Battle Royal Slot Review – Wide Range of Bonuses and Exciting New Features

If you’re tired of exploring pyramids and raiding with the Vikings, Play’n GO’s Battle Royal slot might be the breath of fresh air you need. This peculiar piece revolves around Henry VIII of England. The Tudor monarch was known for a lot of things, but the fact that he had six wives and beheaded some of them sticks out in the annals of history.

A morbid fascination with death isn’t required to enjoy this medieval bloodbath, as the game depicts it in a surprisingly fun and original way. So, put on your best tunic and join our journey through time. We’ll uncover all the features of the Battle Royale slot game and share the best casino bonuses!

Battle Royal slot revolves around Henry VIII of England

Inspecting the Battle Royal Slot Machine Features

The royal rumble plays out on a layout that’s quite standard for games of this kind. It packs five reels, three rows, and twenty paylines that work from left to right. Henry’s six wives are all represented as slot symbols. Each member of this sextet is taller than regular tokens, taking up two positions on a reel if it lands in its entirety.

The game wouldn’t be complete without His Majesty’s plump figure, which, quite suitably, also acts as the Wild. In addition to substituting regular tokens to help you get winning spins, aligning 3-5 Henrys on a bet line also yields the highest payouts. In the Battle Royal slot, low-paying symbols come in the form of the four playing card suits. A feature called “Royal Flush” can convert different suits into the same one on a random basis.

Fill Your Coffers with Gold from the Bonus Modes

Lastly, we have the Scatter, which is arguably the most important element of this title. If shields appear simultaneously on reels one and five, you’ll get to choose one of two hidden prizes. The first one is a free spins level where the king’s spouses enter a deadly competition. It consists of three parts:

  1. Each of the six wives shows up with a different cash prize beneath her. Select one, and if she survives the next Battle Royal slot game round, you’ll get the money.
  2. Guillotines appear at the top of the reels, and one falls randomly on each spin. Any wifey unlucky enough to be there will be beheaded. Afterward, her ghost will return as a Wild symbol. The carnage continues until only one contestant is left, and you’ll get to keep the money from this level even if your pick didn’t win.
  3. In the end, you’ll have a chance to trigger the “Long Live the King” feature, which is also the other prize you can win from the Battle Royal slot Scatters. It’s a pick-me game in which Henry opens up treasure chests while being chased by the ghosts of his headless partners. If you help him find the key, the king will apply a random multiplier to your winnings.

Theme and Graphics That Make You Feel Regal

It’s easy to immerse yourself in the courtly atmosphere of 16th Century England through this release. The design team at Play’n GO has delivered yet another product that looks incredible. A nice splash screen with feature summaries is there to greet players once the loading time finishes. After that, you’re immediately transported to the main hall of the king’s castle.

Although the ornate reels are the main attraction in the Battle Royal online slot, we were impressed to find gently swaying banners and other moving elements in the background. Another nice touch is that the setting changes when you enter the different bonus stages.

Each of the royal consorts is depicted in a different dress with distinct colors and accessories. While resting on the reels, you might notice some of the portraits looking around or smiling at you. Animations run smoothly, and the fluty soundtrack is on point.

Play Battle Royal Slot like a Pro with This Tutorial

If you’re new, this majestic madness might seem a little daunting. Don’t fret, as we’ve prepared a step-by-step tutorial that will get you going in no time. Use our tips for the best results.

A guide for the full version (desktop computers & laptops):

  1. Set your bet – The central part of the area beneath the reels has buttons with different numbers on them. They range from €0.20-€100, and you can use the plus and minus icons to cycle around. Clicking on one will configure the cost for every spin. The bet lines and features are always active, and payouts multiply your bet by a certain amount, so you can divide your budget in any way you see fit.
  2. Start spinning – You play the Battle Royal slot by pressing one of the two circles on the right side. The green one will perform one manual spin. The orange one will lead you to the “Auto play” screen, from where you can set up between 10 to 100 rounds that will go on their own.
  3. Information and settings – The question mark “i” buttons contain information about features, bet line charts, and the paytable. Use the four icons at the bottom-left edge to tweak the sound and gameplay of the Battle Royal slot game.

On the mobile version, everything but the button for manual spins has been moved to a three-line menu. Don’t forget to check it out before you start playing.

Top Casinos for Playing Battle Royal

If you’re ready to try your luck with the real thing, it would be wise to pick an online operator that treats you like royalty. We’ve gathered five reputable and licensed casinos that offer the Battle Royal slot. They feature some of the best new player offers in the business. Use them to play Battle Royal slot machine and hundreds of other quality titles – Mr Green, Casumo, SlotsMagic, NetBet, Casoo.

Checking the King’s Treasury: Battle Royal Slot RTP & Payouts

Henry VIII was known as a proper high roller, and this slot mimics his grand expenditures very well. The theoretical return stands at 96.56%, which is higher than the industry average. As for the jackpot, it stretches to a hefty x5,000 your bet or €500,000 when playing at the maximum wager. The odds of landing it are pretty slim, but payouts from the free spins round serve as great consolation prizes.

Still, sometimes it’s hard to get the heads rolling, as you need those two Scatters to appear and then win a coin toss. Although a Battle Royal slot big win can happen in the normal mode, the hit frequency is rather low, which makes the base game feel underwhelming. These are telltale signs of high volatility, so tread carefully.

Here’s a list of the symbols and their payouts:

Symbols 5 Symbols 4 Symbols 3 Symbols
King Henry Symbol x30 x10 x2
Ghost Wife Symbol x30 x10 x2
Yellow Wife Symbol x30 x10 x2
Orange Wife Symbol x25 x7.50 x2
Red Wife Symbol x25 x7.50 x2
Green Wife Symbol x20 x5 x1
Purple Wife Symbol x20 x5 x1
Blue Wife Symbol x15 x5 x0.50
Spade Symbol x3 x0.50 x0.25
Heart Symbol x2.50 x0.50 x0.25
Diamond Symbol x2 x0.50 x0.25
Club Symbol x1.50 x0.50 x0.25

*All beheaded wife Wilds have identical payouts.

Tips for Having a Long and Successful Reign

Observing royal etiquette isn’t our strong suit, but we do know a thing or two about high-variance slots. To profit from these risky games, you must establish where you can earn the most and how to get there. Here, your target is to win from the free spins stage.

In our estimation, landing two Scatters in the Battle Royal slot happens roughly every 80-100 rounds. Therefore, you’ll have to divide your budget into at least a hundred equal units to get a 50% chance (due to the coin toss) of entering the bonus level. It’s easy to see that this is a perilous undertaking.

What to Expect When Playing the Battle Royal Slot on Mobile

Play’n GO always delivers optimised mobile versions of the products it releases on desktop. Designed on HTML5, they run equally well on all browsers and casino apps for iOS and Android. As long as you have a relatively new phone/tablet and a stable Internet connection, you can enjoy the full excellence of the Battle Royal slot game. Remember to read our tutorial section if you need help with the buttons.

A Final Assessment

At the end of his reign, Henry’s financial situation wasn’t rosy. He spent tons of money on his art and musical instrument collections and waged costly wars against France and Scotland. If you wish to avoid a similar fate, it’s best to act carefully with this slot.

Look at it as a source of entertainment and accept the fact that losing sessions will occur. If you show patience and don’t chase your losses, a big payout will likely grace you at some point. To increase your chances of success even further, register at one of our recommended casinos and claim the Battle Royal slot throne with a noble bonus!