Jumanji Slot Review — Play This Original NetEnt Game Today

With the success of “Jumanji: Welcome to the Jungle” and “Jumanji: The Next Level” movies, the hype around this franchise experienced a second wind, which is why the software developer NetEnt decided to release a game of the same name. The Jumanji slot appeared in 2018 and quickly gained the attention of players who are fans of the genre and the franchise.

Being visually stunning, the Jumanji online slot managed to impress its peers with an incredible selection of gaming features that elevated the genre in general, while fully immersing the player in its captivating atmosphere. In this Jumanji slot review, we will reveal everything about the game itself and provide you with a couple of tips you might find useful.

Jumanji Slot by NetEnt

The Jumanji Slot Game: Inspired by the Original Movie

While the Jumanji online slot is based on the 1995 fantasy adventure movie of the same name, there are major key differences between the game and the film. The first one is that while the original Jumanji board game is seen here, there is no trace from the movie characters played by actors Robin Williams and Kirsten Dunst, signifying that the journey provided by this mystical board game is made for the player of the Jumanji online slot. All visual effects that will be produced by the game’s features mimic those seen in the movie, which is a subtle, but appreciated design element. The slot looks, plays, and feels as though you are a part of that fantasy adventure yourself!

The Many Features of the Jumanji Slot

Nothing about the theme of the game is considered standard, which is why the Jumanji online slot has a layout of five reels with a number of rows arranged in the following pattern: 3x4x5x4x3. There are 10 symbols in total that are used here – Lion, Rhino, Crocodile, Pelican, A, K, J, Q, Wild, and Jumanji Box Scatter. Except for the last two symbols, all others are used only to form winning combinations – you can see all of them in action in some of the following casinos: casino, YakoCasino, Mr Green, 888casino, Unibet, Royalslots casino.
Jumanji Slot Symbols

Bonus Features Can Trigger Randomly

Just like the unpredictability of the game shown in the movies, there are a number of different gameplay features that can activate only once or persist for quite a few spins. Those effects will be based on the different animal symbols used here and will provide players with additional chances for a win. During base play, the frequency of their activation as well as their type will be decided completely at random.

Sticky Vines Have a Re-Spin Function

Upon activation, a monster plant from the upper right corner of the screen will release a number of vine tendrils that will envelop and grab a random number of symbols, locking them in place! When that happens, the Jumanji slot will initiate a respin. If the spin produces a winning combination, then the game will initiate another respin, until a non-winning pattern is landed!

Monsoon Wilds Provide Instant Wild Transformations

Once you see a giant crocodile jumping at you from the Jumanji slot itself and then landing on a reel, that reel will become filled with wilds! Just like with the previous feature, this one is activated at random, and can cover up to two reels in wild symbols. One particular specification about this particular feature, is that it won’t produce a result where only the fifth reel is covered in wilds!

Monkey Mayhem Can Cause Even More Wins

This particular feature activates after a spin has paid out its potential winnings if this is viable. When that happens, you will see many tiny monkey hands rearranging all of the symbols on the reels into another guaranteed win combination! after the Monkey Mayhem shuffle has concluded, all newly resulted wins will be paid out in accordance with the paytable and the currently selected bet value.

Wild Stampede Rhinos Give More Wilds

If you hear a herd of angry Rhinos approaching the reel layout and then trampling over it, you can expect the appearance of additional Wild symbols. The Wild Stampede feature has the chance of generating from 4 to 9 wild symbols distributed on the reels. One of the most surprising effects here is that the feature will activate during a spin, so you will never know when the stampede is coming!

Symbol Substitution and the Board Mini-Game

The Wild provides a single function – to substitute any symbols that have been landed on any of the Jumanji slot reels. There is only one symbol that it won’t substitute, and it is the Jumanji Box scatter. If, on the other hand, you’re lucky enough to land three scatter symbols, a window will congratulate you that you’ve engaged the bonus mini game.

When that happens, the Jumanji online slot will give you the chance of picking one of the four board game tokens – Monkey, Elephant, Crocodile, or Rhino – once you’ve made your choice, the board game will provide you with a number of dice rolls. The number of those rolls will be determined by how many scatter symbols were used to initiate the bonus feature, for example: 3 Scatters – 6 Rolls, 4 Scatters – 7 Rolls, 5 Scatters – 8 Rolls.

This Happens When You Play the Board Game

Once you’ve chosen your token, the slot’s reels will remove themselves from the gaming interface, revealing the playing field of the Jumanji board game! In order to start, you will need to click on the dice; once they are rolled and a number is produced, your token will automatically move through the fields. You will notice that each field will have a special symbol, every one of which provides a specific prize, or activates a different bonus feature. While they are all different, some of them appear to be an elevated version of the bonus mechanics that are randomly triggered during the base gameplay.

The Vines Free Spins Continue the Gameplay

If your token lands on a field with a leaf on it, the slot will provide you with 10 free spins! As the elevated version of the “Sticky Vines” feature, the Vines Free Spins will also initiate a respin every time a winning combination is formed. Re-spins will not decrease the number of any remaining FS! The one special trait that makes this particular feature quite desirable, is that the vines that grab and hold of symbols, will do so on any wilds that are landed. When a wild is held by the vines, it will remain in place, for the entire duration of the free spins!

Jumanji Slot Re-Spins

Free Spins with the Monsoon Features

Just like its base gameplay counterpart, the Monsoon Wilds, the free spins of the same name will give the player 7 free spins, every one of which will be enhanced by the bonus effect. What makes the elevated version stand out is that with every spin, the reels covered in wilds will be completely different from the previous ones.

Monkey Free Spins with a Twist

If the roll of the dice has caused your token to move on top of a monkey’s paw, the Jumanji slot machine will give you 6 free spins. The same mechanics here apply as in the Monkey Mayhem feature, with the added benefit that every spin you process, will be a winning one!

Stampede Free Spins

The only thing missing from this feature is the element of surprise; of course, only if your board game token happens to land on a hoofprint. You can expect the same feature rules to apply here, with the only technical difference that you can expect the mechanic to engage in every spin. Once enabled, the Stampede board game feature will give you 5 FS.

Coin Wins for Instant Cash Prizes

If your token finds itself on a field with a number and an “X” in front of it, you will receive an instant cash prize. The lowest valued board game field will have a value of x2 on it, while the biggest x10. Make sure to remember that those multipliers will work on the amount of the last bet you’ve made when the board game feature was engaged.

Explore the Mystery Symbol

Setting your token on a field with a “question mark” will enable the Jumanji Circle carousel! Once it spins, players will have the chance of winning one of all features that can be activated while playing on the board game; however, that’s not all! One additional field in the carousel will also give two additional dice rolls!

RTP & Volatility Ratings

One thing to mention is the Jumanji slot RTP rate – which is a generous 96.33%! Licensed slots rarely have such a high return to player rate, but NetEnt have outdone themselves with this one. Given the quirky reel layout of the slot, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the game has 36 fixed paylines. The volatility factor of Jumanji is classified as low, which means that you can expect to form successful combinations more often than not.

Although the smallest wins from a low volatility slot won’t be enough to break even the amount of your bet per spin (BPS), the four random bonus features that have a chance of activating during base gameplay might just make up for that! Jumanji’s gameplay interface feels native, which even further solidifies the fact that the game is easy to operate and play. When it comes to regular wins, the smallest one you can expect will come from the formation of three J symbols, which is going to be 2 coins; however, five Lions will yield a reward of 140 coins!

Adjust Your Coin Amount and Value

Your BPS value will be determined by how many coins you want to spend per spin, as well as the value of the coins themselves. The minimum coin amount to initiate a spin is 10, and the smallest value a player can assign “per coin” is £0.01, which will bring the lowest BPS at £0.10. If you decide to undergo your Jumanji adventure with a maximum BPS, this will set you back £200 per spin.

The Detailed Auto Spin Mode of Jumanji

If you are more of an “idle player”, you can press on the autoplay button, and choose to process between 10 and 1,000 spins. Of course, if you want to disable the auto mode you can do so right away; however, you can also adjust the conditions under which the Jumanji slot will disable its own gameplay. Once you navigate to the advanced setting of the auto mode, you can program the slot to stop when a specific win/loss limit has been reached, if a single win exceeds a specific value, or when the game produces any type of win!

Jumanji Slot Autoplay feature

Designed to Be Experienced on Mobile Platforms

Jumanji Slot Mobile Version

As a relatively new game, the Jumanji slot machine is exceptionally optimized for use with all modern smartphones and tablets. Whether you have an iOS or Android device, you will be able to play the slot simply by loading it on any mobile browser app. The design of the mobile version of the game has been simplified for use with mobile devices, which becomes evident from the completely redesigned interface. The Jumanji mobile slot also allows players to switch the view of the gameplay controls!


With the Jumanji slot NetEnt did an incredible job of creating something unique based on a licensed franchise, without having to mirror the entire story of the movie. This allowed the slot’s bonus features to stand out even further, giving the player a satisfaction from the title as a standalone slot, as well as paying homage to the brand. Although there are some minor drawbacks, they won’t hinder your overall experience when playing Jumanji. We definitely recommend that you try the game for real money or in demo mode – regardless of the way you choose to play it, you will have fun!


What Happens if I Choose a Different Token in the Jumanji Slot Board Game?

The tokens are purely for cosmetic purposes and won’t actually have any effect on the gameplay. This is done as a clear nod to the movie from 1995, when the characters had to choose a token themselves. Although this feature has no functionality, it definitely increases the immersion factor for the player!

What Is the Size of the Jumanji Slot Big Win?

A specific amount of money is not mentioned; however, this is due to the fact that the win is listed as a bet multiplier. With that being said, the maximum payout that the Jumanji slot can grant to a player is listed to be x504 their bet. Depending on how a player has adjusted their BPS, this payout may have a value of £50.4 or £100,800!

What Is a Good Jumanji Slot Gameplay Strategy?

Always start low! The lower your bet, the more spins you will be able to play, which theoretically increases your chances of triggering a random bonus feature. The same applies for enabling the mini game. Of course, any resulting wins won’t be as substantial, but there is still a chance that a successful bonus game run will provide a surprising reward.