From Dusk till Dawn Slot Review – а Movie-Based Casino Game

The movie “From Dusk till Dawn” was released in 1996, and it not only became an instant hit and a cult classic at the same time but also prompted the creation of a slot of the same name, which happened in 2017. As expected, this is a game that is based on a licensed franchise by Miramax LLC., which is why the software developer Greentube (by NOVOMATIC) has done an incredible job of filling it with a generous variety of bonus mechanics, and gameplay functions. In today’s From Dusk till Dawn slot review, we will fully explore what this title has to offer and learn why this game is a preferred choice in the collection of the top-rated casino sites in the UK and the rest of the world.

From Dusk Till Dawn Slot

The Story behind the Slot From Dusk till Dawn

Although the slot doesn’t seem to present us with any evidence about the plot of the movie it is based on, it becomes clear that the player will follow the titular characters (Seth and Richie) on their quest to reach Mexico before they are apprehended by the law. The superb HD graphics complement the overall “desert theme” of the game, and it’s cleverly shifting its visual elements between the different modes of play. Combinations from the major winning symbols will also play a short clip from the movie, immersing the player in the film’s theme even further. Due to the vector-based graphics here, the From Dusk till Dawn slot looks equally well on any mobile screen.

From Dusk till Dawn Slot’s Many Special Features

Just like the movie, the From Dusk till Dawn slot’s 4×5 reel layout has its own unique feel. There are two special, five high paying and five low paying symbols. One of the special symbols is a “wild”, while the other provides a scatter function; however, if three scatters are landed, they will activate the “bonus twister” mini-game. Additional features include random appearing wilds, transforming symbols, big symbols, and a winnings multiplier feature with variable values.

The Bonus Wheel Offers Different Gameplay

When a player successfully lands three scatter symbols, an Aztec-styled wheel will appear, granting the player three available spins. Landing a “pick a bonus” field will immediately bring out two choices – the “Dancing Bonus” or the “Mugshot Bonus”. Each of them will have their own gaming modes, complete with unique symbols and special casino bonus features. Naturally, the value of any instant money prizes in the From Dusk till Dawn slot machine bonus wheel, will depend on the last bet that has been made by the player.

The Mugshot Bonus Gives More Spins

The Mugshot Bonus Game From Dusk Till Dawn SlotAfter every free spin, landing Richie or Set symbols will lock them in place. A “sheriff’s star” will increase the money prize displayed beneath every face symbol, and a transformation function will turn all Richie symbols into Seth ones.

The interesting feature here is that players will start off with three free spins – if they manage to land a Richie or a Seth symbol during those bonus rounds, the FS counter will reset back to three.

The Dancing Bonus Offers Random Rewards

From Dusk Till Dawn Dancing Bonus GameIf you remember the fabled dancing scene of the movie with Salma Hayek, then you will definitely understand the “floating symbol” feature present in this play-mode. For every single one of the ten free spins, the dancer symbol will move around through the 4×5 pattern, either expanding or shrinking.

This “floating wild” will provide additional chances to win even more, as it can cover up to 12 symbol positions. Last but not least is the “Xtra Stacks” feature that turns all symbols on reel 1 and 5 into the same kind. Any Xtra Stack symbol is going to be chosen at random.

”Everybody Be Cool” Bonus Gives Extra High Paying Symbols

The “Everybody be Cool” bonus feature is activated at random during base play. The interesting thing about it is that once it happens, it will transform all high paying symbols into the highest paying one (Seth), every one of which spans vertically on three positions. Players will know that this feature is activated when a video clip from the beginning of the film is displayed, depicting Seth’s famous lines, “Everybody be cool. You be cool”.

”On the Run” Gives a Chance for Massive Wins

The getaway car of the slot’s titular characters can appear and flip every available symbol shown on the reels. Just like the majority of other features in this slot, the “On the Run” bonus is activated on a random basis. The number of wild symbols will also be unpredictable; however, even if you get a smaller number of wild symbols, you don’t need to worry, as you will still have the chance to get a good win.

Even Bigger Rewards from ”Cash Explosion”

A special feature may be triggered every time a winning combination produces an amount that is bigger in value than the player’s current bet. Called the “Cash Explosion”, this feature will multiply the winnings with a generous multiplier from x5 to x25. Also, it should be noted that when this feature is activated, it will not affect any progressive jackpot wins.

Autoplay Feature in From Dusk Till Dawn Slot Game

Adjustable Autoplay Feature

Although not too complex, the autoplay function in this game does provide essential settings. The maximum amount of spins that can be set will be 100, and a loss limit can be adjusted with a maximum value that is the same as a player’s current balance in the game. The third feature allows the autoplay function to be stopped once a single win exceeds a predetermined amount of money.

Offering a Progressive Jackpot Functionality

The “From Dusk till Dawn” slot game features not one but two progressive jackpots, called “Dawn” and “Dusk”. In terms of value, Dawn is considered to be the major type, while Dusk will provide the minor amount. Naturally, the rate at which both jackpot types will continue to grow will be determined by the bet amount that has been set by the player. The jackpots can be triggered at random during the base game, and while their value will be displayed in the top-left corner of the screen, their win amount will be x100 times a player’s bet for Dusk and x21,000 times for Dawn.

The First Things to Know about the From Dusk till Dawn Slot

Although the game is set in “coins,” online casinos that feature From Dusk till Dawn can assign their own currency. With that being said, all that a player needs to do before starting the spin of the reels is to adjust the value of their bets. There are 14 bet amounts in total that range from 0.50 to 50 coins per spin. The slot is classified to have a medium volatility factor and an RTP rate of 95%. The fact that this game has 50 pay lines, and a wide betting range allows both low and high rollers the chance to get in on the action.

A Film Slot with Amazing Looks and Audio Effects

The high-quality graphics are inspired by the movie – from the barren desert background, to the gritty bar featured in the film. It would seem that Novomatic purchased a license that not only affects the visuals of the franchise but the sounds as well. In addition to some original tracks designed for the slot game, almost all other musical songs are taken directly from the movie itself.

Play an Intense Game with Many Benefits

The benefits players will discover in the slot From Dusk till Dawn are quite a bit. On the other hand, perhaps the biggest advantage here is the number of random bonuses players can receive if they are lucky. Another thing to point out is the fact that the slot seems to churn out wins more often than not, although they can be quite small. The From Dusk till Dawn slot game definitely mimics the intensity of the original movie, especially if you decide to go for the higher wins with a much larger bet amount. Try it if you can!


Is There Any Possible Way to Increase My Chances of Activating a Random Bonus Feature?

Just like the outcome of every reel spin, random features cannot be affected in any way. The only way that you might be able to get those features activated is if you can maximise the number of spins you can initiate. This can be done if your bet amount is set to the lowest.

What Can Be Considered as a Drawback Here?

Although inherently the game has no technological flaws, the conditions under which a player can receive free spins can be a bit challenging. Not only does a player need to land the correct amount of scatter symbols to engage the bonus wheel, but also hope that the wheel itself will land on the correct field.

Which Online Casinos Are More Likely to Offer This Game?

Some of the best online casinos you can check when looking for From Dusk till Dawn, are places such as Casumo, 888casino, Vera&John casino, Mr Green, Leo Vegas, and quite a few others. Due to the popularity of the game, you will have no trouble in finding it in the top-rated casino sites in the iGaming world.