The Presto Slot Review – A Thrilling Game with Amazing Payouts and Gameplay

In 2018, the Presto slot hit the iGaming industry hard. Created by the highly renowned software developer Habanero, this game made a huge popularity splash among iGaming critics and players and quickly became a favourite pick of slot lovers everywhere. In this Presto slot review, you will get the full gaming profile, and a number of interesting tips that might be helpful to you.

Presto Slot

Welcome to the Magic Show in the Presto Slot Game

Once you load up the game, you will be welcomed to a magic show! The plot of the Presto slot game becomes pretty much self-explanatory once you boot the game up. Basically, you get a front-row seat to an incredible magic show, complete with a moustached illusionist and his gorgeous assistant. The different visual elements here are made with a lot of effort, and the completely original design of the game makes it look amazing.

The Exceptional Extras and Bonuses of the Presto Slot Machine

To start off with the obvious first, the Presto slot game functions with a 3×5 reel layout. The reels move with a classic rolling motion, and the game itself works with an impressive assortment of 13 different symbols. Those are Wild, Assistant, Bunny, White Doves, Box, Card Hand, A, K, Q, J, Crystal Ball, Magic Hat, and White Feather. The interesting thing about the different symbols found here is that while some of them are used to form winning combinations, others are meant to enable specific bonus features in the game. In this Presto slot review, we explore which is which; however, if you would like to check it out for yourself, you can find the game in the following casinos: BetVictor Casino, 22bet, Casino Guru.

The Exceptional Extras and Bonuses

Presto Slot’s Special Features: Wild and Scatter Symbols, Illusions Countdown and Bonuses

When landed in a combination, the Wild symbol will substitute all others, except for the Crystal Ball scatter. On the other hand, if a player manages to land three or more Crystal Balls, the Presto online slot will immediately give the player 12 free spins! Here are a couple of things you need to know while the game is in FS mode:

Players will notice that on the top of the gaming interface, there are feather symbols. After every single spin, a single feather will fly away from the “illusion countdown” bar. Once the last feather is gone, the game will enable one of the following “illusion bonus features”. There are five illusion features in total, and when any of them is activated, it will apply a custom reel modifier for a single spin. We have explained them further below.

Crystal Ball Illusion for Free Spins

Once the feathers have run out, there is a chance for activating the Crystal Ball illusion feature. If a player has landed two Crystal Ball symbols on reels 1 through 4, a random symbol on the fifth reel will be transformed into a Crystal Ball, effectively activating the free spins feature!

The Throwing Card Illusion Provides More Winning Opportunities

If the game activates its illusion feature prior to granting any wins, up to 6 playing cards will be thrown on the reel layout. They will hit random symbol positions and transform them into wilds! After the symbols change and combinations have been completed, the game will release its payout. One last thing to add is that cards that are thrown won’t land on positions where Wild or Crystal Ball symbols reside.

Synced Reels Illusion May Result in Massive Prizes

The Synced Reels feature can activate on a minimum of two and a maximum of five reels. In the first few moments, players will notice that the reels that are about to be activated are “chained”. Once this happens, the spin will land the chained reels with identical symbols on all positions!

Full Reel Wild Illusion

When a player manages to land an Assistant symbol during the illusion event, it will become a full reel wild! Although it will be spread over three positions, the full reel wild will act as a regular wild symbol and obey the same technical specifications. You will be happy to learn that the Illusion Wild can be formed on any possible reel, and if you manage to land multiple Assistant symbols, then you will be looking at more than one full reel wilds!

The Exceptional Extras and Bonuses

The Magic Hat Illusion Re-Spins – One of the Most Coveted Features

The first thing we have to say is that the Magic Hat symbol will only land when “illusion mode” is activated after all the feathers have been depleted. When the Hat is landed, it will initiate a re-spin, but even that’s not all. After the re-spin has concluded, the Hat will replicate itself on an adjacent position (in any straight, non-diagonal direction) and trigger another re-spin!

A Magic Hat symbol can replicate itself a maximum of up to five times; however, there is a chance that it won’t replicate at all. Hat symbols that replicate will remain in place until it stops. Once the re-spins have concluded, any Hat symbols that are present on the reels will transform into any other symbol, with the exception of a Wild or a Crystal Ball.

The Base Specifications of the Presto Slot Machine

Habanero’s slot titles have been renowned for their ease of play, and the Presto slot game is no exception – all you have to do, is set your preferred bet and hit that spin button. The game operates with 243 winning ways, and has an RTP of 98.04%, which makes it one of the slots with the best return-to-player rates in the iGaming industry. As the Presto slot game has a medium volatility factor, players should expect successful symbol combinations to form quite often.

Determine the Illusion Feature Frequency by Adjusting Your Bet

Since the Presto slot machine requires a set of 30 coins per spin, people will be able to adjust the value of a coin, as well as how many sets of coins they would like to play – which is referred to as “bet level”. The smallest amount that can be adjusted will be at level 1, with a coin value of 0.01 units of currency. This will bring the total bet per spin (or BPS) at 0.30 units of currency. If you increase to level 2, your BPS will become 0.60 units of currency, as you’ve essentially decided to play two sets of 30 coins each.

With that being said, the largest BPS you can play with will be comprised of a bet level set at 10, and a coin value that sits at 20 units of currency. This will set your BPS at 6,000 units of currency! The feathers that indicate how many spins you have to make before the Illusion feature activates, will depend on how you adjust your bet level and coin value. For example, a bet level 10 with a specific coin value of 10 will create 19 feathers; however, if you slightly tweak the coin value or the bet level, you can bring down the number of feathers to 13.

When it comes to payout, the smallest one you can receive (with your lowest possible BPS) will come from a combination of three J, K or Q symbols, which will award a mere 0.05 units of currency. On the other hand, if you’ve set the game on its highest bet settings and receive a successful combination of five Wilds (or Rabbits or Assistants) your payout prize will have a value of 40,000 units of currency.

Determine the Illusion Feature Frequency

One of the Most Detailed Auto Spin Mechanics in the iGaming World

Would you like to make the Presto slot machine play in automation for a few spins? You can do that, and even more – with Presto’s incredibly detailed autoplay feature. It allows players to process anywhere from 10 to 500 rounds, but that’s not all. People will be able to adjust a number of gameplay conditions that will disable the slot’s auto function when they are met. Those are:

One of the Best Mobile-Oriented Slots to Date

Habanero is a company that has always managed to create incredibly optimised slots for mobile platforms. With that being said, it doesn’t come as a surprise that the Presto slot game runs superbly on both Android and iOS operating systems. There is one key difference though, and it concerns the interface of the game’s controls – if you run it on your smartphone or tablet, you will notice that all of the buttons are simpler, and are repositioned for a more comfortable gaming experience.

Presto! Is Bound to Remain as One of the Most Played Slots Online

With such a multitude of gameplay features and a generous RTP rate, slot Presto seems to remain popular among players and iGaming critics to this day. Of course, just like any other slot game, Presto does have a few shortcomings that beginner players in general might not like, but overall its many other advantages continue to make it a great game. If you can try the Presto slot online, we are sure that you will like it!


How Can I Choose Which Illusion Features I Can Activate?

Unfortunately, you can’t. This is regarded as the main disadvantage of the Presto slot game, but it is a necessary one. Hypothetically, if the game did allow players to select their own illusion features, that would affect the overall balance of the gameplay.

I’ve Noticed That Not All Illusion Features Activate When I Am in Free Spins Mode, Why?

Again, due to gameplay balance considerations, the limitation of some of the illusion features is necessary. With that being said, the illusion features that will activate during FS mode, are the Throwing Cards, Synced Reels, and Expanding Wilds.

How Fast Can I Process Spins?

If you’re talking about regular speed, the reels will start and stop in approximately 2 seconds. If you would like to kick it up a notch, you can activate the turbo spin mode from the lightning bolt button, and bring down the time to 0.5 seconds. There is even a way to help you go a little bit faster, through a “slam-stop” manoeuvre – if you manually start and then immediately stop the spin, the entire process will take you 0.3 seconds!