Casino Etiquette Dos and Don’ts – How to Be Respected as a Player

Casino Etiquette Dos and Don’ts

When it comes to proper behaviour on the casino floor, there are a couple of things that should be said. Ever since public gambling houses became a reality, there has been an evolution of both the written and unwritten rules on any casino house floor. While some of the things you read here might look like we’re stating the obvious, you will be surprised how many people experience challenges in exercising some common sense when playing in a casino. The dos and don’ts you will read about here will not only protect your integrity as a decent human being but will also show you how proper demeanour can earn respect for your status as a player.

Proper Clothing and Good Hygiene Habits Make You a Preferred Casino Customer

Decent clothing and good hygiene habits are a must in the casinos

You do have to go through the door first to get to the casino floor, right? With that being said, it is more than understandable why decent clothing is a must. While nobody will expect you to put on a tuxedo and white gloves, the acceptable minimum of clothes consists of long trousers (or jeans), a jacket or a long-sleeved shirt, and proper shoes (no sandals or flip flops, sorry).

Now, we’ve all been in a situation where we might wear the same jacket for two or three days in a row, but there have been cases where people just flat-out don’t wash their clothing. In fact, the phenomenon of unwashed clothing is one of the most common “don’ts” in casino floor history, and it actually occurs among seasoned players more, than it does with beginners.

The concept of “luck” plays a major role in the gaming session of experienced gamblers, and if they have found that a specific piece of clothing they wear is bringing them luck, they will not wash it on purpose, as if not to “wash the luck away”. As entertaining as this concept is, any piece of attire that has not been through the washer will gain a plethora of musky and vinegary scents that will drive other players and dealers away from your general vicinity. Remember to take a shower as well!

Keep Your Drinking to a Minimum

You shouldn’t drink too much when you're playing in the casino

Having a few might seem like a fun idea; however, having a few too many might earn you the ire of both onlookers and casino staff. Too much alcohol will not only alienate you from your social surroundings but will also significantly impair your judgement and decision-making when playing a game that requires clear thought. Furthermore, there are many documented cases where players who wish to implement a particular gaming strategy fail, because they had a bit more to drink. If you must drink, do so responsibly and with good measure.

Show Respect to the Dealers

The dealers conduct your game, so make sure that you’re respectful towards them at all times. If you’re playing a table game with multiple phases, make sure to pay attention to the dealer’s commands – that means when you hear them say the phrase “betting is closed”, make sure you don’t place any chips on the table. There are numerous stories about how dealers have been mistreated by players who have experienced losses. One of the most common cases, is when impolite customers blame dealers for their misfortune – which is wrong. If you want to give the impression that you are a solid player and a classy person, show your dealer some respect regardless of if you’ve won or lost.

Placing a Bet Properly Is Also Part of Etiquette

The most generally accepted way to place a bet, is by putting the chip on the table in front of you. If you can’t reach a specific field on the table, you can ask the dealer to do that for you. Under no circumstance try to throw the chip on the spot you’re trying to bet on! Also, remember that you shouldn’t directly hand a chip to a dealer – the chip must be placed on the table, so the transaction is clearly visible to the casino’s video surveillance cameras.

Even the Smallest Tips Show Appreciation

Whether winning or losing, giving a tip to the dealer shows excellent manners, and it actually helps them make a living as well. One of the most common ways to tip a dealer, is after each winning bet. Usually, you can tip any dealer you want at any time; however, there are also some etiquette rules on how to do that as well. The most common way involves simply sliding the chip to the dealer and say, “thank you”. Throwing the chips on the table is usually a big no-no in the majority of games in the casino, and while you won’t be thrown out of the casino for doing so, you might get a couple of disapproving frowns from dealers and other players.

Since tipping a casino dealer carries its own philosophy, there is no shame in asking a dealer on which is the accepted way of doing it on their particular table. When it comes to timing, there are no established rules; some people frequently tip between bets, others tip a significant amount of money only once – usually after getting up from the table. In the end, whether you tip or not is completely up to you, and no one will judge if you don’t tip at all.

Don’t Get Payment Card Cash Advance

This is more of a hint, rather than a warning – If you need some cash and you only have some kind of a debit card, don’t use it to get chips or money from the casino booth. The reason for this is simple – casinos are known to impose a number of fees for processing any kind of card payment, which is why if you need cash, simply step outside and visit an ATM. You wouldn’t want to pay a £7 fee for withdrawing £50, right?

Don’t Use Your Phone at the Table

It's really rude to use your mobile phone while you're playing on the casino table

Chatting or talking on your phone is considered to be extremely rude to both dealers and players alike. If you do need to make a call, simply inform the dealer that you need to do so and step away from the table. Your seat will be saved, and you can return to it at any time you want. Pictures shouldn’t be taken as well; in fact, most land-based casinos have warnings posted at their entrances, prohibiting the use of mobile electronic devices.

Don’t Cheat or Try to Cheat – Ever

Casinos are considered to be some of the most heavily surveyed establishments in the world. More than nine cameras can watch a single casino table from different angles, which means that if foul play is suspected during a gaming round, the establishment will definitely find out the truth. Cheating is not only banned, but it is also a criminal offence; furthermore, the casino has a superior technological advantage over anyone who comes onto the casino grounds. Regardless of how good you think your sleight of hand is, don’t try anything funny, and you will be safe!

Do Any of the Etiquette Rules Apply to Online Casinos?

While the nature of an online casino allows everyone to be as dressed as they want, the majority of the dos and don’ts apply only to a physical gambling house. On the other hand, playing live games in an online casino, happens with the help of an actual dealer. There is only one significant “don’t” in online live dealer games, and it is not to act disrespectful towards the dealers. Since there is a chat function that allows players to interact with the casino staff, there have been many cases where disgruntled losers have hurled a myriad of profanities. It should be mentioned that while in a real casino a few small outbursts might “slide”, an online casino system might ban you forever if you are disrespectful.

Additional Dos and Don’ts Vary in Different Establishments

While the rules and suggestions mentioned above are generally accepted in different kinds of gambling houses, every casino will have its own accepted set of rules. Some will allow particular things (like throwing chips on a Craps table), while others won’t. You can check out other examples of some of the most popular “don’ts” below.

  • If you’re not going to play, don’t sit at a table
  • Don’t blame the dealers or other players for your losses
  • Don’t touch the cards in a game where they are dealt face up
  • Don’t touch cards, especially if your hands are dirty
  • Don’t place drinks or food at the game table

Following the Etiquette Will Earn You Respect

By acting calmly, and being polite to the casino’s staff, you’re guaranteed to have a proper casino experience. Remember that even if you don’t know anything, the casino staff is prepared to help you at any time. If you feel inspired to go and try out some real gambling, make sure that you obey the house’s rules, and you will be treated with the respect you’re looking for.

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