Bet365 Playtech At Its Finest

Bet365 as a gambling entity has been with us for some time now. The company is one the UK’s largest privately owned companies and it employs over 2000 people. Bet365 have been at the cutting edge of live dealer casinos since they started. Every new piece of Playtech software that has had anything to do with live casinos Bet365 have taken it on board. If not the first then they have been one of the first on the band wagon. When the Asian studio came online Bet365 were there at the start. Then the new European studio Bet365 in there too. We are talking as far back as 2007 with the Asian, 2009 for Europe and the first to have an exclusive area within Playtechs European studio. Bet365 have a complete range of games from both of Playtech’s Latvian and Filipino studios.


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Dedicated Bet365 Area

Playtech offer a branded live casino solution and Bet365 were the first online casino to take them up on the deal. They have grown from strength to strength with it. There are five blackjack tables and one roulette table in this exclusive part of the studio. The setup is still in the main casino room but the noise levels are low. The modern studio is very light and quite uplifting. The dealers are of course good looking and friendly. The interface is typically Playtech simple and intuitive.

European Studio

The Riga based studio offers baccarat, blackjack, roulette, poker and Hi-Lo. Standard baccarat from an 8 deck shoe, tie pays 8-1, banker pays 0.95-1, player 1-1. There are also no commission tables with player 1-1 banker 1-1 unless the banker scores 6 then it 0.5-1 tie is 8-1. Table limits are £10-£200. The game is pretty standard all round there are no surprises. Blackjack has a choice of the classic 7 seat with an 8 deck shoe shuffled after 4 decks are used. Pays out standard 3-2. Dealer stands on both hard and soft 17. Double available on any two cards. Double allowed after split. Aces can be split and re-split. No hit on split aces. Pairs side bet allowed. Table limits are £20-£600. There is also the ‘unlimited blackjack’ that allows any number of players to play the same cards you stand when you want the other players can carry on. The table limits are £10-£600. Roulette has European version and French with la partage. There is all the usual bets there is a rather neat betting racetrack for the neighbours bets. Table limits are £2-£1000. There is the standard offering of casino hold’em with just an ante bet then a call bet. Then the oh so simple HI-Lo simply bet whether the next card is higher or lower than the last. The big plus with using Playtech is the available tables there are more than enough to go around. The downside there are no multiple table options.

Asian Studio

girlsThe Manila based studio has the same blackjack, roulette and baccarat as well as sicbo. The Asian studio is a far more opulent affair. The dealers are in classy black with gold trim. The tables are purple baize with a deep red décor. The same easy to use Playtech interface leaves the screen to be all about the action. The blackjack is basically the same as the European 7 seat with 8 decks in the shoe. Same rules there is no unlimited version. Baccarat is the game here the Asian market loves the game so it stands to reason that there would be more versions. Standard with player, banker, tie with pairs, big and small side bets. There is a mini baccarat version. Progressive baccarat standard with a side bet progressive jackpot. In-running with bets during the deal and a VIP table as well. The roulette offerings are the same as in the European studio. The sicbo is the only game in the live dealer casino that Playtech offer where the interface betting table takes up more room than the live action. It s a little strange looking but if you like the game there’s not really any other way to do it.

Bet365 And Playtech Will Be Together For Many Years To Come

The marriage seems to be rock steady. Bet365 put their faith into Playtech a long while ago. They have embraced every new development that has come out and have actively pushed and promoted the whole live dealer genre. There is no doubt about the commitment that Bet365 have to the scene. The company is solid it will be around for a very long time yet. The only thing that may upset the apple cart is it’s a privately own company. When time moves on people get old and private companies change hands. Let’s hope when it happens to Bet365 the new boss is just as good.