one of them appears more than the others, this streak is largely down to your luck.

I Can’t Seem to Retrigger Any of the Free Spins Here, Why Is That?

Although the game allows retriggers, that doesn’t mean that the free spins symbols necessary for it will have a high-frequency landing rate. On another case, you might not be able to retrigger free spins if you’ve already done so two times; when all of the Servants features are activated, the game will not allow any more retriggers to be enabled.

Is There Any Kind of Strategy Here That Will Help Me Improve My Chances of Winning?

Actually, there are two. The first one dictates that you keep your bets low to maximise your chances of scoring a bonus trigger. The other strategy is to play with all Golden Bet features enabled if you can afford it. This will increase the overall price of every bet, but you’ll enter the bonus stage more often and you’ll have a bigger chance to win from it.