IGT So Big Now It Almost Has A Post Code

International Game Technology PLC the biggest name in slot machines bar none. They manufacture the hardware and the software for over half of the machines in the US. These are guys are massive with major offices in London, Rome, Providence Rohde Island and Las Vegas Nevada. The corporate history of the company is a convoluted thing. Acquiring competitors along the way and morphing the company into them taking name and reputation has been the way of things for what is now IGT. The American company that was IGT bought out WagerWorks in 2005 and got heavily into the online world. They made such a good go of it that Gtech brought them.

The Italian company that was originally called Lottomatica bought out GTECH Corp and took their name. This all became the IGT we now know. There told you it was convoluted. Anyway the multi-national company runs and manages lotteries for European, Latin American, Asian and Caribbean countries. Along with provincial and state lottos in the USA and Australia. Gaming software, management systems, the whole nine yards, come out of this truly global concern. At the last look there were operations in 100 countries around the world. The labor compliance alone must take some kind of serious logistics. The bottom line is that IGT are committed to gaming in a very big way.

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Online Casinos Use The Very Best Of IGT

IGT offer a state of the art, front of house to back end casino management platform. This platform is a fully integrated system that allows choices from any developer to be flawlessly merged into the casino. The IGT suite of games is arguably the largest library of games available. There are far too many to list with table games as well as the branded slots that IGT have become very well known for. Iconic board games, toy manufacturers, films and TV shows all go to make IGT stand out for the crowd. The irony is though the software is so good if you didn’t know who the game was made by you would not notice. There is no noticeable break from anything else it’s all as smooth as silk. Look out for the Star Trek and Cleopatra slots they are fast becoming future classics.

Mobile? – IGT Of Course It Is

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So many developers have gone the route of native apps. One for Android one for iOS, Windows etc. This way of doing things gets very expensive and you end up excluding a section of your market. IGT used their extensive knowledge and read the writing on the wall and they made the smart choice. HTML5. All IGT Games are written in this almost magical code. Reading the device that logs on to the site, the code then formats the games so they are compatible to screen size and operating system.

No loss of memory space just a browser log in and play to your heart’s content. IGT have a range of mini games as well so you can do the whole multi-screen bit as well. Several slots games running at once can get a bit crazy. A game of blackjack while playing roulette is no bad thing however. The one area online that IGT have not entered is the live dealer format. Maybe they don’t see the need to. They have so many fingers in so many pies that the whole expense of setting up a studio is just not worth it. The revenue that comes in from live slots and the lottery arm of the business is massive.

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Legislation Regulation And Compliance

The main headquarters of the company is in London. The corporate restructure has seen the Nevada headquarters succeeded by the London office. The compliance side of things is still based in Las Vegas however. As a PLC the checks and balances in place are huge. The New York Stock Exchange has regulations in place to oversee companies as big as this one. Once regulated by the Nevada Gaming Commission covering the slot machines, the casino software has never been part of that. The corporate structure is very complex and finding out how the individual aspects of the company are licensed is actually pretty difficult.

Rest assured though if the online casino is a reputable operation then the jurisdiction covering the brand will make sure all games on the site fall within the regulations set out in the license to operate an online casino. Don’t doubt the integrity of IGT however the Gtech branch of the company have complied with governments while running the main lotteries since the early 80’s. When you supply state services you have to run a tight ship.

IGT has management in place to deal with the complexities of legal compliance. They have a corporate code of conduct and anti-corruption and compliance policy. They have a chief compliance officer and an independently run ‘Integrity Line’ with four separate phone numbers covering Italy, the UK, the US and the rest of the world. They take this very seriously and it is company policy to allow whistle blowers the freedom to report violations of law and policy. A breath of fresh air in the normally shady corporate world.

IGT Global Branding At Its Best

The casino world online has become a bit of an extended family. Branding is everything. Standing out in this very large family is difficult. Some companies are only interested in B2B contact and the wider pubic hardly know who they are. Others go for the full on market to world approach. Open as a book their websites tell you all you need to know and they show the products off with pride. Then you get some that are so big that they can’t show you everything.

In fact they show you very little. IGT are one such company. They are so big you can find out almost nothing about one particular side of them. The name is huge and most casino goers will recognize the IGT logo. This is marketing at its best.